Surface- Valley of Origins Region
Empire of Night- City of Eternal Night
Palace of Night- Master Suite

Jacob sighed as he stretched his muscles, after a long meeting with Gloria and the others Jacob had headed directly back to the Master Suite and read a book to Alexis to get her to sleep before eating a late dinner while talking to Cathrine before finally going to bed right as the sun was coming up. "What are you worried about?" Cathrine asked as she walked up behind him.

"Getting caughtup...its a little overwhelming. I would do it again to get you and Alexis into my life, but inserting myself into the political machine of the Empire again is daunting." Jacob told her as she hugged him from behind. The clouds that enveloped the city were dissipating quickly as the sun was setting.

"Well, you take it at your own pace," Cathrine told him as she started to rub his back earning a groan from Jacob.

"You keep doing that and we will have to start working on Alexis's sister," Jacob told her causing the Banshee to giggle and smack his ass before stepping away from him.

"What are your plans today?" Cathrine asked.

Jacob frowned, "I need to talk too Nadal about the military situation, then I am going to travel to see Glagor, then Eiloma, then I will be back here.' Jacob told her. 'After that, I am supposed to meet some of the Eight Houses and the Ambassador from Zeren'gor. I have no idea why the Drow wishes to see me and have refused any other meeting request." Jacob told her.

"I talked to the Ambassador, she is a Priestess of Lolth, however, she seems more open then ones I have met before," Cathrine said before kissing him.

Jacob smiled and pulled her close before she could pull away, "You little minx, don't start something you won't finish." Jacob told her before kissing her as she moaned. A sharp cry of 'Momma, Daddy, where are you?' called from Alexis' bedroom caused Jacob to chuckle as he broke away from his wife. Cathrine laughed as she walked towards her daughters' room as Jacob went to go get dressed for the day. 

Surface- Valley of Origins Region
Empire of Night- City of Eternal Night
Palace of Night- Control Room

"So as you can see, we now have twenty Legions deployed throughout the Empire on the surface and Underdark. The Home Legion is now strictly assigned to this city due to the sheer amount of people that live here. The population boom we received between the Great Migration and the conquering of the Dark Lands was not expected. Between the Home Legion and Civic Legion, we have nearly thirty thousand troops in the city." Nadal reported as the Valley of Origins and the capitol was highlighted on the map. 'The First, Second, and Third Legions are assigned to garrison the nearby fortresses and the Wall. They are also used as a quick response force for any trouble spots within the Empire." Nadal finished.

"Ok, did the former Imperial Council at least make sure the Legions got paid and properly equipped?" Jacob asked after the Drow finished his report. The question earned a smirk from the other man.

"They gave me the bare minimum that was required to maintain the Legions. If we had not planned on creating the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Legions, they would never have been created. Veterans have been mustered out, but green replacements are filling in the vacancies. We have funding to maintain both equipment and training requirements though." Nadal replied and Jacob shook his head in frustration.

"Gloria, what are our financial reserves like?" Jacob asked the Vampire.

"Every city has a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand gold, the Obsidion Kingdom and Sylfemel both have a million gold minimum, we have just over ten million gold in our reserves here, and another twenty in various gems, bars of precious metals, and other valuable assets," Gloria responded to the astounded Jacob.

"They fucking increased the damned taxes, didn't they.' Jacob fumed and Gloria nodded causing Jacob to growl in frustration. 'Fucking assholes, change the taxes back to the five percent flat rate. Nadal, we will be expanding the military and raising at least five Legions, a bonus to all vets this sign a two-year agreement. Five gold for Sergeants, ten gold for Lieutenants, twenty for Captains, let's see if we can get some of those that left the military back. Make sure the retirement program for those that serve a full twenty years is instituted like we discussed before I went to sleep. Gloria, make sure it's written up and I will sign it. Ok, that's enough for today Nadal, we can pick this back up in a couple of days." Jacob told the man before leaving, Gloria and Jake falling in behind him. 

Underdark- Forelorn Depths Region
Empire of Night- Central Hall
Kings Stronghold

"I am surprised you are back so quickly lad. I don't mind seeing you or your family or my favorite new niece, but I thought you would be catching up on your work." Glagor said as they walked around the wall of the large Stronghold. Jacob chuckled as he remembered the Dwarf playing with Alexis while they sat and ate. 


"I am, part of that is appointing a new Advisory Council, I want people from all over the Empire to be on it. That includes the Dwarves of the Obsidian Kingdom. I want you to choose someone that you trust that can represent your people and your interests to join that council." Jacob told the Dwarven King. 


"What role would this Advisory Council play in the running of the Empire?" Glagor asked. 


"Besides advising me on issues?' Jacob asked with a chuckle, 'Helping run the day-to-day of the Empire. We are still untangling the bureaucratic mess the Imperial Council made, it will take months to do this. Any corruption will be harshly dealt with. Just so you are aware, I plan on expanding the military and adding five new Legions within the next two months. The current Legions cannot hold if we are attacked on multiple fronts." Jacob told the Dwarf who snorted in amusement. 


"I warned them, but they wanted to save all the money and not spend it on useless projects like the military. Idiots. If you cannot hold your land, what's it matter?" Glagor asked and Jacob shrugged. 


"So you don't have a problem with me expanding the military?" Jacob asked and Glagor smirked. 

Surface- Iron Hills Region
Empire of Night- City of Mabus
Inner City- Main Plaza

"AUNT EILOMA!!!' Alexis called as she ran/stumbled through the Main Plaza as the Heart Guard and Dawn Guard spilled out of the portal and immediately moved to secure the area. Legionnaires were nearby looking at the crowds as they passed but were not openly gawking. Jacob smiled as he watched his daughter try her best to run and Eiloma smiled as she crouched down so the little girl could jump in her arms. 'LOOK! My daddy is back!!" Alexis pointed to Jacob who wore a bemused smirk as Eiloma froze in surprise before she slowly walked towards Jacob and Cathrine.

"I heard rummers, but I didn't believe them," Eiloma said as she walked up.

"Eiloma, Governor Silverleaf, I am disappointed that you would think I wouldn't come back. I just needed some beauty sleep and it was just so peaceful I decided to take an extra-long nap.' Jacob replied before he started tickling Alexis who shrieked in laughter. 'Where are June and Chalxae?" Jacob asked after Alexis settled down.

Eiloma looked at Cathrine before back to him, "Chalxae was asked to head the Embassy to the Drow Kingdom of Zeren'gor. She has been there for most of a year, June went with here to be in charge of her personal security while she is there." Eiloma replied.

Jacob grunted in acknowledgment, "Well I guess I can always recall her to make sure she understands my stance on the Drow. Now the reason I am visiting is I need a representative to my Advisory Board to represent the Iron Hills, Twisting Hills, and the Crescents Plains Regions. They need to be someone you can all trust to represent the people of those regions and won't use the position to promote themselves." Jacob told her and the High-Elf Vampire frowned.

"How long do we have to decide?" Eiloma asked immediately.

"I am giving everyone a month to decide on who they send to represent their Regions. The Obsidian Kingdom and the Evergreen Forest will each get their own representatives.' Jacob told her and she nodded her head in understanding. 'So I heard you went barbaric on the cities of Niamphis and Yhieburg after I left." Jacob quirked an eyebrow at her causing the woman to blush.

"They launched another attack on Mabus two months after you disappeared and the invasion of the Dark Lands was well underway, we beat it back. I ordered the Sixth and Eleventh Legions to march and we swept aside the few remaining soldiers they had left. I told them if they wouldn't surrender we would lay siege to their cities and kill anyone who opposed us. They surrendered after a week of deliberations." Eiloma replied while blushing. Alexis had a huge smile on her face and hugged her tightly.

"Well glad you took some of my lessons to heart," Jacob told her with a wink.

Surface- Valley of Origins Region
Empire of Night- City of Eternal Night
Palace of Night- Master Suite

Jacob stared out over the city as the various Mage Towers activated the shroud to envelop the city. It was surprising considering the diverse population within the city, it was still primarily nocturnal. "Are you ok?" Cathrine asked as she joined him.

"Yes, it has been a long day between the memories, dealing with the Imperial Council, dealing with Hunters and deciding has been taxing, to say the least, and I need to pace myself or I will burn out real quick," Jacob told her and she smiled and hugged him.

"I am here with you and we are not going anywhere. So any time you need a break, just come find us and we will be here for you. Ok?" Cathrine asked and Jacob smiled and nodded his head as she pulled him towards there bedroom and sleep. 

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