If I can remember correctly, most dungeons use the same traps, such as pitfalls, spikes, etc. So I think I'm going to use some of those. 

Looking throughout the dungeon, I choose randomly. Still, I put more traps in places that I think would probably have a lot of traffic when somebody or something finds me.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if I can create a false cover on top of this trap and put it on top of one of the tunnels that the ants use. 

I was looking around the dungeon and saw how the three colonies of ants created a maze of tunnels that made out their nests. There were also clear territories that these colonies adhered to. Okay, I think that having two or three traps that I can place on top of the tunnels of the ant colonies would be best. 

Now that I have made some traps, I think it's about time that I start to disguise and protect my core.


You have unlocked the "Trap" section.

Any traps you have created or absorbed can be found here.


You have created the "Basic Pitfall Foot Trap"

Huh. That makes this easy. 

When I turned my attention back to my core room, I realized something. My core was not like most of the dungeon novels that I read when I was still human. I was not a bright colour or what I think is a famous jewel. I just look like a somewhat shiny, river stone. 


This is awesome!

I can blend in more quickly and not look too obvious!

Now, what to do . . . Oh, I got it! Let's make this look like a sizeable overgrown room with maybe a river running through the middle or something like that.

You know what, Ima just going to through a bunch of seeds around this room and let them grow naturally. Now on to making the river. I can use a part of the water reservoir to make the river have water and the streamflow. 

I look around my room and find the best spot to put the river. Hmmm, you know what, I'm going to change this room. I want this room to be more like a circle in shape. I guess I have to change the walls know. Ugh, why didn't I think of this before? 

Let's do this. I look up towards the ceiling and reach towards it. I dig and smooth the dirt and stone so that the ceiling takes a dome shape. Now that the walls are done, it's time to do the walls. I look towards the corners of the room and take dirt and stones to make the edges have more of a curve. Okay, now time for the river. Hmmm, let's make the river go around half of the room while hugging the walls. Looking towards the left part of the room, I reached out and dug a somewhat shallow river that ran along the wall. 

That's done, but how am I going to get water from the water reserve to run through the river?

Wait a minute . . . can I use an Archimedes screw? Hmmm, that would work, and it's quite simple to make. 

I mentally look towards the water reservoir and create a diagonal hole that leads to the start of the river. After the hole is created, I take some rocks and grind them until they are flat and curved. 


You have created the tool Archimedes Screw.

An Archimedes Screw is a machine used for transferring water.

Since this is a dungeon creation, it does not need power to work.


You have unlocked the "Tools" section in Encyclopedia

Huh, that makes this a lot easier. 

Heh, I don't have to worry about that stuff now.

Oh? Why is their no water in the river? Wait a minute . . . did I not finish connecting it yet?

Oh great, I forget stuff now. That sucks.

Whatever all I have to do now is make a small tunnel that will connect the Archimedes screw to the river. 

Looking at the river I already created, I decided to push the river back, so it goes under the wall and connects it to the tunnel I made. While at the other end of the river, a small tube will be bringing the water back into the reservoir. As soon as I did this, water started to flow.

Hehe, that went well. I have a river now. But it's time to hide my core. 

I turn towards my core and see that it has a shiny sheen to it. I look around my dungeon and take some of the rocks and smooth them down to look like a river stone, while also rubbing it to make it look shiny just like my core. After making a couple thousand or so of different sizes, I dump them all into the river and spread them out. I do change the ways they sit, so it looks more natural, but it is good enough for now. When I finish doing that, I take my core and mentally hold it in my hands and find a spot that is hidden to put it there. After looking around, I decided to put is underneath a pile of river stones near the entrance of the river.


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