Mech Domination

by MarcoM

Original ONGOING Adventure Psychological Sci-fi Male Lead Reincarnation Ruling Class School Life Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Bryan finds himself transmigrated into 16-year old Theodore.Theodore lost his father eight years ago. His father went MIA during the last war. After shutting himself in his rooms for eight years he buys an "Neural Aptitude Enhancer" from a murky dark underground trader. Naturally the 'Enhancer' is a fake - a poison that kills the original Theodore.Now Bryan, well, 'new' Theodore needs to fight for his place in the universe. Will he become a rising star or will his star burn out pre-mature. Theodore promises himself he'll explore the galaxy, become an overlord and never regret a thing! This is Theodores Road of Advancement!Theodore will face many hurdles in this vastly more advanced world, friends and foe might not always be discernible.. He'll try , nonetheless, to become the greatest mech pilot, the greatest mech designer and.. the greatest entrepreneur!Follow his adventure and find out if he's just a delusional lunatic or the greatest man the universe has ever seen!

THIS is NOT deadalus. This is NOT THE MECH TOUCH. This is an independent work by myself. I've more then a few times explained that I've been expired by these incredible novels but they are very different. MC is not as smart as Deado. There is no System.  The setting is similar - because, well, its a SCI-FI Mech novel. What am I to do about that? Some people judge at chapter one, five or ten. I would like those who decide to drop this novel and drop a 1 or 2 to read chapters 27 or 28 or 29. On a positive note; I really don't need to defend my work or myself. I'm very satisfied with the progress lately. Im happy with the continued support. Im happy to have become a Webnovel Contracted Author. I'm happy to have +/- 350 collections on WN. Im happy to be at +/- 80 followers here, with so many of you even favouriting.Thank you all for the support and for being awesome!


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This is a poor copy of "The Mech Touch" that tries to be better than the original by blatant one-upmanship; the MC of TMT is a mech-designer? Well, this MC is a mech designer and a mech-pilot. The MC of TMT gets genetic upgrades eventually after a long process that seems well thought out? Well this MC gets them before chapter 5! The MC of TMT is an inhabitant of a futuristic civilisation on the galaxy's edge? Well this MC is also one, but he's also a reincarnator! The MC of TMT has a mysterious missing father? This one also does, but he's also got billionaire grand-parents. This is honestly a let down because futuristic mech settings have so much creative potential in them, but this author has just created a poorer copy of a good story. 


Author, we've both read The Mech Touch, so we should both know this, but one of the main themes is that while you can go far by mimicing something successful, you'll only ever be a poor copy of the original, and Author, your writing skills aren't half bad, so if you actually tried to make something by yourself, I think you'd do pretty well!

P.P.S if you're someone reading this review and deciding whether or not to read this, and you haven't  read The Mech Touch which this copies; I'd honestly say do so, because TMT is really good, and even if this is a poorer quality copy, it's still not bad by itself, it just really grates if you've read both.

TLDR; This is a bad copy of The Mech Touch, but if you haven't read the original, you'll still enjoy this


!EDIT! I also forgot to mention that this also copies the main "Golden Finger" of the other protagonist; a system