The weak spot

by IaOliver

Original ONGOING Action Contemporary Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Super Heroes
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

There’s so much you can do when your whole family is Super and you are not, and the fact that the boy’s parents were overprotective of him only made everything more… Complicated.

Little Aaron, having to live with his family's rules, could more or less enjoy his life, although with some restrainment, till the point of his tenth anniversary. Because an incident took place in his party, the protection around the little one became even more intense and, simultaneously, something changed within the boy. He made, in that same day, a decision. 

And now that three years have passed, a similarly severe circumstance suddenly made the lives of the whole Franklyn family change: The normal and weak little Aaron had been kidnapped.


[This will be a regular type of superhero story, with a hopefully interesting little twist. MC will not be too OP(he’s a Regular, he doesn’t really have the ability to do that), but he will grow a lot with the advancement of the plot. There will Be multiples POV'S and Character development will be an all-time priority. 

At least six updates a month, usually on the weekend, but extra chaps might be posted in the weekdays as well.]

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