Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

by JayAck

Original ONGOING Drama Horror Mystery Sci-fi Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

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Wilfred had been thinking about ending it all, but then it all ended before he could.

The apocalypse came in a matter of hours. Not from weather, not from nuclear strikes, but something far worse. Mankind lost its dominance over their own planet in a short afternoon, and now Wilfred is one of but a handful of survivors who must make sense of the catastrophic nightmare world that they once called their own.

While the Earth is many things after the end, it is anything but the sole domain of humanity. As Wilfred and other survivors discover, their planet was not subject to just one world-ending event, but several. The undead roam the once proud metropolisis, and inhuman beasts stalk the countryside. The physical fabric of reality itself is twisted beyond repair in some places as unnatural distorions that warp physical laws appear across the landscape, and even a simple jog across an empty street can prove fatal to the unwary.

The ones who died in the initial catastrophes never had to face the horrors that followed. And for Wilfred, a man who found no purpose in life before the apocalypse, what is there to be found after?

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