Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Miscellaneous Notes:

- Got sick and currently getting work in order before finishing editing the 3 chapters that are ready for release.

Schedule Notes:

- Going back to once a week for now.

[ Thank you for your patience and support as I improve my writing and storytelling abilities. I'm also using this story to better develop lore that extends far beyond it. ]

Thanks to an exceptionally talented artist, Hiroeth, Blightbane has an official cover!

Vera was alone again.

“You’re completely unprepared. Never before has sending one of you off made me feel quite so guilty.”

Whenever she found herself in doubt, she would weigh her actions against the guiding principles of the one whom she revered.

“When you don’t know the rules of the game, start making them up. When you are constrained by unfavorable conditions, inject a little chaos.”

It was the supplementary message that concerned Vera the most. It was difficult to follow because it was intentionally vague and mired in subjectivity.

“How can I enjoy myself when you look so tormented? Are we in danger?”

Vera fell silent.

An experiment is taking place on a planetary scale.

Across the surface of the planet, a phenomenon referred to as "Blight" is spreading. Festering regions defended by fierce creatures called “blightbeasts” taint the surface, warping the land and proliferating unceasingly. Among the sentient creatures of the planet, it is the Blightbane Guild’s responsibility to stem the tide. They endeavor to cleanse the land in a struggle of attrition, but they are losing ground.

A young man named Caim has been uprooted from his former life and transported to The Shrouded Theocracy, an isolationist nation with fanatical policies. He must struggle to survive with only an unfamiliar strain of magic to aid him. There is a secret to this magic. One he knows very little about. He intends to explore just what makes this magic special.

On the far border of the theocracy, a mage scientist named Inis discovers a revolutionary new way to infuse strength from defeated blightbeasts. Using herself as a test subject, this process allows her to grasp magical concepts previously thought beyond her reach. Though she tries to document any side effects that arise, something escapes her awareness. She is playing with a dangerous force that will claim her most treasured asset if she isn't careful.

Everyone and everything on the planet is a part of the experiment. The experiment is a lie.

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Table of Contents
121 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
[Character Introductions] ago
Chapter 1: Entry ago
Chapter 2: Alice, The Blight Seeker ago
Coalescence: Mission Statement ago
Chapter 3: Maliscade, The Bastion City ago
Chapter 4: The Scientist ago
Coalescence: Log 1 ago
Chapter 5: A Solflame's Embrace ago
Chapter 6: Template Cities ago
Coalescence: Log 2 ago
Chapter 7: The Stranger of Truth ago
Chapter 8: The Blightbane Guild ago
Coalescence: Log 3 ago
Chapter 9: Wilderness Camp ago
Chapter 10: Patience ago
Coalescence: Log 4 ago
Chapter 11: The Keepers ago
Chapter 12: Galar, Hexaline Knight of Mercy ago
Coalescence: Log 5 ago
Chapter 13: Forgiven in Death (Conditional Forgiveness) ago
Chapter 14: The First Dose ago
Coalescence: Log 6 ago
Chapter 15: A Concerned Friend ago
Chapter 16: Power without a Price ago
Coalescence: Log 7 ago
Chapter 17: Vigilance ago
Chapter 18: Tether Transit ago
Coalescence: Log 8 ago
Chapter 19: The Mage's Carapace ago
Chapter 20: Genuine Deceiver ago
Chapter 21: Forging Friendships ago
Chapter 22: Initiation ago
Chapter 23: Arla's Forge ago
Chapter 24: Riventread ago
Chapter 25: Cocoon ago
Chapter 26: Seeker Solidarity ago
Chapter 27: Catalyst ago
Chapter 28: The Unlucky Artisan ago
Chapter 29: The Seeds of Profit ago
Chapter 30: The Idle Botanist ago
Chapter 31: Vision ago
Chapter 32: Mutualism ago
Chapter 33: Devourer ago
Chapter 34: Metacognition ago
Chapter 35: Hunger ago
Chapter 36: Forgotten Contract ago
Chapter 37: Disconnect ago
Chapter 38: Lantern ago
Chapter 39: The Weight of the Guild ago
Chapter 40: Progress Check ago
Chapter 41: Repetition ago
Chapter 42: Magitech Secrets ago
Chapter 43: The Welders ago
Chapter 44: Entering Lockdown ago
Chapter 45: Safeguard Catalyst ago
Chapter 46: The Cartographers ago
Chapter 47: Surrender / Control ago
Chapter 48: A Suffocating Feeling ago
Chapter 49: A Hexknight's Reunion ago
Chapter 50: Seekers That See(k) Too Much ago
Chapter 51: Arlcada Branch Archives ago
Chapter 52: Answers And The Grind ago
Chapter 53: The Cartographer's Designs ago
Chapter 54: Deals With Strangers ago
Chapter 55: Legion ago
Chapter 56: Vera's Domain ago
Chapter 57: Consumer-Class Entity ago
Chapter 58: Vera's Harbinger ago
Chapter 59: Soft Reset ago
Chapter 60: Vital Levity ago
Chapter 61: Rumors ago
Chapter 62: Plain Sight ago
Chapter 63: A Loose Foundation ago
Chapter 64: The First Of Many Promises ago
Chapter 65: The Ancient Ones ago
Chapter 66: Comprehension ago
Chapter 67: Competent Allies ago
Chapter 68: Making Time a Priority ago
Chapter 69: Secrets in Plain Sight ago
Chapter 70: Nexwarren and Knights ago
Chapter 71: Sadistic Sovereign ago
Chapter 72: Fresh Brood ago
Chapter 73: Splinter / Attrition ago
Chapter 74: Dazzling Mage / Desperate Shade ago
Chapter 75: Hexknights And Curiosity ago
Chapter 76: Bedside Manners ago
Chapter 77: Truth As Leverage ago
Chapter 78: Casting a Shadow ago
Chapter 79: The Chaos Faction ago
Chapter 80: False Authority ago
Chapter 81: The Resurgence of Fear ago
Chapter 82: Rumored Fool ago
Chapter 83: Malevolent Emergency ago
Chapter 84: Tainted Memories ago
Chapter 85: A Mage's Story ago
Chapter 86: Twice Stung ago
Chapter 87: Shadows In Her Own Image ago
Chapter 88: Searching For Sins ago
Chapter 89: Avarice, The Sovereign ago
Chapter 90: Talking To Shadows ago
Chapter 91: The Death Mage ago
Chapter 92: Shade's Introspections ago
Chapter 93: Tremors ago
Chapter 94: Emergency Relief ago
Chapter 95: Watching Them Die ago
Chapter 96: Riventread Preparations ago
Chapter 97: Plate ago
Chapter 98: The Eyes of Pulse ago
Chapter 99: Legion Offensive ago
Chapter 100: Scion Sovereign ago
Chapter 101: Reasonable Expectations / Rational Fears ago
Chapter 102: Bitterness ago
Chapter 103: Divine Intervention ago
Chapter 104: Vera, The Legend ago
Chapter 105: A Lull At Riventread ago
Chapter 106: Flourish Revival ago
Chapter 107: Ambition Of The Broken ago
Chapter 108: Alchemist Ascendant ago
Chapter 109: Little Lies ago
Chapter 110: Never Trust An Idealist ago
Chapter 111: Variable And Imprecise ago

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Very Promising writer, very frustrating book.

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Repetition

I really want to like this more than I do.  I like the characters.   The world building is great.   The mystery and magic is cool.  The style of the writing is very well done.

But it's the most frustrating book I've read in ages. The constant,  constant non stop pov switching is a continual drag.   Every time I start to get into the flow of a scene,  it stops dead and dumps me into something else.  And then by the time it circles back around,  I've lost any sort of investment in it.  Many of the switches happen after only one rather short chapter.

The book also falls into the trap of engaging in vagueness as mystery,  cutting out chunks of dialog, leaving threads of thought unfinished,  insinuating deeper things constantly.  This can be a decent way to start,  but as one goes along,  it starts to feel more a crutch than anything.

If this is a style you can deal with,  it really is a promising book.   But for me... I'm dropping it with regret.

Elliot Moors

This review applies up to Coalescence: Log 5.


Aside from a rough beginning, this story delivers on several levels for a fantasy nerd like myself.


The prose is unobtrusive and flows smoothly, without much awkward phrasing. There's not much wrong with it, so I don't have much to comment on.


Quite good. I didn't notice many mistakes. It's on the more polished end for a web serial. Again, not much to say here.


While much of the larger, overarching hasn't yet presented itself, and the opening chapters seem to be focused on the setup of world and characters, I haven't felt bored. The deep lore on display is quite gripping, and it's clear that the author has spent serious effort on it. Many excellent details, such as a fleshed-out pantheon of gods and a magic system with unexpected appications, like creating a city in days or making a recording headset, really helped propel my interest.

The "Coalescence" entries were also a welcome addition, one I've personally never seen before, adding some insight into the world. I can imagine this would prove quite useful to readers wanting to brush up on a certain topic as the story moves along.


The first chapter didn't really wow me in terms of the MCs, but as the story goes along, they get increasingly more interesting. Again, the author has clearly put in effort here, as the characters all have their own traits that are expanded on throughout the story, such as Caim's curiosity and aloofness or Alice's enthusiasm and determination. Caim and Alice make an especially good pair, their differing personalities complementing each other nicely.


Blightbane throws you in the deep end, with more than a few confusing concepts to grapple with, but gets increasingly enjoyable as you go in terms of writing quality, character interaction, and the reader's own comprehension of the lore. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a classic fantasy story with an original twist.


The writing, characters, magic system, world, and way we learn along with the main characters is simply captivating. The supporting characters seem to change their opinion of the MC a bit quickly later on, but... tl;dr I binged the whole thing and eagerly await the next chapter- what more do you need to know?


I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes

Reviewed at: Chapter 34: Metacognition

You can tell a great deal of thought has gone into the creation of this world and the peoples who inhabit it. I can't help but want to keep reading. 


Ignoring everything else in this fiction for a quck second, I need to mention those tables. Just how were they made in that way? It's so neat to look at in both dark and light mode. Really brought immersion and new experiences to a hundred for me.

Fangirling out on tables aside, however, I have nothing against this piece of class. While the rating might be a little lower than I personally see it as I do recommend it for everybody interested. There's nothing I could point at as being inherently bad, making me wonder just how it fell. Maybe bad grammar that's been fixed? 5/5 from me.


sooo, i have not read long,  but admit , i'm giving this novel a chance for caim (cool name), and the being called vera, so far , i have seen little of the latter, but i have no doubt , it (she) will appear sooner or later.

anyway so far there has been action in a magi/tech setting, the world building seem well pretty cool, the author has obviously put alot of though behind it.

despite the subjective(for me) flaws that  there are :

multiple leads

to much pov chage

intentional confusionary,

i'm pretty sure it's going to pretty entertaining.

usually though i wouldn't give it 5 star, probably like 4, but since this novel seems victim of 0 scores (without explaination), i increased my rate.

good luck author.

edit: ehmm i literally have speed read or skipped some inis pov, no offense author, vera is much moreee interesting.

new edit: yep too much characters being introduced.and new povs..