A Hero's War

A Hero's War

by jseah

Morey is summoned to a fantasy world under siege by the forces of darkness, called a Hero by the natives. He undertakes a journey to the sword of legend in order to obtain the power to save the world. Unknown to them, they got two 'Heroes' for the price of one. Dumped into a strange and dangerous fantasy world, Cato struggles to find out what happened to him and where he is. And how to survive, there's still an army of monsters to worry about after all. For the enemy is far more dangerous than anyone had ever figured and without help, there might be no one left to save by the time Morey finds the sword. Perhaps there are advantages to not being a Hero. And perhaps not all the legends are true... Mirrored on Fictionpress

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Table of Contents
127 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
01 New World ago
02 Fuka ago
03 Tremor ago
04 Interlude ago
05 Observation ago
06 To Kill a Tremor ago
07 Cato's Notes ago
08 Early Warning ago
09 Dark Horizon ago
10 The Best Defence ago
11 A Good Offense ago
12 Collateral Damage ago
13 Better Part of Valour ago
14 Cato's Notes ago
15 Interlude ago
16 A New Land ago
17 Wendy's Fort ago
18 The Alchemist ago
19 Guns and Steel ago
20 Sign of Rain ago
21 With a Chance of Zombies ago
22 Calm After the Storm ago
23 Side: Morey ago
24 Interlude ago
25 Cato's Notes ago
26 Small Steps ago
27 Corbin ago
28 Plots and Plans ago
29 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back ago
30 Root of All Bad Ideas ago
31 Progress? ago
32 New Direction ago
33 Side: Morey ago
34 Interlude ago
35 Cato's Notes ago
36 Perspective ago
37 Negotiation ago
38 Conflict ago
39 Sudden Popularity ago
40 Interlude ago
41 Traps and More Traps ago
42 Depth of Thought ago
43 Power ago
44 Side: Morey; Side: Danine ago
45 Morey and other stories ago
46 Cato's Notes ago
47 A Small Step for Cato ago
48 Inching Forwards ago
49 A Sword to the Face ago
50 A Dagger to the Back ago
51 Trap Reversal ago
52 Master Plan ago
53 Wind of Hope ago
54 Side Story Expedition ago
55 Side Morey Part A ago
56 Side Morey Part B ago
57 Side Morey Part C ago
58 Side Danine ago
59 Cato's Notes ago
60 Interlude ago
61 New Players ago
62 Rising Flames ago
63 Oiling the Fire ago
64 Firestorm ago
65 Ashes ago
66 Reignition ago
67 Preparation for War ago
68 The Battle for Greenspring Peak ago
69 Aftermath ago
70 Side Morey ago
71a Cato's Expedition ago
71b Cato's Expedition B & Inath Report ago
72a Cato's Expedition ago
72b Cato's Expedition ago
73a Cato's Expedition ago
73b Cato's Expedition: Return to Minmay ago
74 Fort Yang ago
75 For the Clan ago
76 Cato's Notes ago
77 Twilight ago
78 Evening ago
79 Nightfall ago
80 Midnight ago
81 Dawn ago
82 Sunrise ago
83 Morning ago
84 High Noon ago
85 Broken Clock ago
86 The Purge ago
87 The Way Forwards ago
88 Side Morey: Yana ago
89 Interlude ago
90 Side Danine Side Ka ago
91 Fort Yang: Holding the Line ago
Extra Chapter: Blood Price ago
92 Side Morey ago
93 Cato's Notes ago
94 Interlude ago
95 Progress ago
96 Duport ago
97 Laying Foundations ago
98 Journey to the North ago
99 Building Up and Down ago
100 A New Light ago
101 Side Story: Yvon ago
102 Mustering Forces ago
103 A Greater Strength ago
104 Pushing Onwards ago
105 Interlude ago
106 Side: Morey ago
107 Side: Morey 2 ago
108 Side: Danine, Ka, Amarante ago
109 Cato's Notes ago
110 To Iris, Again ago
111 Meeting the Family ago
112 Meeting More Family ago
113 Decisions ago
114 Marching Off To War ago
115 Teething Issues ago
116 A Monster Problem ago
117 Sufficient Force ago
118 Reassessment ago
119 Side Morey ago
120 A Hero's War ago
121 Awaiting ago
122 Getting Ready ago
123 Encounters ago

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(read till ch60) yawn inducing, boring.

The story starts off really good, multiple interesting personalities and interaction, but then the MC turns into a bland super genius inventor while being an ignorant dumbass with a politics sidedish.

possible spoilers

Story starts good, interactions, events and overall flow really tell of a interesting transported mc story, but once the MC leaves the first village and fort it all turns bland and chaotic.
The mc turns into a genius inventor that can appearantly do anything he puts his mind into while failing to realise obvious things, to many 'game changing' inventions at once with too far reaching idea's, the monopoly system thats currently in place will obviously lash out, change comes slowly you cant force it and the way he tried to much at once is just stupid.

it turns bland really quick after the first village and fort, turning into a lets invent something of the day and political mumbo jumbo. inventions don't even really get any immidiate real world use, its more like he hops from each half finished project to the next.

also the magic... theres no way a world of magic thats at constant conflict with either races or monsters wouldn't have an arms race, yet their magic is stagnant and underdeveloped, but ofc our the mc will propel the applications of magic and research just by thinking for 2minutes.
magic is just there to fill in the knowledge gap, anything he doesn't know gets solved with magic the mc comes up with.

People are too easily convinced about (what would be from their pov) wild syfy imagination fairytales of unimaginable new things.
The fuka are tossed aside to be relegated to boring side stories that make no sense, the lead fuka sidechar(a naive little girl turned magical batman) is basicly running a rebellion without anyone (the mc) telling her its a bad idea and needs to be done gradually.

its really good, typo's and whatnot but who doesn't make those.

poc changes to the 2ndary mc 'the hero' are annoying, overall the style is decent.



This site has a huge, enormous problem, as all other sites that host webnovels and review them. The scores are ridiculously high for no good reason.

I read this book after seeing all these positive reviews and 5 star scores everywhere, telling myself, a novel with such good rating is surely al least above average. Well, i was wrong.

The plot is unoriginal but at least not a complete wish-fullfillment like most novel of this kind. The "transported to another world" theme has been written and rewritten in almost every way, so won't give much in that regard. I don't know what everyone has read but the "using your brains instead of a convenient cheat power to survive in a hostile enviroment" thing doesn't exactly strike me as a masterstroke, it has been seen in various other novels and it's the minimum requirement for not being just another masturbation novel.

The style is pretty average, just linear story telling in third person. No plot twists, flashbacks or any other literary technique.  More like a diary than an actual novel.

The characters are ok, except the protagonist. He has no personality whatsoever, his aspect is not even described in detail. We don't know anything from his past life and he has no quirks. His only role is to bring technology in this new world. In the rare occasions where his feelings are described, they seem bland and artificial, like a bad AI trying to mimic a human. I don't think there have been more than one or two occasions where his emotions are described in detail. The other characters actually do seem to get actual development, but not muc by any means. This author seem to make central characters blander than background ones.

The story develops as one would expect: the MC is a incredible vault of knowledge, justified with him being a "Material Engineer", like it was some kind of magic word. The other characters are all made speechless in various occasions, and so on and on.

Whoever rated this novels 5 star should consider reading a real book.

Cyan Hart

Gets very old very quickly

Was at chapter 30ish when MC became Thomas Edison, was popping blueprints, inventions, and design and shit but doesnt have the common sense to know the consequences of this action and don't even get me started on the gullible beastman kid... ugh so irksome!


This is not your typical hero summoning story. Neither of the two summoned heroes have a cheat and thirty chapters in, it is not the heroes standing on the front lines but the experienced veterans. Instead, the heroes make use of their talents elsewhere. Morey tries his best to fit the role assigned to him. Cato finds himself thrown into the wilderness and can only rely on his wits and modern knowledge to survive the dangers that will soon assault him. Did I mention there is a crazy mad scientist? Oh wait, wrong genre. Correction, there is a crazy mad alchemist.


The grammar is excellent, the characters are well developed and interesting. It is fun to watch as Cato tries to puzzle out how magic works and how that can be incorporated into the grand scheme of his plans. Sometimes, the POV changes are a bit jarring and unclear. Overall, I found it to be a very good read.


Good but this isn't what I was looking for...

Starts as an Isekai novel, hero summoning in times of need, monsters, demihuman village. Then 

Spoiler: Spoiler

For now I will put it on hold until I get sufficient will force to arduously end reading this story. Why I say this? 

Because I was looking for an Isekai story, I wanted to know more about the world, more about the First. I wanted adventures, dragons, goblins, dungeons. Instead I am reading about human society and industrial revolution, I FEEL CHEATED. The story is not bad but wasn't what I was looking for.


Good Ideas, Flawed Execution

Reviewed at: 118 Reassessment

A Hero's War is a portal fantasy that has some good ideas, but falters with regards to how those ideas are executed and integrated into the story.

The premise of the story is that a fantasy world summons a hero, but in addition to the hero, a second human gets brought along and dumped in an isolated village. The story mostly follows Cato, the second human and a materials engineer.

Put simply, the big problem with the story is that the author has a ton of great ideas about magitech, with a ton of details about the magitech development and capabilities clearly in mind, and as a result, the story pretty much just becomes a delivery mechanism for those ideas.

In further detail, the story starts off well, with the MC applying brains to solve the village's problem, and then transitioning into the plotline that drives the story. The MC attempts to use their knowledge as a material engineer to drive an industrial revolution, which has a ripple effect across the world, leading to political reactions and some social upheval. Initially, this works well, with the plot executing early advancements well and showing reasonable effects. Magic is also well-integrated into the storyline up to this point.

After a few cycles of development and advancement, suspension of disbelief becomes too hard. The MC seems to possess obscene amounts of knowledge and information in great detail because the plot requires him to have that knowledge. The breadth and depth of his expertise far exceeds what any engineer, regardless of how brilliant, could posess and retain. 

By the current point in the plot, the story is largely a vehicle to showcase magitech development, and while it is cool, the lack of driving plot hurts the story. The side plotlines can be interesting, and often do add to the story by adding context and effects, but also get kind of repetitive.

The style is straightforward and suits the story, and the story is well edited.

The quality of the characters in the story varies. Many of the side characters are given decent development and character arcs, but the main character doesn't have much of a personality, since his role in the story just makes him an information repository. Since technological development is a focus of the story, the MC's personality often amounts to 'disseminate information without thought of consequence'.

Overall, there are some great ideas in this story, but it has a lot of problems.

(As of Chapter 119)


A refreshing take on the transported to a fantasy world genre. Our two protagonists are transported to a world where humanity and the other enlightened races are slowly being wiped out by a multitude of threats. In this world technology and society has stagnated in something akin to medieval Europe, while magic that anyone can learn is used exclusively by the nobility to keep the rest in line. While one of the main characters goes about trying to become the classical hero for one of these stories, becoming strong with magic and might; the other determines the only way to win and make the world better is to jump start an industrial revolution. As the story progresses it starts to draw interesting parallels to Europe during the industrial revolution, albeit with magic allowing for some shortcuts. Highly recommended if your sick of the standard fantasy world affair and want something slower that looks at the possibilities of technology and societal upheaval in such a world that has been stagnant for far too long and that is not afraid to look at how terrible our lives would be without the technology we have come to know.


One of the best stories on Royal Road

I don't think I've given a 5 star review before but here it is. A Hero's War is a great story, well written, a bit technical sometimes, but completely alive. The MC travels the world, using his knowledge and expertise to advance the technology and economics of the fantasy world he's been summoned to. He, however, is no Mary Sue and has to deal with many real challenges. His ideas are revolutionary but he has to deal with politics, individual greed, and other problems arising from interpersonal relations to spread them. Cato himself has almost 0 combat ability and is unable to use magic and that also creates many problems for him along the way.

The sidecast steadily grows and not all of them stick with him but even as they splinter off, they continue to do things on their own and their perspectives are a joy to read.


Even the side MC (the hero) has blossomed in a way I did not expect. I was worried that initially this plotline was doomed to be outclassed and overshadowed by the MC, but fortunately that fear did not pan out. Morey is just as interesting a character in his own right and has let readers experience a more martial and different political side of Inath.


All in all, this story really should have more followers as it is one of the best on the site. You can really feel the thought the author put into the world, from the rock solid technical details to the completely foreign but strangely relatable social structures present. The MC trips over many and the reader really feels it is a different world, not just a repainted fantasy medieval society.


A few minor criticisms for the author (spoilers):


1. Cato sometimes feels a bit wooden and his perspective occasionally reads like that of a narrator, a bit too dispassionate. I hope you can give him a bit more personality going forward, not just have him be a conduit for technological change.


2. I feel some more perspectives from the border states could have been used. As Cato has settled in MinMay, it feels as if the monsters have ceased to exist and the looming threat just didn't feel like it was there. The Morey arc helped but it feels like this Enemy has been given the proper ongoing screentime.


3. The Morey slave rebellion arc seemed a bit forced. I understand his sense of values but in contrast to his previously shown intelligence, he decides to unilaterally declare war against a nation while the Monster threat continues to loom, with almost no help to boot. In a realistic world without plot armor, slave rebellions launched by an individual with 2 initial helpers do not succeed. I think the lead-in to this rebellion was weak. It would have been far more natural for Morey to say, join up with an existing resistance, rather than starting from scratch and succeeding.


Review as of chapter 30+

There are 2 main characters in this story: Morey and Cato.

Most of the time, the focus is on Cato. Morey follows the story of a warrior and we only get snippets of his story. Cato is a thinker, where he figures out ways to defeat monsters without any cheat skills and uses his knowledge to improve the world(by eventually making weapons or improving iron purity and etc..). 

Cato is shown to be extremely knowledgeable (almost to the point of being incredulous) since he knows the process required to create many things in the later chapters. He also thinks out of the box to solve solutions. 

With that said, now, we can have a proper review of the story with the warrior and the thinker:

Style: Jseah's writing style is fantastic. Probably one of the best on this website. The only one I've read that's better is Continue Online. Occasionally, the perspective changes from character A to character B, but the perspective change is rarely confusing. Each perspective change adds a tidbit more info to the story. For the patient, this means that the story gets fleshed out.


Grammar: Fluent use of English. Nuff' said.


Story & Character:

In the story, Cato (as the main focus), does not have any cheat like abilities. His abilities are as human as there is: No abilities other than the capability to use his brain. Cato has a level-head and is able to assess situations pretty well for a person who was suddenly summoned to a different world.

On the other hand, every other character in the story moves at their own pace. They may or may not listen to Cato. They will take actions he can't control. They will make mistakes Cato cannot undo. And Cato will make mistakes because he is human. In a world that moves on without waiting for his choice, you will follow Cato as he learns about this world, all the while trying to help people along the way.

There will be occasional snippets into what Morey does but as to what connection he has to the story, we still don't know.

As a result of the complex characters and characters of different races (Cato meets catpeople and catgirls early on. If that's your thing, yeah. There will also be some other races.) , the story is very focused on world and character building. If you don't mind waiting for action to arrive, then this story will reward you with superb execution as it really shows the capabilities of level-headed Cato. 

Also, character interaction is fun and interesting. Even the most mundane of character interactions seem to be full of personality.


Verdict: I rarely give anything a 5. This deserves a 5.


A Hero's War is a really good story. I hope, someday, it will be edited and will become a great story. Despite that, it's still a very solid, enjoyable story all on it's own. The main character is extremely compelling without requiring deus ex machina or the author's intervention to survive and become stronger. The world is unique, with both a well-defined mysterious backstory and distant threat of zombie invansion. The characters all all multi-dimensional and feel solidly real.


Worth reading twice.