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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Α0: Carl Encounters Introduction ago
Ω0: Introduction Encounters Carl ago
Α1.0: Carl Encounters Tutorial ago
Α1.1: Carl Encounters Tutorial ago
Α1.2: Carl Encounters Tutorial ago
Ω1.0: Tutorial Encounters Carl ago
Ω1.1: Tutorial Encounters Carl ago
Ω1.2: Tutorial Encounters Carl ago
Ω1.3: Tutorial Encounters Carl ago
Ω1.4: Tutorial Encounters Carl ago
Ω2: A Sneeze Encounters Carl ago
Α2: Carl Encounters A Sneeze ago
Α3: Carl Encounters A Pickle ago
Ω3.0: A Pickle Encounters Carl ago
Ω3.1: A Pickle Encounters Carl ago
Ω3.2: A Pickle Encounters Carl ago
Ω4.0: A Gatekeeper Encounters Carl ago
Ω4.1: A Gatekeeper Encounters Carl ago
Α4.0: Carl Encounters A Gatekeeper ago
Α4.1: Carl Encounters A Gatekeeper ago
Α4.2: Carl Encounters A Gatekeeper ago
Α5.0: Carl Encounters A Small Starting Town ago
Α5.1: Carl Encounters A Small Starting Town ago
Ω5.0: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl ago
Ω5.1: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl ago
Ω5.2: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl ago
Ω5.3: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl ago
Ω5.4: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl ago
Α6.0: Carl Encounters A Trap ago
Α6.1: Carl Encounters A Trap ago
Ω6.0: A Trap Encounters Carl ago
Ω6.1: A Trap Encounters Carl ago
Ω7.0: Coffee Encounters Carl ago
Ω7.1: Coffee Encounters Carl ago
Ω7.2: Coffee Encounters Carl ago
Α7.0: Carl Encounters Coffee ago
Α7.1: Carl Encounters Coffee ago
Ω8: Weakness Encounters Carl ago
Α8.0: Carl Encounters Weakness ago
Α8.1: Carl Encounters Weakness ago
Α9: Carl Encounters A Scheme ago
Ω9.0: A Scheme Encounters Carl ago
Ω9.1: A Scheme Encounters Carl ago
Α10.0: Carl Encounters Revenge Of A Sort ago
Α10.1: Carl Encounters Revenge Of A Sort ago
Α10.2: Carl Encounters Revenge Of A Sort ago
Α10.3: Carl Encounters Revenge Of A Sort ago
Ω10.0: Revenge Of A Sort Encounters Carl ago
Ω10.1: Revenge Of A Sort Encounters Carl ago
Ω10.2: Revenge Of A Sort Encounters Carl ago
Ω10.3: Revenge Of A Sort Encounters Carl ago
Ω11.0: Trauma Encounters Carl ago
Ω11.1: Trauma Encounters Carl ago

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SJ Reaver
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Well-Written but Cartoony and Incoherent

Reviewed at: Α5.1: Carl Encounters A Small Starting Town

I’ll start this review with a warning to prospective readers: this story has a ton of rape.

The villains are all rape happy, almost every chapter has a description of sexual assault or enslavement,  and its handled with all the sophistication of a man slipping on a banana peel. Moreover, in this story, while the “good” women don’t want to be raped, “bad” women enjoy it. We literally get the viewpoint of a woman who is forcibly sodomized until her anus rips and bleeds but, not only is she fine with this, considers the person who did it ‘a real man’ and wants to marry her daughter to him.

The strange thing is that half this time, this is a wacky anime-like comedy where a dense MC has been trapped in a video game world with his admin powers, but spends his time bumbling around, thinking that every person he meets is a dedicated role-player.

The main character, Carl, is a married 49-year-old IT admin for a VRMMO, who gets trapped inside when his boss removes his ability to log out. The system used has no life-support function, and the MC is completely alone in an office building on a Friday evening.

He is momentarily irritated about possibly wetting himself before deciding to just enjoy his game time. That would work in a wacky comedy with a teenage MC. Or if the boss was instead a college-age frat boy stupidly playing a dangerous ‘joke’ on his buddy.

Carl is almost 50, and the narrative emphasizes that he’s a responsible adult with a family. That his boss has left him paralyzed and in danger of dying of dehydration should be treated with some seriousness.

There’s this tension in the story in that the author wants to bring up more serious and mature subjects, but doesn’t know how to handle them.

Carl has gone to AA (alcoholics anonymous) previously, but the flashback where we’re shown his ‘problem’ is him just sipping at a can of beer and thinking how ‘tasty, tasty’ it is. It’s addiction by way of Homer Simpson.

Humans in this VR world have enslaved elves and use them sex slaves. This means human nobles literally parade them naked around town with a leash and chain around their neck. It’s slavery by way of some BDSM porn on RedTube.

We’re introduced to an older human man in this world who was a soldier for three decades. We’re given another flashback to him watching an elven town burn as soldiers murder innocents, and it psychologically damages him. He has to leave the army and losses faith in humanity and the gods.

This is great stuff!

Then he meets the MC, fawns over his nice clothing and cool weapon, and regains his love of life after a three-minute conversation where the MC gives him a single compliment. All that bitterness and pain is just wiped away by being near the awesome Carl.

I vomited in my mouth a little watching that play out.

The story is well-written. The author has a great command of the language, a strong voice, and is able to keep scene after scene interesting and engaging. The use of multiple viewpoints works. It does a good job of pulling you in and keeping you hitting that ‘next chapter’ button.

I believe the author has a wonderful novel in them, but this is not it.

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Sunny-grimdark original that's fun, if slow-paced and occasionally long-winded

Reviewed at: Ω5.1: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl

~= Review as of Chapter 25 =~

I'm coining a term here: Sunny-Grimdark. There's a lot of dark themes here portayed with an almost sunny disposition. Magical slavery, sexual violence, genocide, torture, you name the abuse, it's probably somewhere here.

This is contrasted somewhat by an overtly-wholesome MC with extensive internal monologue tangents and a fairly unbelievable lack of basic knowledge about his company's main product.

I like the originality of the approach to both the worldbuilding and the actual telling of the story, though it certainly slows the pacing to a crawl. Not very much has actually happened considering we're 25 chapters in. Every scene with the MC interacting with another character being shown from at least one other point of view. This does start losing it's lustre after a while and I hope the author either tones this down fairly drastically or finds a way to make it express new ideas beyond "MC is ignorant of the world and the power he wields within it. Also the value of money."

Looking forward to seeing where this goes, but worried about how long it will take to get there.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

   Carl, doggedly single-minded IT director for Fire, has long since set aside the childish fantasies of youth. His teenage daughters, wife, and work ethic define his life—with an occasional sojourn into his company's VRMMO New Era to relax and fish for a while. When an office prank renders him unable to log out, will Carl realize that the world might not be the game he thought it was?

   Fittingly, [email protected] stimulates tired and well-tread tropes back to the alert focus of those LitRPG predecessors that pioneered the genre. Irony excels at adding depth to everything he writes, and loves penning dark twists and turns, but never for subversion's sake alone—he's having a blast exploring the different circumstances and conclusions to full effect.

   [email protected] is somewhat unique in that it's written in a rashomon binary, with chapters helpfully labeled alpha and omega, or A & Ω. While perspectives often overlap, the contrasting contexts make for very different read-throughs, arguably in different genres of fiction. After a healthy amount of chapters has built up, I'd suggest revisiting the story while only reading Alpha or only reading Omega.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Meet Carl. A normal dude, living the dream; two daughters, one wife, and the position of head of IT at Fire, probably the number one game developing company in the world.

One day he enters into their VRMMO game to ejoy a few minutes of relaxation and fishing before heading off to his daughter's sports match.

Instead, he is dropped into a white room, with a young girl of the demon race.

Carl, assumes she is an NPC, but she informs him that she damn well isn't, and is trapped in this room for a long time.

Carl immediately grasps the situation; a player has been the butt of a malcious prank, prevented from logging out, and locked in a room.

Immediately, he takes his developer access and revokes player access to "Lucia and Dawn" and returns Ir'Alith's status as a normal player.

Unbeknownst to Carl, he is even further away from his expected destination that he thought.

Carl is actually in New Era, not the game, but the universe of New Era itself.

How long until he notices that his actions have consequences? How long until the Goddesses Dawn and Lucia submit a support ticket? Find out in the next update of New Era Online, now with a working customer support system.


I give the author five stars for style. his inclusion of the greek alphabet is unique to me, and his way of writing characters makes the characters clearly emanate their personality; Carl is a dedicated husband and father, and a sensible but not-completely-humourless IT support man. Ir'alith is an unfortunate soul, who has to bear the burden of an entire kingdom and then some, along with the enmity of most of the world.


Carl isn't some teenager starting from the bottom of the MMO ladder, nor is he a NEET using years of seclusion to become god. He's a family man, with an admirable work ethic. And there's no need for training arcs when you're already the most powerful being in the universe...


The grammar is strong with this one. I wouldn't be reviewing if it wasn't.


Now you might be a little confused, as I did talk about how the characters are very well written, but let me explain.

The author has not written a whole lot so far, so the we haven't had a whole lot of time to get to know them. So far the character with the most depth is Ir'Alith, and even she can be distilled into her base tropes; bad dude with tragic past, misunderstood villain, demon king... Carl is more unique, but that doesn't mean he has a lot of depth. Carl feels more like a plot device, a character who gets other characters moving. When Carl met Ir'Alith, it wasn't Carl who was affected by the meeting, but Ir'Alith. Which makes sense, because Carl is essentially God, and if one could impact god in a meeting more than god impact one, one would be quite bloody incredible. But nevertheless, Carl is a unique character, but he is also a simple one; an ordinary IT support man, just enjoying some off time in a VRMMO he manages.

Overall I give the story 4.5 stars because, well, it's fresh, it's clever, it's funny.


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  • Style Score
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At the pace the author is currently setting, in a thousand chapters, we will be halfway through the first arc, with hundreds of random passerby's POV's to detail our hero's adventure, as he Mr. Magoo's all the problems away, wholly unaware to the true state of things happening in his "game" world.  While the read was moderately enjoyable, it could be so much better if the author tightens up his focus on Carl and stops milking Carl's ignorance. I get that this many chapters in isn't really that much, but if this were a regular book, we would be halfway through it by this point. This is simultaneously something I enjoy and detest about webnovels. The writing, story, ideas, worldbuilding are all fantastic, and outside of some minor quibbles, the characterization is passable too, I just loathe so much the constant head-hopping. The other characters perspectives are novel and interesting, for sure, but they drag the story down to a crawl. Please, please, fix this before it is too late.

  • Overall Score

Good writing. There is just one problem....

Reviewed at: Ω9.1: A Scheme Encounters Carl

POV Reviewer:

The writing quality is pretty good.  The characters are interesting but I feel like there is one small problem.  The exact same scene from too many different points of view, doesn't really add anything to the story.


POV Reviewer's girlfriend:

Web novels are lame.  Why does he even read that stuff?


POV Reviewer's friend:

Hey Buddy!  What's up?  Oh, you're reading a webnovel.  Is it any good?


POV Reviewer's neighbor:

I wish the guy next door would mow his lawn a little more often.  I wonder what he does with all his time anyway.  Probably wasting his life in front of a computer screen


POV someone driving by the reviewer's house:

When I get home I'm going to read a web novel


POV the person reading this:

Why am I still reading this review?


POV 300 light years away on the planet Zurg:

Blrrzz grah sub gnna dfir

Dark Orangutan
  • Overall Score
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to: [email protected]

from: [email protected]

subject: Bug Report #672219: Glitching


First, I want to say, I love the effort you guys at Fire have put into this game. The artwork! The complexity! I want to see more.

But, it's not just the effort: you clearly aren't afraid to be bold and daring here, to break some barriers and weave some adult themes into your work. There are too many knock-offs of knock-offs that just don't have the balls to go there. Awesome work.

There's just.. ah.. one minor issue. I'm experiencing a bit of a glitching problem in your game. I know, I know, all new software has bugs. I get it. It's just... this seems like rather a major bug, that should have been caught sooner. Maybe?

Here's what I'm seeing: Every time I go to play your game, I pull up my character and I  play, and it's great! For a little while. Then, for no apparent reason I'm not playing my character anymore, I'm playing some other random character that I don't care about.

Often it's this one princess, who I'll grant you, is kind of cool, but it's not just her. Sometimes it's a random piss-ant nobody, and I'm completely thrown out of the groove and I'm like: what the hell? I was playing this awesome game, and now my character is this stupid street vendor all of a sudden?

And, to be honest, that wouldn't be so big of a problem, but it's not just that I have to play a different character sometimes. I can see how multiple perspectives might add something to the game, if used sparingly, but... it always ends up being the same scenario I just played. I already know what's going to happen. There's nothing new and I just keep playing the same thing over and over and over again before I finally get to the next section of the game.

I have to say, I thought at first, maybe this is some edgy new feature the fine folks at fire have come up with. Let's try it... but no. I tried it. I hate it. Definitely not for me. I'm really sorry to say it dude, but your game is just flat-out glitching, super-hard.

Now, as I'm sure you are aware, I am the 12,449th beta tester of your software. When I volunteered my VALUABLE time to test your game, this was a SACRED CONTRACT. Obviously this ENTITLES me to an IMMEDIATE fix for this uttterly UNACCEPTABLE...

HAHAHAHHA, got you didn't I? Yeah, I'm nobody, I didn't pay shit for your software and I know it. But seriously, you've got some serious glitching going on, and after checking out your message boards and /r/gaming I can tell you I'm not the only one who's noticed it. Maybe put out a patch or something?

Soon? Just sayin'...














  • Overall Score

I'll start with this: The story is enjoyable, is pretty simple and for the most part has great grammar. Trigger warning: rape


Easiest way to put this is the author is what we in Australia affectionately call a"bit of a cunt". For example, when readers critique parts they dislike about the story, the author reacts by sharing on discord and laughing at people. Maybe they have self moderated since then.

As for the things in the story that I dislike? The biggest frustration would be the way his writings flow. The most current and obvious issue would be the constant POV swap between the mc and isemine that does not give any new, useful or interesting information whatsoever. Sure there is some differences between them, but it's the same as finishing a story with "and then I woke up". It's badly done, breaks the flow of the story and feels like a time waster because it's pointless. We get the mc hasn't got a clue yet. We get everything isemine is saying because the point has been made on the first swap. 7 swaps later and you open the chapter, see who's pov it is, and close because you know ever tiny detail. He's just waxing poetic bullshit to piss people off intentionally, or thinks he is better than everyone else and they need every little detail explained.

If I thought the author wasn't a massive wanker, I'd actually write constructive criticism to try help them improve, and not just write a rant on the off chance a single person might save wasting an hour of their life

Paul Boyle
  • Overall Score

Seems fairly well written, with well fleshed out characters.  Isekai plot has a good but standard start.

However the pace is AWFUl.  The gimmick of writing the same events from two POVs worked well once, and then was used over and over to point I was bored by it.  If you like learning the background of random peasents and the extremely obvious twist of how they're reacting to the MC, forge ahead.  I think I'm done with this, may revisit later to see if it picks up, not holding out hope though.  Feels like Naruto if it started being filled with filler episodes midway through season 1.

Author if you're super committed to this, maybe just mark chapters that the readers may consider filler?


Update: Seems from pompous author notes the auth is aware intentionally has paced the story badly because 'its satire'. -1 star 

  • Overall Score

Nothing happens, in excruciating detail

Reviewed at: Ω5.3: A Small Starting Town Encounters Carl

It's an interesting premise, but at 40k+ words in, the MC's briefly gone fishing and then went for a walk.

The premise is that there's an unclear isekai/trapped in a VRMMO sort of thing going on, with a bumbling dad MC who's all-powerful with admin access to the world, but ignores any signs that there's something strange going on, confident that he's in on what's really going on.

If that's the sort of thing you'd like... well, good, because the story is going to wallow in that for all it's worth.

Every single scene is going to get replayed from at least two different perspectives, which is what finally killed the story for me.

For me, it was the equivalent of a stand-up routine in which the comedian stops after every single joke and explains the punchline.  I already got the joke, and beating it to death makes it stop being funny after a while.