The Arcanium Chronicles Book 1 - Warbringer

by FelixDS

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead

Something is brewing in the realm of Arcanium...

Rumours of a grand pirate fleet being gathered at Nokoroy are floating about, lead by a powerful man calling himself the Warbringer. When Samos gets pulled into this world of chaos, he begins a search for his past and an understanding of the powers within him.

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Dain Dankil
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Best Story i read in a long time

Reviewed at: Ch. 27 - A Visitor

In my opinion this is a really great story.

The magic system is quite complex and inovative. Really leaves alot of room to discuss theories on the subreddit and discord server. 

The characters are great aswell, they seem like real persons and not just generic archetypes. I really enjoy spending time with Samos, Ralph, etc.

The style is nice aswell, i read all the chapters atleast 5 times so far (also in some parts because i help create the wiki) but still, nice style

Grammar only got 4,5 stars because sometimes there are some tiny mistakes sometimes but once u tell the author in a nice way he directly corrects it all.

I also like that the author interacts alot with the Fanbase (which unfortunatly isn't that big so far but maybe this will change when you start reading, person who looks at this review)

All in all an awesome story, i rate it 10/10


Update: Still enjoying it a lot. A lot of suspense, nice characterbuilding, suprosing twists. This book has everything.

Also now 5 stars for grammer since less tiny mistakes