Gods How I Hate Nature

by Prussian17

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

While there are always choices in life, lately they’ve all tended to skew between bad, terrible, and suicidal.  Tome finds himself typically choosing the latter.  As if people and plants consistently trying to kill him wasn’t bad enough, he finds himself sent off to a Mage Spire along with a self-righteous other worlder (as though there were any other kind).  Add to this some powerful figures in black, a sadistic instructor, an uptight law keeper, and Tome just wants to go back to his room, down a pint, and forget about everything…

But, when someone starts a fight, especially someone bigger and stronger, you bide your time and strength.  Before you can get revenge, you have to settle for surviving and slowly gaining power.

That means accepting the most suicidal choices, doing the jobs no one else will do, always smiling, and not slitting that other worlder’s throat…

(The story will incorporate comedy, but it will be a dark story.  This won't be a happy, uplifting tale, but it also won't be too morose or depressing.  Though if you're rooting for the other worlders, then I suppose it will be...)

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That was a really good find ! Although the title seem more suited for a comedy, as the author says, it's really a dark story and a good one ! 

Prussian17 was able to create something really beautiful. He succeeded in creating a "realistic" dark fantasy world with other worlder. 

If you expect a japanese/Isekai type of story with happy go lucky MC and society rule that doesn't make sense in a violent world, go your way. This is the anti-these of these type of stories. His world is civilized but extremely dangerous, be it other man (but in a way that make sense and not in an arrogant young master/aristocrate non sense) or monsters. So, the moral and rule of the native are obviously different than ours. 

Moreover, through his character, Prussian17 is able to skillfully criticize some "standard" moral value from other worlder to give more depth to his world without the use of "info dumb" chapter. This also allow the reader to understand how surviving in that world can be difficult. 

However, the story being in the first person, there are a lot of mystery about the world and the MC that we don't know for now. 

This story is also about willpower, but "real" willpower. Not the shounen willpower that make everything possible easily and nearly magically (but only for the MC, go figure...). This is the willpower that made you able to stand again and again and spit in the face of life even when you don't see an end at your suffering. The willpower to continue to live even when all choice simply mean different level of pain and loneliness. 

This is a story of hatred, revenge and to see everything burn simply to say "[email protected]%£ Y0µ", you didn't break me.  Oh, and probably a little (read a lot) craziness obvioulsy, because nobody can stay sane after what the MC lived and live every day.  

In summary, don't hope for a magically OP MC without a LOT of pain and sacrifice or hope for rainbow and friendship that resolve everything in that world. Only darkness and a little comedy from the MC to maintain his (our) sanity.   


Like the story far! It's a great miss of comedy, pragmatism, magic, and fantasy/hero tropes! Prussian17 you are truly building a masterpiece!


An isekai story but the protagonist isn't from another world. Author is very good at world building portraying a dark world with a unique culture while also fleshing out his character very well. The MC is a proper chad not op but strong mentally and very resourceful with an interesting backstory