Slime and Punishment

by AwakenedKingdoms

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy LitRPG Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Waking up in a white room, surrounded by bones wasn't how Chris planned on spending the rest of his life. He hadn't planned on ending up in an alien laboratory full of caged monsters either.

Inducted into a world with strange blue screens that hint at a world of fantasy, magic, and danger, Chris must survive until the System whisks him away for the promised Tutorial. If help comes too late, Chris risks becoming something less than human, or something more...


Note: This story contains comedy as well as grimdark elements, that some readers might find out of place in a grimdark story. If you are one of those readers, this might not be the story for you.

(A more comprehensive list of tags is below.)

Contains: LitRPG, Fantasy, Xianxia

Settlement/Kingdom Building, Crafting

Dungeon Diving, Tower Ascension, Tower Defense

Lots of Combat, Dark/Grimdark Scenes, Comedy/Comedic Scenes

Fantasy, Magic, Post Apocalyptic (later), Sci-Fi (later)

Overpowered/OP MC, Some Monster MC Mechanics, Half-human MC

No Sex, No Harems, No Pseudo-harems


Releases: 5 per week (weekdays)

(If you have any problems or questions, feel free to post a comment (or send me a PM), I'm friendly and love hearing from you, I promise I don't bite!)

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The Days after Christmas
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Writathon Royal Road 2019 winner
The Cake is out of the Oven
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The New Dao ago
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Multiverse ago
Chapter 3: Genesis of Blood ago
Chapter 4: What’s a Christopher Hill? ago
Chapter 5: Hybrid ago
Chapter 6: Trolls ago
Chapter 7: Questing ago
Chapter 8: Dark Smoke ago
Chapter 9: Bonewright ago
Chapter 10: Xenocidal ago
Chapter 11: Four down ago
Chapter 12: Mana ago
Chapter 13: Cultivation ago
Chapter 14: Dungeon ago
Chapter 15: Staging ago
Chapter 16: Demoniac Legion ago
Chapter 17: Barrier ago
Chapter 18: Surpasser ago
Chapter 19: Nathak ago
Chapter 20: Shopping ago
Chapter 21: Tutorial. Finally! ago
Chapter 22: Will-o’-the-wisp ago
Chapter 23: Boars ago
Chapter 24: Venom in the mist ago
Chapter 25: Blood ago
Chapter 26: Control ago
Chapter 27: Dao Solidification ago
Chapter 28: Harvesting ago
Chapter 29: A Worthy Quest! ago
Chapter 30: A Hidden Treasure ago
Chapter 31: Hartshire ago
Chapter 32: Beast Horde ago
Chapter 33: A Thousand Claws ago
Chapter 34: Wrecking Ball ago
Chapter 35: Loss ago
Chapter 36: Wounds ago
Chapter 37: Gregor ago
Chapter 38: Poisoner ago
Chapter 39: Downfall ago
Chapter 40: Punishment ago
Chapter 41: Showdown ago
Chapter 42: Regrets ago
Chapter 43: Blibl ago
Chapter 44: Class ago
Chapter 45: Resolve ago
Chapter 46: Thaumic Gate ago
Chapter 47: Thaumic Strata ago
Chapter 48: Option Two ago
Chapter 49: Shrine ago
Chapter 50: Tower Seed ago
Chapter 51: The Manifold Adept ago
Chapter 52: Nemesis ago
Chapter 53: Devil’s Pitcher ago
Chapter 54: Ruins ago
Chapter 55: Spider Golem ago
Chapter 56: Alchemical Attainment ago
Chapter 57: Alchemical Experimentation ago
Chapter 58: Thief ago
Chapter 59: Battle in the Clouds ago
Chapter 60: Varok Prayerwing ago
Chapter 61: Freefall ago
Chapter 62: Thrice Called, Thrice Denied ago
Chapter 63: Amir ago
Chapter 64: New Arrival ago

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  • Overall Score

Please keep writing. Slow down a little if you have to but don't stop. Love your story chapters are really short though 

  • Overall Score

i love this, its the kind of story with an OP character, kinda like New World in the early days, where the character is just the right amount of everything. 

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The story is mostly great. A few times, it seems to lose track of things and feels rushed, along with characters trolling pointlessly.

The real problem is that every chapter ends with more than a page of text describing how to do basic things like follow the story. Most chapters start also with a page of text begging for five-star reviews and telling people to go upvote certain ones, like the one with more than a hundred votes here. In two instances, the author literally posts a chapter in the author's note.

Essentially, there are full pages of irrelevant, begging author's notes at the start and end of every chapter. I like the story, but those make me dislike the author. They detract and distract from the writing itself, and by telling people what to do they unnaturally skew the results. The story is extremely highly rated, yes, but more so than it should be. The author has picked and chosen reviews and told people to upvote them to give a skewed perspective there. They've also called reviews they don't like "troll reviews". This isn't okay behavior.

Honestly, I'd enjoy the story a lot more if there weren't any of the author's notes. None of them have added anything worthwhile to the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

I like the idea of this story. Manslime cultivation litrpg? Count me in! The story has some problems however, which need attention.

The action scenes are, for this site's standards, pretty well written, but the author relies too heavily on them. As of chapter 24 the story has been a nearly continuous sequence of action scenes. This hurts the story in other departments. Mainly the character section. 

The main character has no depth whatsoever. He was next to his girlfriend when he got thrown into this fantastical world, but has (as of chap 24) yet to spare her a single thought. Very little time is spent on the mc's thoughts and motivations.

As of chapter 24 there are no other significant characters, besides the Mc.

If the author ever does a rewrite where he addresses the issues in the character department, I will certainly reread it. Until then, it's a pass for me. 

  • Overall Score

With fictions like these, it's always a toss up whether a stylistic choice is actually a choice, or a mistake. I have no idea which is the case here.

A review below says that Chris Hill is an ordinary person. That rewiewer's judgement is severely impaired. C. Hill's is randomly teleported into a prison shit hole, with literal monster shit. He then decides to grab a bone and kill a monster; he almost dies in the process, as it is he only barely survives painfully bleeding out by mysterious and incomprehensible level up. Soon, he's tortured repeatedly, watches his arm get cut off in incredibly painful fashion, injected with alien whatever, and reattached. Rinse and repeat.

Then he finds out that he's been made into a monster.

My point about style earlier is this: C. Hill is basically a psychopath. He has no real reaction to any of this happening. He gives no shits. Now I have no idea if the author is going for this, or if the author is just bad. 


But if you're on RR for psychological examination and real effort put into the words on the page, ehh. Maybe. Sometimes. This? Ehh. Maybe.


TL;DR. This fiction is basically a fantasy fulfillment romp, with either a psychopathic main character who enjoys "trolling," or the author has no idea what he's doing but amuses himself with fantasising. If you like it, you can be amused along with the author. It'll be a big ol' festival bruhvs


Since it's RR, and i don't tank scores, i'll give it a 4. It's ok. If you don't mind the gaps, the premise is actually kind of amusing. Maybe.

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It's superb. Action-packed adventure at a fast pace with Lit-RPG elements. The descriptions, whether it's for fight scenes or surroundings, are clean and tasteful, giving you enough of a mental image to imagine it and fill the obscure details yourself. 

The Lit-RPG elements are well-executed and following from this, there is a good bit of humour with the main character initially acting as an NPC, then getting caught up in this act as more and more people fall for it.

Since Chris is powerful but not overly so, you get good story arcs where he can identify problems and actually affect them but not to the point he can just blow them over with a few sword swipes.

The city-building is interesting and it's definitely the part I'm most invested in and I would like to see more done on it. 

The side characters are clearly developed with their own distinct personalities, and I would like to see more of them on Chris's misadventures as so far it's been more of a solo thing.

Lastly, style and grammar are amazing. There's the odd spelling error but that's the extent of it so I've got no complaints about that.

All in all, very engaging read that is definitely worth your time!

  • Overall Score

I am really loving this story. It's very well done and im excited to see it progress.

Also, the narration is pretty strong as well

  • Overall Score

A fresh take on the system style apocolypse. Why my review gotta length requirement?

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Good but something is lacking to make it captivating

Reviewed at: Chapter 61: Freefall

The story so far is pretty decent with a slimy approach of our MC after being experienced upon!

A lack of character development brings the story as something more akin to a summary more than a story. The world building has discrepencies I think or maybe they will be adressed at a later date. (Scientific doing the experiences seems to be part of the system for longer than the humans and lacks any identifying skill ?)

The character is being influenced by the mana circling through his veins (which I will guess is the expression of the system who decided to thrive on conflict). But I don't think this choice was the right one. The MC is found either foolhardy and runs up and down hills killing everything (that was somewhat unexpected but kinda fun) when influenced by mana, and then does almost the same thing when not influenced by mana but with more melodrama.

We know almost nothing of our MC and his aim in doing what he does is somewhat blurred. To get more powerful ? To save loved ones whom he doesn't talk much about ? We have a MC who is somewhat of a family guy, somewhat of a social creep, and balances between these two. I find it realist but not really likeable. But that's my own opinion.

The world building indicates a classic beginner zone that will grow furthermore as they advance but at the same time the entire zone advances as fast as the first runner up! This should prove deadly for the casuals who are not thriving to be in the top... so either the author expects 99% of the population to die (will not be very benificial to the system if nobody is around to further understand the laws of the universe) or people will somehow manage to catch up when the MC is clearly at an advantage of stats and lvl!

Either way I would advise you to read it and go make your own review which may be different from mine. Each and everyone will find stories that they like that others don't.


  • Overall Score

Entertaining, great premise, solid storytelling, and few unnecessary flourishes. I'm excited about the development of the story!