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There were rumors circling around. Some people are acquiring and exhibiting some kind of "supernatural abilities". Most of them tried to hide. But, some of these people still got caught in some cameras, making it viral on the internet. But people thought of these as hoax or fake. That's until someone step up and proclaim he is one of the 'specials'. And he called himself, a cultivator. Since then, the cultivators became famous celebrities, anyone wanted to become like them.

A year after the so called cultivators became a norm. A voice spoke to every living person on the planet. Announcing the return of the real and the strongest cultivators. The people who survived fighting different monsters and beast from different dimensions. They are the real cultivators. Among these returnees, there are seventy-two people who stood at the apex of the world. And among these people, there are seven who was known as "Supremes".

On top of a city, the space in the sky was ripped and a passage like hole appeared. Then, a man in his mid-twenties fell and landed on top of a building. Overlooking the modern place that he didnt see for more than a decade, he smiled and breathed a sigh. Behind him, people started appearing and slowly stood behind him.

He is the most hated, the most savage, and the most strongest cultivator among the "Supremes". The leader of the the strongest clan in the planet. And he's back to protect this planet he once called "home".

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Pala lololele

Pala lololele

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Tests and Selection ago
Chapter 2: Torture Cultivation ago
Chapter 3: Empathy of the Broken ago
Chapter 4 (1): Unlocking the First Meridian ago
Chapter 4 (2): Earning money ago
Chapter 5: Exterminating a Gang ago
Chapter 6: Have you ever dream of... ago
Chapter 7: Bloodlines & The Birth of an Alpha ago
Chapter 8 (1): It might sound kinda weird, Sir. But... ago
Chapter 8 (2): Carrisa Residences ago
Chapter 9: My Name ago
Chapter 10: Cultivation Store & World Ranking ago
Chapter 11: Swallowing a Pill ago
Chapter 12 (1): The Council of Immortals ago
Chapter 12 (2): The Tower of Gods ago
Chapter 13: The Carinderia Incident ago
Chapter 14: Fixing the Broken Parts ago
Chapter 15: The Date & The Scheme ago
Chapter 16: When The Plot Progresses ago
Chapter 17: A Character in a Story He Didn't Belong ago
Chapter 18: The Plot That Shouldn't Have Existed in Earlier Chapters ago
Chapter 19(1): Reality Written as a Script ago
Chapter 19(2): The Owner of the Script ago
Chapter 20: Rebirth ago
Chapter 21: A Silly Dream of a Child ago
Chapter 22: The Game and the Player, The Mob and the Riot ago
Chapter 23: The First Invaders ago
Chapter 24: When the Matrix Glitches ago
Chapter 25: Becoming a Devil ago
Chapter 26: The Changes in the Fabric of Reality ago
Chapter 27(1): In Her Point of View ago
Chapter 27(2): Slowly Breaking Down ago
Chapter 28(1): #58 in World Ranking, Michael of Philippines ago

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Michael Watson
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Harem ruined this story's future prospects

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Rebirth

Please add the harem tag. I was kinda misled into reading this story. I could've avoided heartbreak fom this novel if ot had the tag. So please add it so other harem despisers don't accidentally read this story. Everything besides harem was great. Before the harem i would havw iven it a 4.5 stars

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First of all, when this review was made, there are only  22parts, 19chapters, 301pages. So this rating would only based on these chapters.


Setting - it's good and quite at first. But as I read chapter after chapters, it's becoming more and more amazing. The more you read, the more you realize it's actually not as simple as we thought. Specially the latest chapters.


Story - for the past 22 parts, so many things happened. and right now the story is very interesting and enjoyable to read. I feel like the story is just beginning though.


Characters - the characters are amazingly realistic. I'm having a feeling like it's based IRL or something. And the interaction between characters made it even more fantastic! Realistic Characters is ver refreshing to see. And it made the whole story jumped another level of amazingness !!


The only really problem for me is the update. The author only updates one-to-four times a week. Which is not bad. But not the best either.

Lastly, I'm giving this a five star. For the potential and the good read .

  • Overall Score

Started off interestingly enough, but then around chapter 20 it devolved into something barely legible or believable.