Romeo, India’s: Where was his Juliet?



maybe India is a hugely profitable market for me


Yahoo Messenger: 10 May 2001 09:47 PM

Subject: maybe India is a hugely profitable market for me

julietscity: are you there?

julietscity: how is your stomach? Do you still feel pain and take medicine?

romeobanglore: hey baby!!!!


julietscity: I am here


romeobanglore: I seem to have a light fever

julietscity: Have you been feeling sick recently?

julietscity: Why don't you take medicine?

romeobanglore: yes...I think it is because of the fever, I get stomach upset

romeobanglore: It has just started

romeobanglore: I think that maybe because I go to the gym...

romeobanglore: Not only in the past few days, but I was also drunk and smoked too much two days ago

julietscity: no... I don't think that's the reason

julietscity: You must have some kind of virus in your stomach and stay unhealthy... remember to drink some yogurt...

romeobanglore: I don't know

romeobanglore: again, after playing cricket, 7:30 I have to go to gym

romeobanglore: it is a straining body

julietscity: Have you had dinner?

romeobanglore: hmmm...

romeobanglore: Mahendra is giving us a party

julietscity: so, don't forget to take some pills, please

romeobanglore: hmm...let me wait for one more day...I hate pills

romeobanglore: I remember how you treated my bad stomach in K city

julietscity: Maybe you have the wrong drink or eat the wrong food ... such as seafood or ...

romeobanglore:'s all chicken

romeobanglore: and some lamb

julietscity: Tomorrow I will meet with a friend from K city to discuss work

romeobanglore: I know...afternoon, right?

julietscity: If you take antacids, your stomach may feel better... why not take it right away to relieve pain

romeobanglore: I hate pills...I feel chest pain at the sight of it

julietscity: Maybe I will be home late...

julietscity: some powdery or milky, not a pill

julietscity: can you go and buy some?

julietscity: find some medicinal powder

romeobanglore: more day...please...

julietscity: NO!!! TODAY

julietscity: ok... tomorrow I will ship you a pack of stomach powder to Bangalore

julietscity: a stomach powder made in Thailand ... very famous

romeobanglore: nononononononon

romeobanglore: I will buy one from here

romeobanglore: but you don't have to send the time it reaches here, my stomach will be all right

julietscity: have to buy one today.

romeobanglore: hmm...I will

romeobanglore: How is your friend Mr. J's business?

julietscity: His work is always busy, he hires someone to help him ... but it seems that this job is not suitable for this person.

julietscity: He said he would fire him ... if I decide to work in K city

romeobanglore: how is your body? have you made it slim?

julietscity: my body has become slim ... I haven't eaten much food recently...

julietscity: Not as slim as the model... just restore to what I used to look like...

romeobanglore: oh...too bad...I miss those fat thighs...

romeobanglore: is Mr. J making a good profit?

romeobanglore: where will you stay there?

julietscity: The company seems to have some profits, but not huge profits ... he is too tired at work alone

julietscity: Where will I stay? I don't know ... you know the company still doesn't make a lot of money ... but I think the company needs to add some new business ... such as the trading business ... that's why I want to talk to him

romeobanglore: but will that be enough for 2 people?

julietscity: I don't know

julietscity: There is another young woman working there, remember?

romeobanglore: but you need money badly, right?

romeobanglore: yes, I know...the one with whom Mr. J has an affair

julietscity: I will start working for 24 hours and we will see ... if we can make money ... he will, of course, give me more money

julietscity: I will stay at the company... that's why I can work 24 hours.

romeobanglore: I don't don't want my suggestion also

julietscity: You might help me write some opening emails for some trading companies or help me introduce some business from India

romeobanglore: if I could do something, I won't agree to this

julietscity: I know Anshu exports something to India from here, he is very busy ... maybe India is a hugely profitable market for me

romeobanglore: I will help you in all the ways possible...but...

julietscity: yes... you can help me write to some companies and see if they need some computer parts or products export from here

julietscity: but?

romeobanglore: I will do that

julietscity: we need a new account to hold or send all mail

romeobanglore: but I don't like you spending 24 hours in the company and working

julietscity: I can live in a company ... I don't have much to do ... so ... work is a great way to spend time

romeobanglore: won't get any rest

romeobanglore:'s time for me to go to the gym

julietscity: but you said it's 7:30

romeobanglore: yes...but to reach there at 7:30, I have to start at 7:10 from here

romeobanglore: have to change the dress

julietscity: we will see ... if I can handle my work there ... everything is fine ... and we don't know how Mr. J runs his own business

julietscity: ok

julietscity: Write to me ... tell me the condition of your stomach...

romeobanglore: hmmm...and thing

julietscity: what?

romeobanglore: I know the relation between you and Mr. J...

julietscity: about Mr. J?

julietscity: ahah...I see...

romeobanglore: he is a good friend for both of us

romeobanglore: please take care that it won't change

julietscity: if I live in a company ... of course ... no matter how much he doesn't want, he must return to his wife's home.

romeobanglore: do you understand me?

julietscity: NO...not exactly

romeobanglore: but still he can somehow stay in the company someday...telling lie to his wife...

julietscity: may I ask him to be my brother?

romeobanglore: yes...

romeobanglore: ok... become friends with him ... nothing more...

romeobanglore: you got me?

julietscity: hey... you are more charming, handsome, younger, taller than Mr. J. You are the best!!!

romeobanglore: hmm....hahaha...YES!! that's ok...I trust you...

julietscity: BUT... after hard work, he likes drinking and singing to relax his mind.

romeobanglore: ok...that is good...

romeobanglore: I have to leave now

julietscity: hmmm... I will be careful ... once I have more money ... I will move somewhere to live alone.

julietscity: ok

romeobanglore: but you should not give company for that....drinking can change a man

julietscity: bye...honey

julietscity: I know what you mean

romeobanglore: please do that...

romeobanglore: bye my dearest little girl

julietscity: He is the kind of man who gets drunk with just 2 cans of beer, he is not my opponent !!

julietscity: ok...

Yahoo! Messenger: romeobanglore has logged back in. (2001/5/10 at PM 09:46)

julietscity: I will tell you the conclusion after the meeting, and Kelvin will have dinner with us in the evening tomorrow

romeobanglore: be careful...I care for you...

romeobanglore: bye

julietscity: yes...bye

romeobanglore: final bye


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