A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail

A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail

by _GD_

Emperor Krystfallen, the fabled First Dragon Emperor, awakens in secret five hundred years after his purported death. Legends speak of the great sacrifice of the First Emperor who offered his life to defeat the Blight Incarnate and the Blighted Multitude that threatened to consume the continent of Forkspear.

But legends couldn't be further from the truth.

Follow the First Emperor, who is nothing like the person proclaimed by the legends, and the lives of various people he meets along the way, as he tries to uncover what has happened during the centuries that he was asleep.

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Spectacular. Light-hearted but behind the blinds lie dormant the horrors of history.

This is the first time writing a review. And it's not gonna be a full review unfortunately.

But I would like to write this to thank, encourage other readers and to motivate the author. 


I've read plenty of ff on royal road. But I'm writing this because it's simply amazing. This is not the typical cliche story. At first I wondered where the story was going without the typical revenge setting. But the recent chapters (18 I think)  slowly unveils the setting and direction. Still vague but I think it'll be good. 


Furthermore, the characters have plenty good personality. I like how to you introduce the characters and then develop them. And later their roles in the mc. Also how you introduce them into the mums life is great. Not the 'saving'  setting or any of those convenient meetings. 


The story is slow with little action and show off of powers but you still keep it interesting. The character has an easy going character but similarly he has tons of worries weighing on his mind. The way you portray your character in the way where he acts like he don't care but within,  he worries and cares deeply.  I commend you on your ability to depict that part of him. 


(spoiler) I'm not sure when he will show off or reveal himself, but I can't wait for that moment. 


Again I commend and wish you the best. Like I said I've read tons but this peak my interest the most. Continue and I'll keep on supporting this ff. 


Pro\'s and Con\'s Regarding this FF



-The story has a really likable protagonist. So likable in fact, it causes issues at times... (To be continued  in cons...)

-The story has nice added touch of humor.

-The history and events 500 years after the protagonist\'s \"death\" is interesting and fun to read about,  especially the protagonist\'s commentary of how the events were misportrayed.

-The protagonist isn\'t afraid to reveal his badassery (power) when appropriate.

-The flow of the story is well written, and natural.

-The foreshadowing, tidbits and setting up of plot devices are well written. While reading, I was excited and  anticipated to read what would happen in future chapters. It left me especially excited to read the possible  character interactions in the future.

-The side stories flow well with the main plot, and are interesting to read.

-The side characters (supporting cast) have clear distinct personalities, and motivations that drive them.




-The writing has its mistakes here and there, but overall it isn\'t noticeable (forgivable).

-The protagonist is so likable that sometimes when the story shifts away from him to set up plot devices for  later events, or introducing new characters, you start to skim and get bored. Mostly because you want to get  back to reading about the protagonist.

-The side stories of the villains plotting and scheming aren\'t that interesting to read about.

-The magic system isn\'t as fleshed out as I would have liked, and it isn\'t as explained clearly. It just exists, and  you know the protagonist knows spells. I would really like it to be expanded on in future chapters.
 There isn\'t a clear scope of power and divisions of strength in the story. You get things thrown at you like A  rank adventurer, novice mage etc..., but you don\'t really have something to compare it to for scale. Including a  brief sentence like \"oh yeah and there\'s 7 ranks of mages they are... or something along the lines of Adventures can be ranked form E-S rank depending on skill and prior accomplishments.\"


Anyway that\'s my 2 cents although the review might sound negative don\'t become daunted it is truly an enjoyable experience and spending my sunday afternoon reading 24 chapters in one long stretch has certainly been an enjoyable experience! 





Good start. Original plot. Amazing development. Superb writing style. The story start off immediately and slowly reveals the characters while keeping you on the edge for more. If you are tired of the mmorpg cliché that has over saturated the community and looking for a REAL story to read, then i recommend this hidden gem that has just started to sprout and gleaming with potentials. 


Entertaining and easy to read

The story truly is interesting, and the MC has a nice personality. Thought he does not seem to have a goal, but I'm sure that will change. Please keep writing


Best FF i read here. Better than the top rated stories

Ive been lurking around RR for quite sometime now but this story made me wanna register and give you a review. After dozens of chapters Im sure youll be at the top. Trust me.



The MC is OP and funny as hell. He definitely deserves a spot in the hall of fame of trolls. I can imagine him hanging out with Goku, Luffy, Naruto and other food loving MC’s except that he actually is smart and cunning.  Character development is also great. You get the feeling of a genuine fantasy world that does not just revolve around the MC. History and back stories flow seamlessly into the story. Although you can guess where the story will eventually lead to, the antics, humor, cliffhangers, plotwists are enough to make you stay online forever just to check if the next chapter is out. 


Am I the only one that thinks of Magic the Gathering whenever I read the first part of every chapter?  You know, the quotes at the bottom of every card 


Parts I really love:

-Basketslayer? Really? Who would ever think of that name? Except a hall of famer troll of course :D

-The Handshake. Definitely one of the manliest handshakes in history

-Basketslayer fanclub. Maybe rivaling the grass poridge cult soon

-Funny as hell lines. Note to self: Never read this story when there are people around unless you want to be labled as schizophrenic for laughing so hard randomly every few minutes


I am from the Philippines by the way. If ever this turns into an anime in the future you owe me an authograph hahaha


10/10. This FF/Story or whatsoever is....

As I was saying. This FF/Story or whatsoever is one of the best thing I ever read. It's gonna make your emotion ride a rollercoaster. The other chapter give so much FEELS and the next chapter will make you roll in the ground laughing so hard XD.

Although I just read 4 chapter and might not have enough information to actually make a proper Review but it is so great that it made me make a review about it and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READING THIS IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T READ THIS YET. :3


My second favorite read RR

Awesome story! The MC is a troll up to a whole new level (BasketSlayer? Really? AHAHAH). Good writing, you sir probably studied in this field, because they way it flows makes it like I was reading a book already printed and you are just posting numerized version of it! 


After discovering Forgotten Conqueror on reddit, I took it upon myself to uncover more underground novel on RR. I already found some that I enjoy, but I can already tell that this one is complex, funny, well detailed and the author is giving it is all with the release of new chapters! Definatly among my favorites on RR, enough that it is the only other novel I take the time to comment and rate!


You sir deserve my utmost gratitude, keep at it! You found yourself a new fan (even if I don't regularly post on RR, I will try to give you a shout out or a tap in the back once in a while in your newly released chapters comment section).


P.S. Sorry for my english... I'm but a french canadian :D



I have read many web novels and FFs and I am normally just a quiet leecher. But I feel that I should give a review of this one. I see that most of the reviews on  this one is outdated so I thought I should gave it a go.


This is written 3rd person POV. There are several POVs, the story switches around them. It’s just not following the MC around. I like this style because it gives a wider view of their world. There are many things going on at the same time, it does not feel like the whole world was just made around the MC so that he could do MC stuff. Ok I don’t really get this category much but the presentation of the story is very well made. Whats insanely cool was that the author never really dives deep into the thoughts of the MC. He does for other char but not for the MC. Just snippets. I doubt if many had noticed this. And I think the author does it deliberately.


First I’ll talk about the world setting, it’s insanely good. Different aspects of the empire are shown, their culture, practices etc. It’s an insanely(I like the word insanely) imaginative world. Really really awesome world and the people as well. Right now the focus is just the empire of the MC, actually just the capital city, and there’s lot of stuff shown already! Several species of monsters, kinds of warriors and mages, their unusual hierarchy in power in the empire, their awesome capital design, the interplay of religion and the military, the government, the people, the mana node, etc.

There’s also an awesome history that the author just shows snippets of. He also shows the effects of the past on the future landscape through the eyes of the MC, since the guy is sort of from the past.

Plot…PLOT there is PLOT here. Nothing like anything I have ever seen in FFs here. And its just beginning. Many different issues and matters that opens tons of possibilities for the future. Honestly, when I first read this I thought, OP MC, ok I like that, most people here like that, people here really want an MC to show off (I wonder why. Lol) I also wanted him to showoff. He’s strong but then it turned out that he had a restraint. He’s strong even with that curse on him. I thought, dammit, this is stupid. Wrongest thought I had. Yeah. Wrongest. I had to make up that word just to describe how mistaken I was. Based on how the author writes, I bet this is going to be an insanely big PLOT twist later. The PLOT is going to be so more twisted than twister fries. The author makes people think, he said so himself. This is not just a story of an OP guy beating the crap out of everyone and showing off and the people going ‘oooo, such a powerful guy, *faint*’. Given the personality of the MC, even if he did not have the restraint he still wouldn’t use his full powers. Like I said, there are many things going on at the same time. Not just everything built around the MC. I feel that the readers will have a eureka moment as the story moves along and the author ties up everything.

Initially, the story started off with a bit of “telling”, now its “showing”. I can’t believe how fast the author improved since he started this. He paints really vivid scenes.

The author also hides bits and pieces of clues in the story. Personally I found one hint. Although I don't know what it means yet.

Waaay better than most of the people here. Of course there are small errors.The author himself acknowledges that he makes some mistakes here and there. The story is very readable and flow nicely. Maybe the author can get a PR? It will also make the releases faster if the author gets a PR *greedy*

But, as I have said, really good English here. Better than native speakers I think. For a beginner writer this is really good writing. Nothing disruptive. Everything is understandable.


If its possible to give ten stars in this category then I would do so. Because of the MC

MC: Insanely cool guy. Really funny guy. I would love to have a drink with him sometime. Also, he’s not stupid like other MCs in other stories that makes you want to pull your hairs out when they do stupid stuff. When I first read this, I was expecting a serious OP MC, since he was the founder of the empire after all. Then Chapter 4 came. Funniest chapter imo. He’s not a joker or a clown but he does have insanely funny antics. He has a different perspective on things. There were some hints that he had gone through a lot since he was a child. But he does not show that. I think he’s hiding under a mask to hide all that he had gone through and its really cool. He’s funny but also does serious stuff. Like Ch. 3. He showed a human side there, made me tear up a bit too. He’s also really intelligent. He can actually break the curse I mentioned earlier but he doesn’t because it will have many repercussions on society. Just imagine someone coming today and claiming to be Jesus and showing his powers. Society will turn upside down. People get crazy, especially when it comes to religion.

That’s why I said he was intelligent. He seems to go about his way without a care in the world but he already had calculated his actions. Really chill guy.

He’s also ruthless if needed. His moral lines are clearly drawn. None of that crap that some MCs do when faced with a moral problem.

The latest chapter (22) shows how scary this guy is. He’s actions were funny but I feel that he’s hiding a scary person inside him. A guy who will nonchalantly rip you apart while talking about the weather. His dry humor is really enjoyable and endearing but then you remember that this guy has made war and united an empire and made war with a monster horde then you will think that this guy is really scary because he thinks this way- Read the story to know what I'm talking about.

To sum up this guy: He’s the sort of guy who will make a sandwich in the middle of the battlefield because its already lunchtime. He'll probably ask for mayo or something from the warring troops. That's the kind of guy that he is.

Side Chars: Too many to analyze individually. But they are well developed and behave like normal people. All of them have their own motivations and personalities. The characters have depth to them and most of them are likeable people. Thank God there are no rich spoiled brats who hate others just because they are poor. A couple of douchebags though, but they have their own motivations. The side characters don’t revolve around the MC. They don’t feel forced and made just for the MC. It really feels like these people are going on their lives then the MC shows up and affects them. The characters have varied personalities but they are very endearing. Including the bad guy. I actually like the bad guy in Ch. 22. We should laugh with him!

 Its fun to see the author improving as he writes more and more. The chapters do not feel out of place. The story is going along nicely. Actually even if all of the other parts of the story are crap, I will still read this story because of the MC. A really unique guy.


Great story! Tense mastery needs work

Loving this story. I\'d encourage you to ready up on the tenses and how to use them appropriately. I could definitely see how you said that you were having issues with it. Really, that\'s the only flaw to this otherwise spotless gem. Keep up the good work!


Even Awesome isn't enough to describe this FF

man I have read a lot of novels and ff , by a lot , i mean a shitload ! This story though , this story keeps making you want to read on . To find out what happens to the MC . It makes you anticipate about what will happen in the future when the mc meets with his .. descendants . Great story , please keep it up!