The Damned

by Simly

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

He is haunted by the memories of his past as by his demons in the present. A man with nothing to lose and nothing to cherish. His broken soul gets another chance in a much crueler world. However, he seeks neither redemption nor salvation. Where will this blood paved path take him?

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  • Overall Score

Very glad to see this story picked up once more.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 - "Control"

Not a review really, just wanted to say that I read the story previously until it went on hiatus and I really enjoyed it then, and I hope you have the will and motivation to go even further with it this time. The story as I recall always had this way of making the grim nature of the world around the MC feel omnious and looming and oppressive in its cruelty, but also rather fascinating as someone with a very broken past and troubled mind navigate this world of many variations of myth and fantasy. I do recall as well that I really enjoyed "companions" he picks up along the way in the previous version and their own little unique backstories that fit into the world. I hope to see a return to some of those :D

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Oh. My. God.

This is so good. The way that the MC is forced to progress and how he is not very good in the head.

It makes for a story that wants you to keep reading until its 4:33 AM and make a review right after.

I was sad when I got through the entirety of the old version of this a while ago, but I remembered it existed and came back. I saw the rewritten chaps and the new ones and was like.'When did good story's get better'.

One thing that's bugging me though, is that theres no real gauge for strength. For all I know, he could be one of the bottom tiers in actual power.

Something  that could fix this though is that theres an item that would glow brighter for how powerful the user is. Make 2 types though. One for magic and one for strength/technique.

It might not fit with the story, but it's an option that would fix this problem for me.

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Story is okay, charactization is done well enough.

My biggest gripe is the constant change between first and third person. It's really hard to read.


Why have 1 tragic backstory, when you can have 2. MC is an isekai but other than just making him more pitiful, the first world's memories currently only serve to give him PTSD.

  • Overall Score

Very happy that this fiction has been picked up. This story is one of the best in this site when i was new here. Definitely worth your time if you're looking for Dark Fantasy.

  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable and well thought out. I like the ''no bullshit'' vibes about this. It's better 

than like 95% of novels on this site. Congratulations on making it to trending!

  • Overall Score

Well I am glad that he picked up the story again and the author seems to be in a good mood. Everyday he releases one chapy^^.

Furthermore I just love the pragmatic, "evil" and ruthless MC and the author thought abou the lore of the world.

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Alright, so I've read most of it in 2 days or so, then after a bunch of chapters decided to write this review. Contains minor spoilers.

The first thing that I've found weird is the wild POV juggling. I guess that the author wanted to describe the world in an as detailed way as possible and using 1st person view of a single character to achieve it would be impossible. I'm not saying the author failed, it just feels quirky sometimes. These multiple POVs feel unnatural, especially when they describe the same situation. It feels as if the author is saying "look how cool the MC is in the others' eyes!" It feels especially awkward/cringy when the MC murders this old hag and she ends her POV with a "and then he killed me." I mean... Really.

I believe a normal 3rd person view would do a better job in a simpler way. MC of The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound feels really cool (subjective) and he is described without things like "he was so impressive, powerful and scary!" The narrative itself convinces you that RG is downright freaking epic.

The story is... okay. Can't say much more about it, as it's not really developed yet. Somebody else here claimed that there is no story at all and that things just happen only for the author to fulfill his bad guy fantasy. I do not really agree with that. There definitely is the Evergreen guy storyline that all the other things are mixed with. But yeah, the events in this story feel kinda blurred and not related. I couldn't find any major plotholes, or any at all, but I'm not one to mind these unless they are worldbreaking.

Main character is... I don't even really know. Sometimes he feels evil, other times he is just an average antihero or a mindless and predictable animal. I don't really know why he is a non-human, but basically the story wouldn't change that much if he was human instead, excluding some part of the beginning and the evolving thing.

Maybe it's essential for the plot later on. Maybe it just was the author's fantasy. Or maybe the author felt that the ultimate bad boy needed to be some kind of a monster, but in this world any demon, non-human and whatnot is treated basically the same. Although the author tries to convince you it's otherwise, you won't find a single moment in there when the MC is mistreated if it's not for the convenience of the plot. In bars/taverns or the guild everyone seems to ignore the MC as any other monsterlike entity.

Other characters are okay. They are somewhere between blatantly flat and kinda with depth. You can understand their motives and see they aren't completely random, but sometimes it feels unnatural or strange. The author really tries to create decent characters with reasonable backstories, but sometimes they feel dull. I'm not saying the author should start studying psychology, but I don't think a sexually abused woman would randomly try to rape a dangerously-looking goddamn arena fighter that did something illegal, since they were both in a goddamn cell. Broken defense mechanisms or not, this type of thinking is just surreal. I'm almost sure her entire character was created solely for the purpose of fanservice. 

What strikes me the most is that this story claims to be dark. I can't really see that. The MC is primitive and overly agressive, but I don't feel any dark vibes from him. He kills a bunch of people basically every chapter, but that's it. This story is not dark, it's just your basic, average antihero story.

That being said, it's enjoyable. If you like the first few chapters, you'll probably like the whole of it, as it doesn't change that much in its structure and feels the same. Be mindful though, at first the story is a "the monster MC vs the society", but later on MC becomes more humanlike and "coexists". As I wrote before, at that point of story he could be basically a human.

A decent piece of story. Won't hurt to try it. The chapters are few, but long. Like, really.

  • Overall Score

It's just meh. After several rewrites, I don't see the quality increasing at all. The dialogue doesn't fit the setting at all, with slavers and nobles talking like regular, modern-day north americans. The characters themselves are very flat with little personality. The plot jumps around from setting to setting, and after a hundred pages I still don't understand what the overarching plot is. Simly is trying to write a dark, epic story, but just doesn't have the experience or knowledge to pull it off. The Damned is just wish-fulfillment.