Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

by JayAck

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

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Wilfred had been thinking about ending it all, but then it all ended before he could.The apocalypse came in a matter of hours. Not from weather, not from nuclear strikes, but something far worse. Mankind lost its dominance over their own planet in a short afternoon, and now Wilfred is one of but a handful of survivors who must make sense of the catastrophic nightmare world that they once called their own.While the Earth is many things after the end, it is anything but the sole domain of humanity. As Wilfred and other survivors discover, their planet was not subject to just one world-ending event, but several. The undead roam the once proud metropolisis, and inhuman beasts stalk the countryside. The physical fabric of reality itself is twisted beyond repair in some places as unnatural distorions that warp physical laws appear across the landscape, and even a simple jog across an empty street can prove fatal to the unwary.The ones who died in the initial catastrophes never had to face the horrors that followed. And for Wilfred, a man who found no purpose in life before the apocalypse, what is there to be found after?

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The characters are interesting, no really stupid ones and they all seem like sane people trying to live through the apocalyse


Andross Guile

Take the horror tag seriously. This is the most *, well written story on Royalroad.


This is a mystery apocalypse story. It has some eldritch elements and it has very good atmosphere. My skin crawls while I'm reading it and makes me want to get a machete and a few high powered firearms in case this happens irl.

The characters act in a reasonable fashion, it's well written and more confusing than season 5 of Lost, which in this case is a good thing.

I don't want to continue reading because it creeps me out but I won't be able to help myself.


This is the sort of story I read on here and wish was printed off as a big ol' book. Mostly so that then I would have something to physically smack my friends with when they come round and tell them to read. 

An excellent story of an everyday person in an extraordinary end of world scenario. I may only be 12 chapters in at the time of review but they have held up superbly, and the mere fact I take every available opportunity to read on made me feel it was an appropriate time to review. 

It reads like a friend telling you a story and the narrative is reminiscent to the likes of David Wong or Jonathon Wood, with a first person that is depressingly relatable experiencing events I, personally, would never wish to encounter. 

Eager to finish this story and see what else the author has to offer.


The action is nice and intense, people act like real people, and mysteries and apocalyps' abound. This is a good story.

furball tiger

scary apocalypse done right..but never finished

Reviewed at: 37: Scotch & Separate Ways

ok, I'm not generally a horror buff (and even there I lean more towards lovecraft than modern slasher crap), but I thought this is one of the best done apoc stories I've read. It's creepy, it's spooky, it's the end of the world! :)

Only downside so far is there's no balance; the humans appear to be mostly screwed. No system, no magic, no ...anything. Just monsters everywhere, each of which is tougher than a human. So, everybody's screwed. Which is fine for an apoc story, but I kinda wonder how this setup can lead to anything other than "rocks fall, everybody dies" (rather literally here). Still, really well done for what it is. If you want a spooky end of the world, this is an outstanding example (maybe even the best I've seen?).  
Some minor typos and other editing errors, but not a ton and this was written quickly for an event.
Sadly, the story was abandoned w/o reaching a conclusion, so be aware of that if you start this.


Good story, lots of bad sh*t hitting the fan for everybody

Reviewed at: 37: Scotch & Separate Ways

Definitely not shying away from introducing characters, letting you get to know them, only for the sh*t hitting the fan to not miraculously avoid them.

It has me almost expecting the MC to get his at any moment in any chapter.  Hope it keeps going.


I always love a good apocalypse story, but the ones that i remember and stick to me are these kinds, grimdark is the way a true apocalypse is suppose to be, no one should be safe and the answers sparse, good charactors keep us hooked to their life and death but trying not to stay attached too much.


I just finished chapter 3 and am hooked.  A refreshing change to start a new story without a lot of instant description of the characters looks, clothes, likes and personal sexual preferences.  I'm hoping it stays that way.