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There’s so much you can do when your whole family is Super and you are not, and the fact that the boy’s parents were overprotective of him only made everything more… Complicated.

Being quite frank, little Aaron, the middle child of the Franklyn family, lived pretty close to nothing in his very grueling thirteen years of life. The picture is of a child who almost never leaves the house, don’t maintain contact with anyone except the family and the new nanny, don’t have any hobbie and spends all his days immersed in television, his best attempt at distraction. 

He wasn’t fat, because his mom would never agree to that, and so he already had a workout routine and a very balanced diet. He also wasn't stupid, because his father didn’t want him to embarrass them in public, and so he also had his very proficient nanny serve as a teacher everyday. Having all the time of the afternoon to the night filled with obligation would give the impression he did, in fact, had a busy life, but all the the boy sensed was a distant sound, or a faint smell, or even a blurred image, while he went through his routine. There was no taste.

White noise, that’s what he thought.

And white all the way through, the whole apartment was white. Forniture were solid, new, modern, backed up by one thousand security means. It looked almost as a vault, and little Aaron was the treasure kept in the inside. Safe, the Franklyn assumed. 

They never thought that with so many guards outside, so much technological security in the house and with a nanny who was a Super herself, little Aaron, oh, little, defenseless Aaron, would be kidnapped. But he did.

And now the whole world was upside down, because the Franklyns were desperate, restless, completely frantic to find their only weak spot.

A note from IaOliver

Okay, so, this "0" chapters are kind of going to act as a prologue, so I'm going o post them all as quick as possible. Wait for things to really start as soon as the "1" came in to play (I'l probably will going to start posting them in the next week already).

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Bio: Meh, just a young adult trying to get distracted in this fucked up world.

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