Soul Evolution System

by Ivan Jimenez

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Reborn as Alexander Ilios Apeiro in another world "Gaia" by an unknown entity will have to embark on an adventure to develop in this new world and have a place to belong.He will have as support a system that will allow to travel between worlds to be stronger and to maintain his happiness and freedom.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I publish a chapter of 2,500 - 3000 words every two days.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not claim ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content of an anime in this novel.The cover image is not mine it was taken from:

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Ivan Jimenez

Ivan Jimenez

1st Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Alexander Ilio Apeiro [Edited] ago
Chapter 2 Aurora[Edited] ago
Chapter 3 Subjugation of monsters (Part 1)[Edited] ago
Chapter 3  Monster Subjugation (Part 2)[Edited] ago
Chapter 4: Gaia (Part 1)[Edited] ago
Chapter 4 Gaia (part2) [Edited] ago
Chapter 5 The first partner (Part 1)[Edited] ago
Chapter 5 The first partner (Part 2)[Edited] ago
Chapter 6 Firearms[Edited] ago
Chapter 7 Shooting Practice[Edited] ago
Chapter 8 VS Goblin settlement (Part 1)[Edited] ago
Chapter 9 Mission Progress[Edited] ago
Chapter 10 VS Goblin settlement (Part 2)[Edited] ago
Chapter 11 VS Goblin settlement (Part 3)[Edited] ago
Chapter 12 The Civilization[Edited] ago
Chapter 13 Hero[Edited] ago
Chapter 14 Leaving Rek[Edited] ago
Chapter 15 City of Barl[Edited] ago
Chapter 16: Mission Rewards[Edited] ago
 Chapter 17: Strolling in Barl[Edited] ago
Chapter 18: Second Interdimensional Journey[Edited] ago
Chapter 19 Survivor Group[Edited] ago
Chapter 20 New members in the group[Edited] ago
Chapter 21: The City Streets[Edited] ago
Chapter 22 Taking refuge in Shisuka's house[Edited] ago
Chapter 23: The Rules[Edited] ago
Chapter 24: My first Pocket-Monsters (Part 1) [Edited] ago
Chapter 25: My First Pocket-Monsters (Part2) [Edited] ago
Chapter 26: Three catches in a roll [Edited] ago
Chapter 27: Rescue[Edited] ago
Chapter 28 Night in the Himalayas?[Edited] ago
Chapter 29 Towards Saya's House[Edited] ago
Chapter 30: House of the Takagi Family [Edited] ago
Chapter 31 Discussion[Edited] ago
Chapter 32 My weapon is my life![Edited] ago
Chapter 33: Camp Relocation Plan[Edited] ago
Chapter 34 The Second Catastrophe[Edited] ago
Chapter 35 New Vehicles[Edited] ago
Chapter 36 Magic Scrolls[Edited] ago
Chapter 37: Arrival At The Mall[Edited] ago
Chapter 38 The Mall ago
Chapter 39 The Hospital (Part 1)[Edited] ago
Chapter 40 The Hospital (Part 2)[Edited] ago
Chapter 41: The Hospital (part 3)[Edited] ago
Chapter 42: Back At The Mall[Edited] ago
Chapter 43: Leaving From The Mall [Edited] ago
Chapter 44: Arrival at the destinations[Edited] ago
Chapter 45: Inside The Police Station[Edited] ago
Chapter 46: The Amusement Park [Edited] ago
Chapter 47: Amusement Park and Police Station[Edited] ago
Chapter 48: On The Way To The New Base[Edited] ago
Chapter 49: Meeting Of The Whole Group[Edited] ago
Chapter 50: Settling Debts[Edited] ago
Chapter 51 Castle Discussion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 52 Discussion in the Castle (Part 2) ago
Chapter 53 Cleaning the amusement park (Part 1) ago
Chapter 54 Cleaning the amusement park (Part 2) ago
Chapter 55 Rooms Distribution ago
Chapter 56 First Night in the Castle ago
Chapter 57 Hirano's Night ago
Chapter 58 The new name of the amusement park ago
Chapter 59 Migic Land Dead World ( Part 1 ) ago
Chapter 60 Migic Land Dead World ( Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 61 The progress after 3 weeks ago
Chapter 62 Progress of the people in camp ago
Chapter 63 Returning to the City ago
Chapter 64 Fighting in the Stores ago
Chapter 65 Looting the stores ago
Chapter 66 Arrival at primary school ago
Chapter 67 School Trip (Part 1) ago
Chapter 68 School Trip (Part 2) ago
Chapter 69 New plans for the camp ago
Chapter 70 Other Survivor Groups ago
Chapter 71 New Mission ago
Chapter 72 New Camp ago
Chapter 73 Rescue (Part 1) ago
Chapter 74 Rescue (Part 2) ago
Chapter 75 Unforeseen ago
Chapter 76 Unforeseen (Part 2) ago
Chapter 77 Unforeseen (part 3) ago
Chapter 78 The military barracks ago
Chapter 79 The Laboratory ago
Chapter 80 Laboratory (Part 2) ago
Chapter 81 Retribution Karmic ago
Chapter 82 Taking a Little Breath ago
Chapter 83 Meeting between camp leaders (Part 1) ago
Chapter 84 Meeting between camp leaders (Part 2) ago
Chapter 85 End of the second month in HOTD ago
Chapter 86 New Conquest and New Companion ago
Chapter 87 Leona Heidern ago
Chapter 88 Second phase of the plan ago
Chapter 89 Second phase of the plan (Part 2) ago
Chapter 90 Loot of the first day of phase 2 ago
Chapter 91 Second phase of the plan (Part 3 ) ago
Chapter 92 Beginning of the third phase of the plan ago
Chapter 93 End of the Plan ago
Chapter 94 Things after the plan ago
Chapter 95 Problems ago
Chapter 96 New negotiations ago
Chapter 97 New negotiations (Part 2) ago
Chapter 98 Unexpected Visitor and New Information (Part 1) ago
Chapter 99 Unexpected Visitor and New Information (Part 2) ago
Chapter 100 Three days later ago
Chapter 101 Exploration in large buildings ago
Chapter 102 Regrets and Blisses ago
Chapter 103 Confession ago
Chapter 104 Wet Laments (Part 1) ago
Chapter 105 Wet Laments (Part 2) ago
Chapter 106 Wet Laments (Part 3) ago
Chapter 107 Beginning the mission of eradication ago
Chapter 108 Eradication Mission ago
Chapter 109 Fourth month in HOTD ago
Chapter 110 Kinato Visitors (Part 1) ago
Chapter 111 Kinato Visitors (Part 2) ago
Chapter 112 Kinato Visitors (Part 3) ago
Chapter 113 Kinato ago
Chapter 114 Kinato (Part 2) ago
Chapter 115 New Monsters Summoned (Part 1) ago
Chapter 116 New Monsters Summoned (Part 2) ago
Chapter 117 Towards Kinato ago
Chapter 118 Kinato 3 ago
Chapter 119 Kinato (Part 4) ago
Chapter 120 Kinato 5 ago
Chapter 121 Kinato 6 ago
Chapter 122 Kinato 7 ago
Chapter 123 Kinato 8 ago
Chapter 124 Kinato 9 ago
Chapter 125 Kinato 10 ago
Chapter 126 Kinato 11 ago
Chapter 127 Kinato 12 ago
Chapter 128 Returning to MLDW ago
Chapter 129 Advances in MLDW ago
Chapter 130 Kinato's Recent Changes ago
Chapter 131 Hirano's Mission ago
Chapter 132 Defeated and Victorious ago
Chapter 133 New Kinato Leaders ago
Chapter 134 Preparations ago
Chapter 135 Camp Defense (Part 1) ago
Chapter 136 Camp Defense 2 ago
Chapter 137 Camp Defense 3 ago
Chapter 138 Camp Defense 4 ago
Chapter 139 Preparations for the departure of HOTD (Part 1) ago
Chapter 140 Preparations for the departure of HOTD(Part 2) ago
Chapter 141 Hot Springs ago
Chapter 142 The Natural Law of Life ago
Chapter 143 Reward ( Part 1 ) ago
Chapter 144 Saya's Problems ago
Chapter 145 Saya's Problems 2 ago
Chapter 146 -147 Reward 2 ago
Chapter 148 Returning to Gaia ago
Chapter 149 Visiting Old Acquaintances (Part 1) ago
Chapter 150 Visiting Old Acquaintances (Part 2) ago
Chapter 151 Shopping ago
Chapter 152 Again in the World Guild (Part 1) ago
Chapter 153 Again in the World Guild ( Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 154 Again in the World Guild ( Part 3 ) ago
Chapter 155 One more day in Komuro's life ~ (Part 1) ago
Chapter 156 One more day in Komuro's life ~ ( Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 157 Walking again in Barl ago
Chapter 158 Alchemist's Store (Part 1 ) ago
Chapter 159 Alchemist's Store (Part 2) ago
Chapter 160 Returning to the Town of Rek ago
Chapter 161 Returning to Rek (Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 162 Returning to Rek (Part 3) ago
Chapter 163 Returning to Rek (Part 4) ago
Chapter 164 Monster Invasion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 165 Monster Invasion (Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 166 Completing Rek's Protection Mission ago
Chapter 167 Forest of Eltin ago
Chapter 168 Forest of Eltin (Part 2) ago
Chapter 169 Back to Barl ago
Chapter 170 Picking up Shisuka ago
Chapter 171 Plans for the new Mansion ago
Chapter 172 Towards the capital of the Kingdom Delna (Part 1) ago
Chapter 173 Towards the capital of the Delna Kingdom ( Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 174 Nurt Guild ago
Chapter 175 The influence behind the Nurt Guild ago
Chapter 176 The influence behind the Nurt Guild (Part 2 ) ago
Chapter 177 The Capital of the Delna Kingdom ago
Chapter 178 Auction House ago
Chapter 179 Auction House (Part 2) ago
Chapter 180 Auction House (Part 3) ago
Chapter 181 Auction House (Part 4) ago
Chapter 182 Leaving the capital of the Kingdom ago
Chapter 183 Milene's Plans ago
Chapter 184 Milene's Problems ago
Chapter 185 Visiting HOTD ago
Chapter 186: Visiting HOTD (Part 2) ago
Chapter 187 Haruna (Part 1) ago
Chapter 188 Haruna (part 2) ago
Chapter 189: Before leaving for the next world. ago
Chapter 190: A New Journey ago
Chapter 191 Day One (Part 1) ago
Chapter 192 Day One (Part 2) ago
Chapter 193: Day One (Part 3) ago
Chapter 194: Day One (Part 4) ago
Chapter 195: Day One (Part 5) ago
Chapter 196: Day One (Part 6) ago
Chapter 197 Day 2 (Part 1) ago
Chapter 198: Day 2 (Part 2) ago
Chapter 199: Day 2 (Part 3 ) ago
Chapter 200: Day 2 (Part 4) ago
Chapter 201: Day 2 (Part 5) ago
Chapter 202: Day 2 (Part 6) ago
Chapter 203: Day 2 ( Part 7 ) ago
Chapter 204: Day 2 (Part 8) ago
Chapter 205 Day 2 (Part 9) ago
Chapter 206: Day 2 (Part 10) ago
Chapter 207: Day 2 (Part 11 ) ago
Chapter 208: Meanwhile in Gaia ago
Chapter 209: Others' situation (Part 1)  ago
Chapter 210: Others’ situation (Part 2). ago
Chapter 211: Others’ situation ( Part 3 ). ago
Chapter 212: Day 3 (Part 1) ago
Chapter 213: Day 3 (Part 2) ago
Chapter 214: Day 3 (Part 3) ago
Chapter 215: Day 3 (Part 4) ago
Chapter 216 Day 3 (Part 5 ) ago
Chapter 217 Battle at Gaia (Part 1) ago
Chapter 218 Battle at Gaia (Part 2) ago
Chapter 219: Battle at Gaia ( Part 3 ) ago
Chapter 220: Battle at Gaia ( Part 4 ) ago
Chapter 221 Day 7 (Part 1) ago

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A decent story direly in need of an editor

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 Alexander Ilio Apeiro

 At its heart, this seems like it could have been a decent story. The concept seems okay, it is just the execution and characters that sink it.

I have respect for people who write in a language not their own, but there are limits and this walked all over them. There needs to have been some effort made to review and correct the story and this shows none of it. 

There are many sentences that made me pause and unscramble them to try and extract meaning from them.

I tried this when it came out, then went back later and tried again. It didn't miraculously get better sad to say. 


There is a decent story hidden within this hot mess. But, you basically have to piece it together yourself. The grammar within is simply unacceptable... The author would be better off writing in whatever his native language is.

Omnis Ra

 There is a story here but it felt so drugg out. I didn't really understand how being as the chapters are short in some. But in later chapters it gets better, I really hope the story keeps goming becuse I want to see more

The Real Moonman

Starts with a fairly standard isekai cliches, talking to god, getting sent to another world with some special kills, then goes to a survival setting where mc has to figure out how hes going to get by and get used to fighting. if that was how it continued to go for a while, it would honestly be a lot more interesting. However, mc gets the opportunity to summon a helper from "another world", and instead of summoning someone someone who could fight or increase his odds of survival, he summons A FICTIONAL SCIENTIST GIRL FROM AN ANIME HE WATCHED. His reasoning for choossing said character is really loose and doesnt make much sense. She has ZERO survival skills and MC has to provide for and teach her everything. Aside from that, he starts with a sword and has to figure out how to use it in the fantasy setting world he is in, but before long he starts summoning guns out the wazoo and goes Rambo on monsters. The whole "anime girl" thing really killed it for me, and the only way I could keep going after that was by pretending she was just a random person instead of an already established fictional character. She literally exists just to be mc's waifu material, as literally any time he interacts with her the author has to point out that mc is smiling at her. Author must really have a crush on said anime girl...


 The grammar and spelling is just terrible and needs to be fixed. Along with that the main character spends a majority of their time talking to or being told things by the system and saying "Haaa..." 


It is not pure cringy smut, it has its moments but that is not actually a focus of the writings.

TL;DR Read the first part of Chapter 7: there could be better examples but that is what I found with 3 secs on looking and remembering the story. IF you do that upto the affection system promt it should give you a base understanding of the story at large. 

This should give your mind the questions of Who are the characters, why are they doing this, and how did they get there.

Keep those things in mind and start back at the begining; how YOU feel the story got there is what should decide if you keep on or move on. After that part some things will intensify a bit on certain matters.

Like all things of entertainment, if it does not harm others; do what you like.


The story has its System Mechanic and Risque parts.

I find the writing fits the character. 

The story builds up and eventually hits a stride. after it hits that stride it does a good job of staying the pace. There is just a build up that leads there.

I would call some of the activites Light-Hearted Darkness

This is not a: everything goes perfectly light hearted power fantasy, MCs character can most certainly be called callous, I think that makes them more realistic. Does that alone make them relateable? For me personally, no... 

I enjoy the story because it gives me insight to ways of thinking that are not my personal default.


Remember this is Entertainment, not a forced activity - so keep positive and recommend stories to people who will enjoy them even if you are personally not one of them.

Overall chapter 1......?

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 Aurora

there is no chapter 1 or a prologue it sends you flying into chapter 2 with no explanation of what the hell has happened  honestly very confused, wondering if author forgot the first chapter?

Flame lash

The grammar is horrible, i have to piece together what its saying, which is sometimes impossible to do, the characters are alright not great but decent. Honestly if you were looking for a story that has a similar idea to it, but with better, everything, infinite path on webnovels is better than this


First couple chapters were ok. But after that the fact that the author's first language isnt english becomes apparent and frustrating. Having to re read sentances constantly is just to annoying for me to continue.


I give it a blue ribbon. This author keeps trying.

Reviewed at: Chapter 111 Kinato Visitors (Part 2)

I didn't  like this story to begin with. The grammer is bad.  It meanders some. It is a power fantasy. 


However the author is not a native english speaker. Also my own grammer is bad. So i can not deduct points for that. The story is a slow start. With the author not focusing on some pretty obvious stuff in my own opinion.  All of this are the demerits. 

The pros. First the story itself is decent. You just have to forgive the author the fact he is not a native speaker. Second he works pretty hard at it. It is a nice linear story. Third his humor is catchy.. the mc is a real D and that is a capital D. But it is humorous.