The Pursuit of Power: Grinding To LVL 100 By Just Killing Slimes

by NowImMotivated

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

“I need immutable power. This world isn’t as forgiving as the last one. I won’t stop until… I’m unmatchable.”  The story of a man who grinded to LV100 by killing just slimes to gain 1xp.

Maki Hibiki was a normal Japanese wage slave at an average, working long hours every day, doing unpaid overtime and appeasing everyone around him. He kept telling himself it’d be worth it in the future. That he’d save money and be free of this lifestyle where he lived to work. 

“Death by Overworking.” It had been all for nothing. He stared down at his own dead body filled with rage and regret. “Congratulations! You have won a prize! Would you like another life?”

He stared at what looked like a robot offer him another chance. One more time.

He would throw everything into the black pit of repetition one more time and then be free of it forever. He would earn his power. He would win his freedom. It would be his and his alone.

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  • Overall Score

Very poetic.  A person who does not give into despair and takes a simple, grindy route to power.  Author does a good job with word flow and style.  Expect self actualization and little social interactions.

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New LitRPG, amusing main character, hope to see more.

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: A Flare of Progress

Early days but I'll review what I've read.  Decent grammar, first person point of view.  Not a unique concept but then again there is very little new under the sun.  This author has chosen the less is more approach.  Sometimes over explaining the origin or spending too much time getting the character somewhere, is both derivative, and boring.  I certainly love the Litrpg genre, and the main character has some facets I empathize with.  If you like this genre, and this author continues to provide chapters with the same quality as the first ones, it will definitely be worth reading.

  • Overall Score

The story has been wonderful so far but there has been almost 0 world building so far I'd still recommend it though

  • Overall Score

It was pretty good up until the time skip in chapter 12 that just feels disjointed from the rest of the story, and not because of the time gap. The racist robot in the first chapter is also really strange and pointless. This story is a strange mix of very good and face-palm. Overall, a decent read, just needs some polishing here and there. An editor could turn this into a professional product.

  • Overall Score

This story has a tried and tested premise and great grammar. The MC is likable and the magic system is fun.

I look forward to more chapters.

  • Overall Score

Not a new face to litrpg bit worth reading

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: A Method to Magic

First time reviewing a novel(or story)

This will not be a full review as the story has just begun

I am a fan of litrpg and isekai stuff and have read alot of them,most of the isekai stories i have dropped were mainly because the beginning of the story or mc did not have common sense

But this story right here is not entirely new but is better than most isekai as you are easily hooked from the beginning,this story has potential but we will see as the story goes on

  • Overall Score

this is amazing, a long grind, well thought out level gains, everything i could possibly want, just wish there was a faster release schedule!!!, MORE, I WANT MORE

Andrew Robinson
  • Overall Score

Like a number of RR stories this has some good potenial but... As at chapter 14 we're into level 30ish of the 100 grinding levels per the title. Will the story be able to keep going as it currently is for another 30+ chapters without going stale? Or if we finally get out of the cave and we start seeing interaction with the world will the change in style pan out.

Really interested to see how it goes.