The Zombie Knight Saga

The Zombie Knight Saga

by George M. Frost

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Death is coming. And he wants to help.

The world of Eleg may seem like a normal enough place at first blush, but wade deeper into it, and soon the dark, the deadly, and the mad will begin to reveal themselves.

But don't worry.

They usually have a sense of humor.

((Ebook versions of the first four Volumes [138 chapters] are available on Amazon.))

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George M. Frost

George M. Frost

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
I. | Ch. 1: 'O, benevolent darkness...!' ago
II. | Ch. 2: 'Hark! Ye quiet horrors...!' ago
III. | Ch. 3: 'Thy path be not gentle...' ago
IV. | Ch. 4: 'Embolden thy steeled heart...' ago
V. | Ch. 5: 'Beholden to thy grim task...' ago
VI. | Ch. 6: 'Of iron promise..' ago
VII. | Ch. 7: 'O, truculent fortune...!' ago
VIII. | Ch. 8: 'Where an aberration doth grow...' ago
IX. | Ch. 9: 'Forbearant soul, gird thyself for war...' ago
X. | Ch. 10: 'And ye shall know fear...' ago
XI. | Ch. 11: 'A true flesh wound...' ago
XII. | Ch. 12: 'O, vigilant heart, take heed...' ago
XIII. | Ch. 13: 'O, blood of noble birth...!' ago
XIV. | Ch. 14: 'Foul souls, gather ye wits...' ago
XV. | Ch. 15: 'Behold! Thy deathly steed...!' ago
XVI. | Ch. 16: 'Trust thy suspicious heart...' ago
XVII. | Ch. 17: 'Hold thee dear...' ago
XVIII. | Ch. 18: 'O, crashing pyre...!' ago
XIX. | Ch. 19: 'Come forth, ye jubilant devils...' ago
XX. | Ch. 20: 'Thine unyielding aegis...' ago
XXI. | Ch. 21: 'Alliance of calamity, capitulate not...' ago
XXII. | Ch. 22: 'Quiet guardian, take respite...' ago
XXIII. | Ch. 23: 'Thy beloved kinship...' ago
XXIV. | Ch. 24: 'Be not troubled..' ago
XXV: | Ch. 25: 'A maelstrom doth brew...' ago
XXVI. | Ch. 26 'Thy desperado's heart...!' ago
XXVII. | Ch. 27: 'O, implacable father...!' ago
XXVIII. | Ch. 28: 'Beware thy shadow...' ago
XXIX. | Ch. 29: 'Forth unto ruin...' ago
XXX. | Ch. 30: 'No quarter...' ago
XXXI. | Ch. 31: 'The dance of shade and darkness...' ago
XXXII. | Ch. 32: 'Steadfast heart, expect not refuge...' ago
XXXIII. | Ch. 33: 'O, solemn child...' ago
XXXIV. | Ch. 34: 'Blighted warriors, quell thy fury...' ago
XXXV. | Ch. 35: 'Tremulous friends, be wary...' ago
XXXVI. | Ch. 36: 'O, restless ones...' ago
XXXVII. | Ch. 37: 'Avail thyself...' ago
XXXVIII. | Ch. 38: 'O, burgeoning snare...' ago
XXXIX. | Ch. 39: 'O, turbulent cloud...' ago
XL. | Ch. 40: 'A treacherous clash...' ago
XLI. | Ch. 41: 'When the Thunder doth roll...' ago
XLII. | Ch. 42: 'Thy forgotten history...' ago
XLIII. | Ch. 43: 'O, creator and destroyer...!' ago
XLIV. | Ch. 44: 'Hark! Thy distant troubles...!' ago
XLV. | Ch. 45: 'O, noble men of the Crown...' ago
XLVI. | Ch. 46: 'Devoted protector, choose well...' ago
XLVII. | Ch. 47: 'O, loitering chaos...' ago
XLVIII. | Ch. 48: 'Thy diverging ways...' ago
XLIX. | Ch. 49: 'Thy converging ways...' ago
L. | Ch. 50: 'O, strange guardian...!' ago
LI. | Ch. 51: 'Of shifting tides...' ago
LII. | Ch. 52: 'O, colliding fires...!' ago
LIII. | Ch. 53: 'Under mayhem's gaze...' ago
LIV. | Ch. 54: 'Fierce blade, be well...' ago
LV. | Ch. 55: 'Thine inherited wills...' ago
LVI. | Ch. 56: 'Gather unto thee...' ago
LVII. | Ch. 57: 'Thy royal passing...' ago
LVIII. | Ch. 58: 'O, warriors of the fore...!' ago
LIX. | Ch. 59: 'Thy promised return...' ago
LX. | Ch. 60: 'O, looming tempest...' ago
LXI. | Ch. 61: 'To yield no ground...' ago
LXII. | Ch. 62: 'The Battle at Rathmore...' ago
LXIII. | Ch. 63: 'Of advancing borders...' ago
LXIV. | Ch. 64: 'The crack of Thunder, the pulse of Fire...' ago
LXV. | Ch. 65: 'Come, ye devils, and perish...!' ago
LXVI. | Ch. 66: 'Once the Light has arrived...' ago
LXVII. | Ch. 67: 'Blessings be upon thee...' ago
LXVIII. | Ch. 68: 'Of measured worth...' ago
LXIX. | Ch. 69: 'Thy bonds in blood...' ago
LXX. | Ch. 70: 'O, abiding blade...' ago
LXXI. | Ch. 71: 'Thine unassailable walls...' ago
LXXII. | Ch. 72: 'Gentle rain, learn well...' ago
LXXIII. | Ch. 73: 'O, guarded promise...' ago
LXXIV. | Ch. 74: 'O, forsaken sanctuary...!' ago
LXXV. | Ch. 75: 'Son of Water, observe carefully...' ago
LXXVI. | Ch. 76: 'Thy buried history...' ago
LXXVII. | Ch. 77: 'Lord of the Rain, go calmly...' ago
LXXVIII. | Ch. 78: 'The undefeated woman...' ago
LXXIX. | Ch. 79: 'He who burns fiercest...' ago
LXXX. | Ch. 80: 'O, monstrous child...' ago
LXXXI. | Ch. 81: 'What it means to serve...' ago
LXXXII. | Ch. 82: 'Precious might, accrue now...' ago
LXXXIII. | Ch. 83: 'Relations from afar...' ago
LXXXIV. | Ch. 84: 'With thy shroud, endure...' ago
LXXXV. | Ch. 85: 'Thine ancestral blood...' ago
LXXXVI. | Ch. 86: 'Turn toward the needful...' ago
LXXXVII. | Ch. 87: 'Thy bitter heart, bear down...' ago
LXXXVIII. | Ch. 88: 'The land that breeds austerity...' ago
LXXXIX. | Ch. 89: 'Answers ye seek...' ago
XC. | Ch. 90: 'The bridge between the Two...' ago
XCI. | Ch. 91: 'When the Lake is quiet...' ago
XCII. | Ch. 92: 'The weight of the rain...' ago
XCIII. | Ch. 93: 'The code of the shield...' ago
XCIV. | Ch. 94: 'Kindred souls, be swift...' ago
XCV. | Ch. 95: 'Where the streams darken...' ago
XCVI. | Ch. 96: 'Thy strong hearts, be welcomed...' ago
XCVII. | Ch. 97: 'The Siege of Marshrock...' ago
XCVIII. | Ch. 98: 'Tread not upon the Pride...' ago
XCIX. | Ch. 99: 'The Siege of Rheinhal...' ago
C. | Ch. 100: 'How the Wind doth rise...' ago
CI. | Ch. 101: 'The clash of Tide and Sea...' ago
CII. | Ch. 102: 'The demon in the mud...' ago
CIII. | Ch. 103: 'Ye who must hold firm...!' ago
CIV. | Ch. 104: 'Chaos, be ended...' ago
CV. | Ch. 105: 'The Gargoyle of Korgum...' ago
CVI. | Ch. 106: 'When the waters run red...' ago
CVII. | Ch. 107: 'Thy strangling breath...' ago
CVIII. | Ch. 108: 'Thy ancient likeness...' ago
CIX. | Ch. 109: 'O, stalwart deluge...' ago
CX. | Ch. 110: 'O, curious devil...!' ago
CXI. | Ch. 111: 'Thy respite, embrace...' ago
CXII. | Ch. 112: 'The house of four flames...' ago
CXIII. | Ch. 113: 'O, worldly warrior...' ago
CXIV. | Ch. 114: 'Thy discerning nature...' ago
CXV. | Ch. 115: 'A devil's paradox...' ago
CXVI. | Ch. 116: 'Vision in the dark...' ago
CXVII. | Ch. 117: 'Riddle in the sand...' ago
CXVIII. | Ch. 118: 'O, radiant Star...!' ago
CXIX. | Ch. 119: 'Shadows in space...' ago
CXX. | Ch. 120: 'O, coveted children...' ago
CXXI. | Ch. 121: 'Thy boiling will...' ago
CXXII. | Ch. 122: 'Diversion of Fire...' ago
CXXIII. | Ch. 123: 'O, rending union...' ago
CXXIV. | Ch. 124: 'Bind ye, in confidence...' ago
CXXV. | Ch. 125: 'Diligent souls, abide...' ago
CXXVI. | Ch. 126: 'O, burning Sea...!' ago
CXXVII. | Ch. 127: 'O, dire Scourge...!' ago
CXXVIII. | Ch. 128: 'Hold true...' ago
CXXIX. | Ch. 129: 'O, guardian of the Sun...!' ago
CXXX. | Ch. 130: 'Thy persistent shadow...' ago
CXXXI. | Ch. 131: 'The Monster of the East...' ago
CXXXII. | Ch. 132: 'Resound! Thy swelling regard...!' ago
CXXXIII. | Ch. 133: 'Thy deepening concern...' ago
CXXXIV. | Ch. 134: 'O, unknown messenger...' ago
CXXXV. | Ch. 135: 'Thy temperate descent...' ago
CXXXVI. | Ch. 136: 'Thy renewed vigor...' ago
LXXXVII. | Ch. 137: 'Buried in the Dark...' ago
CXXXVIII. | Ch. 138: 'The land of leviathans...' ago
CXXXIX. | Ch. 139: 'Solicitous souls, take heart...' ago
CXL. | Ch. 140: 'O, virtuous Wicked...' ago
CXLI. | Ch. 141: 'O, perilous mediator...' ago
CXLII. | Ch. 142: 'Thine avaricious fever...' ago
CXLIII. | Ch. 143: 'O, meddling fellowship...' ago
CXLIV. | Ch. 144: 'Thy toxic prize...' ago
CXLV. | Ch. 145: 'The intervening calm...' ago
CXLVI. | Ch. 146: 'Into the writhing den...' ago
CXLVII. | Ch. 147: 'O, colossal tyrant...' ago
CXLVIII. | Ch. 148: 'The battle with a Behemoth of Old...' ago
CXLIX. | Ch. 149: 'O, gathering Deep...' ago
CL. | Ch. 150: 'O, hidden Liege...' ago
CLI. | Ch. 151: 'What remains of a Falling...' ago
CLII. | Ch. 152: 'To thine scorching heart...' ago
CLIII. | Ch. 153: 'Countenance in greed and fury...' ago
CLIV. | Ch. 154: 'Hark! And uravel...!' ago
CLV. | Ch. 155: 'O, attentive Hunter...!' ago
CLVI. | Ch. 156: 'O, banneret of the Underworld...' ago
CLVII. | Ch. 157: 'A glimpse of Madness...' ago
CLVIII. | Ch. 158: 'A search in spirit...' ago
CLIX. | Ch. 159: 'Pursue thine bounty...' ago
CLX. | Ch. 160: 'He Who Sits...' ago
CLXI. | Ch. 161: 'A trial of gods...' ago
CLXII. | Ch. 162: 'Embrace thy turmoil and observe...' ago
CLXIII. | Ch. 163: 'O, deadliest Knife...' ago
CLXIV. | Ch. 164: 'Assess and have forethought...' ago
CLXV. | Ch. 165: 'O, disgruntled Lord...' ago
CLXVI. | Ch. 166: 'The Unworthy...' ago
CLXVII. | Ch. 167: 'Bolster thine insight...' ago
CLXVIII. | Ch. 168: 'Look erstwhile and take heed...' ago
CLXIX. | Ch. 169: 'Think not, worry not...' ago
CLXX. | Ch. 170: 'Hold, and achieve beyond thyself...' ago
CLXXI. | Ch. 171: 'The Lord of Darksteel...' ago
CLXXII. | Ch. 172: 'Thine ambition, grasp firmly...' ago
CLXXIII. | Ch. 173: 'Ascension in body and spirit...' ago
CLXXIV. | Ch. 174: 'An untimely arrival...' ago
CLXXV. | Ch. 175: 'When the world began to shift...' ago
CLXXVI. | Ch. 176: 'Descend and have care...' ago
CLXXVII. | Ch. 177: 'Attend to thee...' ago
CLXXVIII. | Ch. 178: 'To a place of prospect...' ago
CLXXIX. | Ch. 179: 'The Leech's gambit...' ago
CLXXX. | Ch. 180: 'Old cruelty...' ago
CLXXXI. | Ch. 181: 'Those who await...' ago
CLXXXII. | Ch. 182: 'O, resolute Iron...' ago
CLXXXIII. | Ch. 183: 'Thine addled hearts...' ago
CLXXXIV. | Ch. 184: 'Submit unto thee or begone...' ago
CLXXXV. | Ch. 185: 'O, quondamn desire...' ago
CLXXXVI. | Ch. 186: 'Take repose and steady thyself...' ago
CLXXXVII. | Ch. 187: 'Temper thine ambition...' ago
CLXXXVIII. | Ch. 188: 'O, convalescing companions...' ago
CLXXXIX. | Ch. 189: 'O, ravenous flower...' ago
CXC. | Ch. 190: 'O, respectable reunion...' ago
CXCI. | Ch. 191: 'In times of peace and revival...' ago
CXCII. | Ch. 192: 'Dalliance with fortune...' ago
CXCIII. | Ch. 193: 'The Gathering at Bosliat...' ago
CXCIV. | Ch. 194: 'Thine uncertain destiny...' ago
CXCV. | Ch. 195: 'The furtive banquet...' ago
CXCVI. | Ch. 196: 'Take root, seedling, and germinate...' ago
CXCVII. | Ch. 197: 'O, lordly guardian, know thy burdens...' ago
CXCVIII. | Ch. 198: 'Preparedness, be acquired...' ago
CXCIX. | Ch. 199: 'The designs of the Disparate...' ago
CC. | Ch. 200: 'The Horror at Bellvine...' ago
CCI. | Ch. 201: 'The house of the hushed...' ago
CCII. | Ch. 202: 'The Lion's insight...' ago
CCIII. | Ch. 203: 'Premonitions of a dark horizon...' ago
CCIV. | Ch. 204: 'When an archdemon stirs...' ago
CCV. | Ch. 205: 'O, light that shines from the darkness...' ago
CCVI. | Ch. 206: 'The advancing vista...' ago
CCVII. | Ch. 207: 'In a time of crossings...' ago
CCVIII. | Ch. 208: 'Go forth, and preside...!' ago
CCIX. | Ch. 209: 'O, expanding venture...!' ago
CCX. | Ch. 210: 'O, engrossing revelry...' ago
CCXI. | Ch. 211: 'A grounded blade...' ago
CCXII. | Ch. 212: 'A nest of Elders...' ago
CCXIII. | Ch. 213: 'The Lords of Gray Rock...' ago
CCXIV. | Ch. 214: 'The encroaching Storm...' ago
CCXV. | Ch. 215: 'O, flittering interloper...' ago
CCXVI. | Ch. 216: 'Thy sharpening edge...' ago
CCXVII. | Ch. 217: 'Thy confounding colloquy...' ago
CCXVIII. | Ch. 218: 'The incendiaries of the dark stream...' ago
CCXIX. | Ch. 219: 'A lord's decision...' ago
CCXX. | Ch. 220: 'O, makeshift stratagem...' ago
CCXXI. | Ch. 221: 'Fears not the torch...' ago
CCXXII. | Ch. 222: 'O, inimical ambassador...' ago
CCXXIII. | Ch. 223: 'In the land of disorder...' ago
CCXXIV. | Ch. 224: 'O, crusading champion...' ago
CCXXV. | Ch. 225: 'Emissaries unto the Gloom...' ago
CCXXVI. | Ch. 226: 'O, avatar of clarity...' ago
CCXXVII. | Ch. 227: 'O, avid seer, witness prime conviction...' ago
CCXXVIII. | Ch. 228: 'The Battle of the Sunken Forest...' ago
CCXXIX. | Ch. 229: 'O, guardians from afar...' ago
CCXXX. | Ch. 230: 'Thine ally, thine enemy...' ago
CCXXXI. | Ch. 231: 'A heroic welcome...' ago
CCXXXII. | Ch. 232: 'The land of masks...' ago
CCXXXIII. | Ch. 233: 'The Mouth of Atreya...' ago
CCXXXIV. | Ch. 234: 'When compeers doth vie...' ago
CCXXXV. | Ch. 235: 'O, twisted Mover...' ago
CCXXXVI. | Ch. 236: 'The land's attention...' ago
CCXXXVII. | Ch. 237: 'O, lost comrade...' ago
CCXXXVIII. | Ch. 238: 'A candle in the Dark...' ago
CCXXXIX. | Ch. 239: 'Amid the churning sand...' ago
CCXL. | Ch. 240: 'The Lion's share...' ago
CCXLI. | Ch. 241: 'The Calamity at Uego...' ago
CCXLII. | Ch. 242: 'The forest's reflection...' ago
CCXLIII. | Ch. 243: 'O, ingenuous children...' ago
CCXLIV. | Ch. 244: 'Renewed anger...' ago
CCXLV. | Ch. 245: 'O, fledgling commander, falter not...' ago
CCXLVI. | Ch. 246: 'O, drowning Sand...' ago
CCXLVII. | Ch. 247: 'The hand that needs grasping...' ago
CCXLVIII. | Ch. 248: 'The Battle at the Border...' ago
CCXLIX. | Ch. 249: 'O, inciting tribulation...' ago
CCL. | Ch. 250: 'Parnership of the Age...' ago
CCLI. | Ch. 251: 'The song's whisper...' ago
CCLII. | Ch. 252: 'O, illuminating path...' ago
CCLIII. | Ch. 253: 'That which eludes Knowing...' ago
CCLIV. | Ch. 254: 'The Roar of Old...' ago
CCLV. | Ch. 255: 'Thy bracing constitution...' ago
CCLVI. | Ch. 256: 'Thine intervening ambitions...' ago
CCLVII. | Ch. 257: 'O, kindling desire...' ago
CCLVIII. | Ch. 258: 'A walk in the Dark...' ago
CCLIX. | Ch. 259: 'The abiding rumble...' ago
CCLX. | Ch. 260: 'O, wicked shifters...' ago
CCLXI. | Ch. 261: 'O, riving serpent...' ago
CCLXII. | Ch. 262: 'As an archdemon digs...' ago
CCLXIII. | Ch. 263: 'Bright steward, flash and burn...' ago
CCLXIV. | Ch. 264: 'Thy scrambled visage...' ago
CCLXV. | Ch. 265: 'O, slumbering Dragon...' ago

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Jack O

The story starts with a bang, and gets bogged down as the plot moves on. you can give it a try if there is nothing on your shelf.

The good and the bad

1. cultivation/powerup involving the periodic table, the author has given some serious thought to how fight scenes can evolve when characters can manipulate the elements to produce various chemical interactions. The problem is as levels power up. and "soul" elements are introduced, the chemistry takes a back seat, and fight scenes become bland.

2. characters - we are introduced to characters with diverse backstories, and some witty dialogues. but as the plot moves on, too many characters take on the same dry humor and non sequitur responses that you start to wonder if the writer can write more than three voices. and it certainly breaks immersion.

3. plot - nice on the episodic level, but when the story starts to develop. we get stuck on various issues. e.g. pace - or the lack of. tension buildup in interrupted by long stretches of secondary character interactions that are of a personal nature and most of them feel forced. worldbuilding - thousands of years of supernatural characters fighting all over the place in a  technological society with cell phones and media with an ignorant public. and only after 50 chapters the author changes his mind and adds as an afterthought - "yes, the public is aware that there are people with some supernatural powers".  So the supernatural elements are not grounded on the social/governmental/historic level in country A, but when the plot moves to country B, suddenly it all becomes integrated just a plane flight away. It's all very jarring.



Legit fantasy, action, adventure. Great characters and character interactions and a pretty original world too. As someone said, it's not just some medeival place that got stuck with an adventurer's guild. This is a modern day fantasy about people with super powers that can only be disabled by freezing their brains. That's a pretty original take on a fantasy story right?


Some observations/thoughts I had that you might find more or less important(meaning I don't think all of them are very important but I feel like they're worth mentioning so that you know somewhat what to expect from the story and won't get too disappointed/surprised by them):

The title is misleading, Zombie in it seems to mean an immortal superpowered person who is paired up with one of many reapers(who also were originally humans).

The initial premise of finding regular people who are going to die some time in the future, figuring out some way to prevent their death and then dealing with consequences of whatever weird stuff the MC had to do in order to do that is quickly abandoned in favour of battles between the good and evil superpowered people.

Personality and interactions of the MC are really nice and interesting and his backstory/starting situation was something I appreciated even if I'm not sure what I think of it.

Most action scenes are boring and make my eyes glaze over.

MC has a love interest but it's clearly not the focus of the story, also she ends up being sort of sterile so that the author can say people should adopt more.

The world is sexist and most characters love to point out how that sucks without doing anything about it.

Racism seems to be an issue that rarely gets brought up but the wildly different world history makes it feel somewhat fresh and interesting(ie. warlike slave using nation that conquered large parts of the world before breaking up was presumably mostly black)

One point of different but similar world seems to be to paint thing more black and white than they'd be if modern earth was the setting.

Many characters are really nice and interesting but not all of them making some PoV chapters feel like a slog.

MC's abilities and powers grow pretty nicely.

Sad event happens and is nice but...

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Some situations make me think that the author subscribes to the idea that subversion of expectations is always great even when that makes a more boring story(ie. at one point it seemed clear that a new "party member" was being introduced but then they died making me go "oh, I didn't expect that and I suppose all that stuff did serve some minor purpose but I'm still disappointed.").


Overall I'd say it's not bad but as I kept reading it and wondering if I really want to read it I eventually decided that no, there isn't really anything that I'm looking forward to happening and even if there are some interesting bits they'll be surrounded by too many boring fight scenes or such.


Amazing characters and interesting fights, but..

Reviewed at: CCLXV. | Ch. 265: 'O, slumbering Dragon...'

Edit 08/03/21: The story has really started falling off imo. There have been introduced too many new side characters since i wrote this review originally, and the author is imho ruining his own story with all the CONSTANTLY changing POV's. The story is less about Hector (the MC), and more about the 50 other characters.

VERY rarely do we get even 2 chapters in a row with Hector as the focus, almost every chapter is a new POV shift, and this is not how you write good literature imho. If this story was supposed to be a multiple MC POV story then it should've been written as such from the very beginning; it isn't, so it shouldn't suddenly shift towards it.

I'm sad to say this but the story has lost a large amount of appeal for me because of this fact. The side characters might be well written, but they take up WAY too much space, maybe try focusing on the actual MC for more than 1 chapter at a time hmm?

Also what i wrote in my original review spoiler is still very much a thing, and has not improved at all. The story is losing track, too many new concepts get introduced all the time, and the powerlevel keeps getting retconned when the author feels like it. An example is:

Morgunov can just casually capture and experiment on feldeaths, when we've been told earlier in the story, that they are insanely powerful and is a massive threat to all servants and even the nr. 1 servant -when it comes to powerlevel- the crystal titan might not come out of meeting a powerful enough feldeath unscathed. But this just gets forgotten when Morgunov is introduced later on.

And the whole forge crap is also another awful addition to the story imo.

I've adjusted my score to mirror my changed opinion about the story, 2.5 overall stars might be too low, i might change it to 3-3.5 at some point, but it also serves the purpose of hopefully making the author see my updated review, and in the best case scenario will take my opinion under advisement going forward, or at the very least be aware of my concerns.(and potentially other people who share my concerns).


I love the MC and literally all of the characters - Everyone feels like they have their own fleshed out personality, and i've laughed multiple times with some of the conversations in the story.

World Building:
The world building starts out very interesting, and there's a lot of mysteries that i'm looking forward to learn about. And i love how there's politics, history, religion, and a lot of other things incorperated into the story too.

Writing Style:

The fights are great and i love the creative uses of powers we've read about so far. I find myself looking forward to see what Hector comes up with, and how he will evolve as a person.

Very well written, i have no complaints in this regard.

That was the good. Now for some of the bad:

Spoiler: Spoiler



Really awesome to see this story come to this site.

The releationship between the two main character is one of the best parts of the author's writing. He also has a great talent for world building that leave you curious about were the story is going to turn next.

The cast of the story is also very diverse with interesting characters that are engaging and you can't help but root for.


The story starts slow, then almost out of nowhere, just as you are becomming invested in the story jumps from slow characterization, and world building, to potentially overthrowing a country. With the MC being directly involved in the fight to overthrow a country, and world powers.  Non stop fights and action.  Additionally there are constant pov shifts, so we can see the antagonists actions.

After around 25 chapters or so, I found myself getting bored.  I don't have any further interest. Overall its fairly well written.  With regards to grammar and spelling.  But the poor story choices, and lack of characterization, caused me to lose interest in the MC.

Some suggestions for the author, seriously, slow down your story.  Get rid of most of the pov shifts, and try for slow buildups.  Not this sudden jump to overthrowing the kingdom.   


this novel has alot of big problems imo, the complete power system is interesting till you discover the majority is based on power spikes mid battle. yes you read correctly, in this novel it is actually stated that this is how you get stronger .How cool is that right? you lose whoops power spike you win then whooops enemy gets power spike cause he is near death, he starts winning again. Besides this, the mc, i like them flawed and mentally unstable aswell, but this mc is not interesting at all, i would be okey with the social akward thing, but he is such an idiot, i lost iq reading his decisions, which i dont find to be fun at all. Besides the power spike thing, the author tries very hard to be non cliche, so hard in fact that it becomes predictable in its own way. All in all i find this novel hard to read, an mc i dont like because of his weak personality which doesnt seem to get better at all, a power system based on power spikes when you nearly die, and enemies that escape over 5 times in a row, fun. It has good ideas but thats the end of it.


Dropped at chapter 109

The story starts with an interesting premise, the first few arcs are really well done and show nice character development for the MC, continuous world building, with a power system I don't remember seeing anywhere else.

If it continued like that throughout the entire story I would give it five stars, unfortunately at the end of the 'home country arcs' it goes in a downward spiral. For some reason, the author started relaying the MC to backstage and focusing on POVs of other and new characters. It's like the author started a new story in the ongoing one, and I hate it.

Before, the author already had those random POVs, but because the story was still about the MC and not too long they were bearable. But now this is insanely annoying. It's to the extent that entire chapters, often two chapters in a row, are only the POVs of other characters, and they are barely if not at all related to the MC. Around chapter 70-80 I began skipping those chapters, only reading the 'MC chapters' as I call them, and since most of the stuff that happened in the 'POV chapters' is explained to the MC I could still enjoy the story, but now I've decided to drop the story, I just lost that spark of interest.

Style : 0.5/5

Far, far too much POVs, mostly useless to the progression of the story and annoying for the reader. The author could have just POVs happening in the background without shoving it in the reader's face, and that's what made me drop the story.

Grammar : 5/5

I don't remember seeing any grammar issue, or they were so insignificant I don't remember it.

Story : 2.5/5

At least worth 4 stars for arcs 1-6, but then the overuse of POVs telling a story I personally did not care about ruined it.

Character Score : 4/5

The MC has a meaningful and slow, progressive development. His personality is also flawed in many ways, and it's interesting to see his interactions. Side characters have many opportunities for development thanks to all the random POVs, even the characters I did not care about all had a distinct personality and evolved. 

Overall : 3.25/5

A very good start and story, then something happened and the author ruined it. While skipping through truckloads of POV chapters I kept praying the author would stop, but it never happened. Very disappointed, but I still want to thank the author for the free entertainment.


For me its tone death and offensive but the writting is great

Reviewed at: I. | Ch. 1: 'O, benevolent darkness...!'

  so let me give you a background I personally have a major depressive disorder which is something that runs strongly in the males of my family. I also grew up in what most would call the getto and have been homeless before. Objectively this writting is some of thes best on the site, and I do mean that. But I am "triggered" by how it handles both suicide and representation of black people. On the first on that person is obviously not suicidal, never even been close. I literally grew up around this shit, my uncle was bipolar he took his own life. He'll thats pretty common in my family along with alchoholisim. What's worse is that this is completely  unnecessary and the character would have been just fine if not even better if it had been something like a heart attack. It was just senseless and honestly hurt, it felt like an insult to me but I can recognize  that those who have not been exposed to this would not understand that and I do not hold it against the writer. Second off maybe I'm inherently biased here but it seems like the writer is attempting to isolate the character from the culture. I know that might sound racist to some but there is a distinct white culture Black Culture Latino culture Muslim culture Jewish culture. You name it and they have a culture and to separate it feels racist to me having grown up in a poor area where that meant everything. Maybe though in wealthier areas these lines are far more blurry and I can respect that. It is worthy to note though but even though there was cultural differences I would say there was far more blending of friend groups than what you would see in wealthier areas. Just because you grew up with a different culture didn't mean you couldn't be friends and respect one another :)


Great for a long while, then falls off the pretentiousness cliff.

Reviewed at: CCXXXVI. | Ch. 236: 'The land's attention...'

Started off fantastic, interesting world building and character development. 

Unfortunately, the author thinks that adding a metric ton of characters and plotlines is a good idea, and game of thrones this story is not.  Read the first 150 odd chapters I'd say, it's a good tale, and then stop once Hector returns above ground, everything since has been a big dissappointment.