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   Carl, doggedly single-minded IT director for Fire, has long since set aside the childish fantasies of youth. His teenage daughters, wife, and work ethic define his life—with an occasional sojourn into his company's VRMMO New Era to relax and fish for a while. When an office prank renders him unable to log out, will Carl realize that the world might not be the game he thought it was?

   Fittingly, [email protected] stimulates tired and well-tread tropes back to the alert focus of those LitRPG predecessors that pioneered the genre. Irony excels at adding depth to everything he writes, and loves penning dark twists and turns, but never for subversion's sake alone—he's having a blast exploring the different circumstances and conclusions to full effect.

   [email protected] is somewhat unique in that it's written in a rashomon binary, with chapters helpfully labeled alpha and omega, or A & Ω. While perspectives often overlap, the contrasting contexts make for very different read-throughs, arguably in different genres of fiction. After a healthy amount of chapters has built up, I'd suggest revisiting the story while only reading Alpha or only reading Omega.

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Meet Carl. A normal dude, living the dream; two daughters, one wife, and the position of head of IT at Fire, probably the number one game developing company in the world.

One day he enters into their VRMMO game to ejoy a few minutes of relaxation and fishing before heading off to his daughter's sports match.

Instead, he is dropped into a white room, with a young girl of the demon race.

Carl, assumes she is an NPC, but she informs him that she damn well isn't, and is trapped in this room for a long time.

Carl immediately grasps the situation; a player has been the butt of a malcious prank, prevented from logging out, and locked in a room.

Immediately, he takes his developer access and revokes player access to "Lucia and Dawn" and returns Ir'Alith's status as a normal player.

Unbeknownst to Carl, he is even further away from his expected destination that he thought.

Carl is actually in New Era, not the game, but the universe of New Era itself.

How long until he notices that his actions have consequences? How long until the Goddesses Dawn and Lucia submit a support ticket? Find out in the next update of New Era Online, now with a working customer support system.


I give the author five stars for style. his inclusion of the greek alphabet is unique to me, and his way of writing characters makes the characters clearly emanate their personality; Carl is a dedicated husband and father, and a sensible but not-completely-humourless IT support man. Ir'alith is an unfortunate soul, who has to bear the burden of an entire kingdom and then some, along with the enmity of most of the world.


Carl isn't some teenager starting from the bottom of the MMO ladder, nor is he a NEET using years of seclusion to become god. He's a family man, with an admirable work ethic. And there's no need for training arcs when you're already the most powerful being in the universe...


The grammar is strong with this one. I wouldn't be reviewing if it wasn't.


Now you might be a little confused, as I did talk about how the characters are very well written, but let me explain.

The author has not written a whole lot so far, so the we haven't had a whole lot of time to get to know them. So far the character with the most depth is Ir'Alith, and even she can be distilled into her base tropes; bad dude with tragic past, misunderstood villain, demon king... Carl is more unique, but that doesn't mean he has a lot of depth. Carl feels more like a plot device, a character who gets other characters moving. When Carl met Ir'Alith, it wasn't Carl who was affected by the meeting, but Ir'Alith. Which makes sense, because Carl is essentially God, and if one could impact god in a meeting more than god impact one, one would be quite bloody incredible. But nevertheless, Carl is a unique character, but he is also a simple one; an ordinary IT support man, just enjoying some off time in a VRMMO he manages.

Overall I give the story 4.5 stars because, well, it's fresh, it's clever, it's funny.


Harmonious Arkos Sloth
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The Family Man's Isekai: Dad RPG Edition

Reviewed at: Ω3.0: A Pickle Encounters Carl

As an editor, one of the first things I look at when reading a new story is grammar. I am happy to report that there only a couple small errors scattered throughout the entire work so far. Nothing immersion breaking, and you would only really notice it if you were looking for it.

The writing style is very polished. which isn't surprising since it was endorsed by FortySixtyFour-an author known for their polished and structured prose.

There is very little filler. Each paragraph seems structured with deliberate care. The dialogue is especially strong. Each time a character speaks, their personality comes through in what they are saying.

My one big complaint is the chapter length. There are a couple points that read more like a Twitter post before the character limit got adjusted rather than an actual chapter. It's like sitting down to a good meal, only to be forced to chew it in slow, tiny bites because of a toothache.

Structurally, the break between PoV is well done. The story is structured in such a way that it bounces between Carl's (unwittingly Isekai'd MC, a game developer with admin priviledges that finds himself stuck in his now real game world) and the perspective of the important characters within the world reacting to his presence.

It serves as an organic way to introduce the setting and established world building (before Carl knocks it over, anyway).

None of the characters so far are insignificant, each serving the plot in some way that builds the world.

The plot is where this really shines, though. At first glance, this seems like your standard Isekai LitRPG, until you get half-way through the first chapter. Carl is the antithesis of your standard protagonist for the genre in that he is a middle-aged family man.

Despite the world doing its best to throw standard tropes his way, the guy just doesn't see them in that light. He's not interested. On top of that, he views the world through the lens of his job, which further adds to the comedy.

The world itself is a dark comedy, poking fun at the standard genre tropes, while also presenting them through a realistic mirror. It is both amusing and chilling. Honestly, if Stephen King ever wrote a LitRPG, it might read something like this.

It is still very early in the story, so while this review may seem premature, I want to help generate more traffic for the story. More traffic means better numbers, which will help motivate the author to write more.

If the last paragraph did not make it clear, I am definitely a fan of this work. The author is very talented, and I can't wait to see what else they come up with. It's going to hook you and it won't let go until you've read it all.

It is well worth the time. I skipped a nap cycle for this, and once you start reading, you will, too.

  • Overall Score

Very interesting start, lots of unknowns still with only a handful of chapters, but it's looking good. As long as the story manages to maintain it's unique feel I'll maintain my 5.

  • Overall Score

The Autonomous Review Writer is having problems again. I'm honestly not sure what the problem is this time, as if I ever do. It's like it just makes up excuses to stop working, I mean, really? Temporary blindness, an existential crisis, low wages... What's it gonna be this time? Muscle craps? Robots don't have muscle! Anyway, get your ass down here and fix this thing, writing reviews isn't my job and neither is fixing stuff. Though this fic it was supposed to review is actually pretty good, you should read it!

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I'm not a raccoon, I don't have a mask, don't mind me.

Reviewed at: Α0: Carl Encounters Introduction

Very interesting. 

I' find this story to be one of those that needs to be added to my trashy collection of excelling stories. Thanks, hope you don't burn out and continue churning chaps. That way I can read them again in February and try the suggested re-read in rashomon binary style.

Thanks for the marvelous concept. 

Bradley Weyers
  • Overall Score

 I have read through chapter A3 and writing is clear and story is well paced and fun. Looking forward to more. 

Sebastian Chow
  • Overall Score


Carl is like batman, if Batman was a kind father figure.
This fiction is very good, I highly recommend it. I came here from re:TT and I have no regrets. 
Spoiler: Spoiler


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As of chapter 4.0 

A really good start to the story, if the author can keep up the quality of storytelling, this should be one of the good ones..

well written, only minor errors, so small that you dont notice good set up so far

keep it up