Lord's of the Land

by Geekmaster1001

Original ONGOING Adventure Contemporary Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Post Apocalyptic Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The Akashic Records have existed since the beginning of reality, but humanity has reached a point in which the records no longer have to block outside sources into our world. As magic and monsters enter into our reality, the Akashic Records calculated that we don't actually have the ability to fend for ourselves in this new world of ours, and decided to gift us some abilities until we were able to deal with this new world by ourselves.

Rain Solis is a man who has spent years of his life on his passion, books & stories. While humanity is being invaded, what should he do, he can't look for protection, as nobody wants to protect him, and the new world seems a little dangerous for a guy whose only ability is how much they know. As Rain tries his best to survive in this apocalyptic world of his, he will find some friends, become 'slightly' stronger, & find his place in this crazy little world.

In this world monsters and otherworldly forces are now able to enter this planet, and the Akashic Records have temporarily gifted humanity with abilities to deal with these. This will include LitRPG elements, although that won't necessarily be the main focus. The main character will have some allies that might become permanent, or not, but will not be getting into a romantic relationship with any of them. This book will have minor gore as eldritch abominations, demons & their sacrificial cults, as well as other creatures who don't necessarily care about the human aesthetic of having the skin be on the outside of the body, will be in this book. 

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