The Demonologues

The Demonologues

by Bizmatech

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Indigo woke up in a body she didn't recognize, and a world she didn't know, without memories or even a name to define herself.

Follow her life as she discovers that, not everything happens for a reason, not all bad guys are out to conquer the world, and being powerful doesn't automatically make life easy.

Follow her adventures as she gets drunk with orcs, raids ruins for lost treasure, and chops the heads off hordes of zombies.

Follow her journeys as she meets people, makes friends, and does her best not to kill everyone around her.

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 There isn't much to the story, to be honest, but that's not where this story shines. It's the characters, their relationships.

In a internet plauged by OP MC's, where women fall head over heels in hours of meeting a MC, and every problem is easily solved with overextrapolated mechanics, "power levels are bullshit" moments, and excessively convenient storylines...

This author rips all of those out the window and makes a world where power doesn't mean everything, the characters feel real and have actual relationships, and gives us a MC that moves, acts, and thinks the way any (mostly) sane or reasonable person would in the situations she finds herself in.

There seems to be a lot of distaste for the story due to the loose morals (orgies, fixation on sex, ect.) but lets be real here. She spent two years on her own, by herself, surrounded by death, in a mostly modern setting. Anyone's gonna get creative and have very different sets of morals and interests, leading to some truly amusing shenenigans. 


Transgender MC disguised as GenderBender

Reviewed at: Chapter 018

I actually like the story.

And the way the MC talks and act feels like my transgender friend(How she is proud of herself etc). No offense tho.


I'm ready for adventure Captain!

I like it so far, I can tell the author is putting in the time to put forward some quality writing. Let's hope it stays that way!!

Good Luck


Binge read it, now I have none left to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 028

Review as up to chapter 28

I have been thoroughly enjoying this book so far and am very much looking forward to more chapters.

The style is enjoyable and easy to read. 

The story

Spoiler: Spoiler

 There aren't any noticeable (at least from what I've see) grammatical errors.

The characters feel fleshed out and real. I especially like how the author has put a lot of thought into the mc, making her  very likable and feel like a real person with emotions , dreams and fears, 






Fun, cute, and engaging story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 030

This is probably in my top 10 stories that I've read on this site and I've been following this story for quite a while. It's a good mix of fun and interesting character interactions with some more tense moments though most of this story is more on the light hearted side. Also there's a bit of yuri so that was a pleasant surprise! Also there's the main character is genderbended but it's fine since it's one of those where the character doesn't really care about the gender too much like the light novel 'Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai'.


Spend your quarantine with Indigo

Reviewed at: Chapter 032

One of my favorite stories in RR. Fun characters, good writing, overall fun story!


Honestly one of my new favorites!

The style is rather unique and well done; it switches between POVs but unlike many other done in this style there isn’t a jarring transition to un-immerse you.

The story is easy to follow but complex enough to be interesting. It takes some very intersting turns and in many places where the story was liable to get worse, it only got better!

Grammer is Fine, a few issues I noticed but nothing that takes away from the immersion. 

The characters are one of the best things about the story. Each and every one of them has depth and seem like real people. The gender bender tag is well done and although it’s not overly relevant it is an interesting take.

Overall I can not recommend this book more, I truly enjoyed it and ended up binging all 15 current chapters in one day,


Cute, social based story

Reviewed at: Chapter 022

Pretty much the best social fantasy I've read. Honestly, I'm kinda scared at how much I want to be and/or relate to indigo at times. 


Others say this smut, Bullshit. It's just a more sexual society across the board. But it's not even "porn porn porn" it's fun and still fades to black. If you're calling this smut, you're literally a prude. If you think it's just about sex. you're actually insane. It focuses mostly on indigo's fears and actual problems, like kidnapping and spying.


Great start, but falls in a hole.

Reviewed at: Chapter 018

This novel starts off really well; The character is interesting, the world building is fresh and well thought out and the plot moves in an interesting direction at a steady pace.

Technically, the writing is very good; Grammar and spelling are as close to perfect as I've seen on this site, and the author has a consistant, engaging style.

Unfortunately, the story takes an abrupt nosedive after the characters leave the city of Peninsula and the novel changes from fantasy/adventure to smut. Suddenly the MC is running around naked and having sex with groups of random strangers of all races and sexes, all the other female characters are constantly horny, and the majority of conversations turn to things like magic vibrators. It's not even good smut. It's lazy, repetitive anime bullshit that thinks that it's mature, but has all the sublety of a thrown brick.

It's just so frustrating, because the author is obviously talented, and the premise had real promise, but I'm just not interested in reading the adventures of MC fucking her way across the continent. Hard pass.


I think the title says it all.

So far, I've liked all the characters characters except one (and that one is written to be dislikable).

The main character is quirky without being a comedic trope.  She just has her own internal logic.  That makes this very fun to read.

I am caught up at chapter 21 as they are planning a road trip.  I expect that mayham will ensue and I expect to enjoy it a lot.