The Black God

by Boredblues

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An old archmage sees all his lifework destroyed in the flames of zealotry. His friends and fellows are killed, his home destroyed and he is consigned to eternal imprisonment. 

But its not the end for Gorren An-Tudok. The old mage has a last trick in his sleeve, one that will see him start a journey into a new world of power and possibilities. The research for revenge and survival will see him ascend to heights unheard of and to reach for divinity itself. 

From humble beginnings, through obstacles, victory and loss, friends and enemies and family. Facing himself, destiny and the world, moving through the mysteries of magic, will he manage to reach what he wish for? 

The odyssey of the Black God begins. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
To Begin ago
The Library ago
Chosen ago
A Lesson About Gods ago
A Refuge ago
A Lesson About Magic ago
A Weapon, To Strike ago
Building Up ago
Need For Manpower ago
Taking Tribes, Smacking Elves ago
Doubts and a Choice ago
Restocked And Ready ago
Of The Use Of Goblins ago
The Work Never Stops ago
All Fine And Dandy ago
A Fire Problem ago
Exploration ago
Acclimatization ago
A Daughter ago
A Son ago
To Search ago
A Meeting With A God ago
The Shaman ago
Light And Shadow ago
Decisions Part 1 ago
Decisions Part 2 ago
Decision Part 3 ago
Decisions Finale ago
Nice ago
Scouting ago
Entry ago
Warriors ago
The New World ago
The Empty Church ago
Doubts, Questions and an Expedition ago
The Facility ago
The Facility Part 2 ago
The Facility Part 3 ago
The Facility Part 4 ago
The Facility Part 5 ago
The Facility Part 6 ago
The Facility Finale ago
A Father's Problems ago
A Daughter's Problems ago
Resolution ago
A Jab ago
Retort ago
Of Cats, Investigations And Schools ago
Of Dealings And Types ago
The Past Never Let Go Part 1 ago
Us And Them ago
The Gray Of The Seven ago
A Man Of The Seven ago
The Gray And The Seven ago
Preparations ago
The Assault Part 1 ago
The Assault Part 2 ago
The Assault Part 3 ago
The Assault Finale ago
Celebrations ago
The Meeting ago
The Past And The Future ago
The wolf and the rabbit ago
The play part 1 ago
The play part 2 ago
The Play Finale ago
A Hero's path ago
The enterpreuner ago
To rub elbows with the powerful ago
The etiquette of duels ago

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The story shows true potential. The characters have depth and feel real, and the story is unique, not falling into most tropes.

That said, the author has atrocious spelling and clearly doesn't even use a basic spellchecker. There's no visible editing, with constant accidental double negatives and "coscious" and errors in grammar abound. At BARE MINIMUM the author needs to go back and read his stuff after he writes it to catch the small errors, and needs to use spellcheck for the words he doesn't know how to spell. It's bad enough to ruin an otherwise engaging story.

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

First few chapters are good

Reviewed at: Chosen

Liked the way the author wrote the setting and built up the plot. But the chapters afterwards dive deep into metaphors that quickly become tedious to decipher and read. Motivations and actions of the characters should be explained to the reader through the characters actions.

  • Overall Score

Could have been, unfortunately isn't

Reviewed at: Need For Manpower

I tried and the hook, if rather unoriginal, had me at first.

Then, the story rambles on and on and on... and on about the way Magic works. The problem is that, given the author isn't english-speaking, there's a rift between the concepts and their ennunciation. It's confusing, mostly senseless or contradicting, repetitive often and extremely boring overall.

What's more, we are not given any good reason to care about all this broken worldbuilding. It's all about a place the MC will ultimately escape from and shouldn't return to, given the main, red-thread this story is supposedly based upon.

Remove all this bloated gunk you have to push against and you have potential: a simple (if unoriginal) plotline and a character who actually possesses emotions as well as some intelligence.

A shame the author is so confusedly in love whith their own magic system.

Have fun for the rest.

  • Overall Score
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Seems Interesting, wish it was more readable.

Reviewed at: Of The Use Of Goblins

Engaging story, with an interesting character.  Unfortunately, after the prologue the spelling/grammar makes it a chore to read.  The author is clearly not a native English speaker, so this work is very impressive, but really needs an editor.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Good Magic story, really deserves more attention.

Reviewed at: A Meeting With A God

Edit: 01/18/2020

Adjusted values to proper ones now that I'm not the one and only review on this story. The review below is still relevant, but its undoubtedly truth that the grammar quality took a hit in the most recent chappyies, it didn't bother me too much (I'm not a native speaker) but It might bother some people.

Its still a great story anyways, it moves through quite a lot of genres and its quite entertaining to see some things rationalized and acconplished without the help of a LitRPG System.


Dont be fooled by the sinopsis, this is one of those hidden gems "I came looking for copper and found gold" stories.

Appart from the sinopsis painting it as your overdone "Strongest Archmage reincarnates to be the strongest in his 2nd life" this story is actually great, and exceeded my expectations.

It does get kinda rambly about magic (honestly thats a plus to me), but it avoided and ebbed away from the obvious cliches I expected it to follow and the result is incredible.

Both in the time and thought put into it show quite a lot, and the MC that seems like a shallow steriotype at first  grows out to be quite an entertaining character, with much more personality and depth than many a character in other fictions, which honestly surprised me given his shallow begginings.

Now one thing that might put people off is the "comedy" tag, but its mostly consequential of "grumpy old archmage being grunpy" and doesn't feel shoehorned at all.

Overall this story really deserves more attention, grammar is good, chapters are lenghty, the MC is entertaining and what really bogs it down is that its cover paints it as your generic meh reincarnation story thats so prevalent here on RR.

Give it a shot, you wont regret it.

  • Overall Score
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Grammar and spelling is atrocious. The author gets lost constantly and goes on long stretches of rants about things that are not important to the story. Chekhov's gun is most certainly not followed in this story.

The plot hook was revenge but that's not the story. The story is a philosophical dissertation on a fake magic system. There's no joy in watching some angry old man discover worthless information, I don't know why the author thought otherwise.

A lack of direction, cliché premise, and terrible grammar/spelling all come together to make a mediocre story.

  • Overall Score
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For an introvert, Great! Power is increasing.

Reviewed at: Light And Shadow

Honestly, if you are an introvert who doesn't care about anything besides power increase, this is the perfect story. The majority of the first few chapters are about the MC researching Magic and becoming stronger. Stronger than reality.

  • Overall Score

Good story. I enjoy the aspect of how it's this grand wizard that has been forced to become a vilified existence and how he hasn't allowed himself to become the villain.

  • Overall Score

As others have said, this story is in real nead of some TLC from an editor. If you can look past that however this story has quite a bit of promise.