Crossing The Divide

by SillyIslandBum

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Xianxia

The system of 18 – Nine Heavens and Nine Hells  – separate the Mortal Realm from the Eternal. Failing to reach true immortality, an old man must go back to his birthplace in search of his only hope forward. During his journey, he saves a young boy named Liang from a nefarious poison and meets an ambitious girl named Xu Wei, who uses her talent and good looks to advance in a dangerous world.

With goals of immortality, revenge, and absolute knowledge, the three unlikely companions set off on a journey fraught with endless danger, excitement, and countless new experiences. As they face each of the challenges in the myriad worlds, the old man, Liang, and Xu Wei will team up to break through the shackles of the Mortal Realms and burst through to the Eternal, by crossing The Divide.


Crossing The Divide is a Xianxia, but at the same time, it is not. As the synopsis says, the three main characters will face challenges in a number of worlds. The first volume is primarily a standard eastern fantasy world, but each world is different, and they are not just a continuation of stronger realms or other typical Xianxia tropes. There will be both advanced and primitive civilizations along their journey, and to reach their goal, they will need to face all the challenges each world presents.  


2-3 chapters/week unless there is a major holiday. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fated Encounter ago
Chapter 2: His Crumbling World ago
Chapter 3: A New Path Forward ago
Chapter 4: Experimental Advance ago
Chapter 5: The Road To Divinity ago
Chapter 6: Helpless ago
Chapter 7: Thoroughly Embarrassed ago
Chapter 8: Warring Crane Sect ago
Chapter 9: Wooden Treasure ago
Chapter 10: Fools Walk Around Armed ago
Chapter 11: A Tree Felling Prodigy ago
Chapter 12: Fried Armadillo Bear Bellies ago
Chapter 13: Sensitive About His Age ago
Chapter 14: A Long Road Ahead ago
Chapter 15: Beware of Flying Boulders ago
Chapter 16: Warring Crane Sect Defection ago
Chapter 17: Red Apes on White Mountains ago
Chapter 18: Arriving at Xiamen City ago
Chapter 19: No Victory Goes Unpunished ago
Chapter 20: 10,000 Years Too Young ago
Chapter 21: Advancements and Handicaps. ago
Chapter 22: Fancy Techniques ago
Chapter 23: Determined To Rise ago
Chapter 24: Free For All ago
Chapter 25: Liang's Newfound Respect ago
Chapter 26: It's All About Qi ago
Chapter 27: A Real Man ago
Chapter 28: A Heavenly Blessed Day ago
Chapter 29: Some People Lack Excitement ago
Chapter 30: It's A Villain's World ago
Chapter 31: Pipe Dreams and Fairy Wings ago
Chapter 32: What Is Alchemy? ago
Chapter 33: A Real Challenge ago
Chapter 34: Every Fight is a Lesson in Gambling ago
Chapter 35: Making Pills That Should Not Exist ago
Chapter 36: Black Market Showdown ago
Chapter 37: Free From Heaven's Laws ago
Chapter 38: Spotted Hawks: Delicious and Powerful ago
Earthquake update (Not a chapter) ago
SS: Steamed Buns ago
Chapter 39: And Only Ten Remained ago
Chapter 40: How To Destroy a Clan ago
Chapter 41: Everything Has a Price ago

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This is a Wuxia novel with all of the usual Wuxia parts, except the main character isn't really the scrappy young upstart seeking power.  It's his awful master.  Think Cultivation Rick and Morty.

That said, there are some continuity and tone issues early on- I think that the book could very much do with a touch up of the first 5ish chapters to tighten the up.  It very much becomes worth it after that.  I was going to give this novel 3.5 stars until I got to about chapter 6-7 at which point it picked up and stayed up.