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thousands of engineers still on the bench in the US


Yahoo Messenger: 30 March 2001 10:25 PM

Subject: thousands of engineers still on the bench in the US

julietscity: Did you know that when professionals apply for a job with a different experience ... hirers are always wondering why?

romeobanglore: if the company finds me good, they will make an offer, if I find the offer good, I accept it...that's the way it works

romeobanglore: it helps you to broaden your base of knowledge

julietscity: Companies always want to know what ideas you have ... when your first interview with them ... the supervisor will ask you the same question... your original job qualifications are good, why do you want to switch to a new industry this time?

romeobanglore: so maybe after 2 years I can decide which way I want to go

julietscity: The company knows you have a good qualification in the telecommunications field ... they don't know that you will work well in the consumer electronics field

romeobanglore: I'll say I am in the formative stages of my career and I got interested in your field of work

julietscity: They want to know your ambitions for the company

romeobanglore: I feel I can contribute to your work with my expertise

julietscity: Interest is not a good reason ... for the company

romeobanglore: I will say I have friends working in that field and they are satisfied and I also consider the field promising to me

julietscity: Grow with the company?????

julietscity: Prisha also works in that new field?

romeobanglore: interested is all I can say since I am in the starting stage of my career

romeobanglore: classmates are there

julietscity: in Philips?

romeobanglore: yes

julietscity: Does Vicas work for Philips?

romeobanglore: yes

julietscity: ok

romeobanglore: so that's all?

julietscity: Today is Friday

julietscity: hmm...that's all... We can't discuss too much ... nothing has been decided yet

romeobanglore: yes...

julietscity: Do you have to go back to work? right now?

romeobanglore: yes, if you don't have anything more to say

julietscity: If I stay here ... Am I disturbing you now?

romeobanglore: you want to talk?

julietscity: NO... Nothing special ... It's not the time ... Do you have something to say?

romeobanglore: if you want to stay here, it's ok...I can also be here

romeobanglore: but what do we talk about?

julietscity: ok...go and prepare for your presentation

romeobanglore: you sure?

julietscity: yes

julietscity: c u later

romeobanglore: ok then

romeobanglore: bye

romeobanglore: c u

julietscity: Hiya

julietscity: hello

julietscity: are you there?

julietscity: are you online now

julietscity: are you coming back?

Yahoo! Messenger: romeobanglore has logged back in. (2001/3/30 at PM 09:55)

julietscity: HELLO...

julietscity: How about a cricket match?

romeobanglore: hello

romeobanglore: good

julietscity: How is your presentation prepared?

romeobanglore: it's not week

julietscity: yes...but tomorrow is a may not have time to prepare

romeobanglore: I will come here...tomorrow the consultant might arrange an interview

romeobanglore: telephonic

julietscity: tomorrow?

julietscity: which consultant?

julietscity: from Philips?

julietscity: sorry...telephonic? ok

julietscity: from the US

romeobanglore: yes, telephonic

julietscity: when did you know about it?

romeobanglore: today...I have to talk with him tonight 10:30

romeobanglore: he will call me at 10:30

julietscity: your 10:30...

romeobanglore: I don't know whether it is from the US, but it is for a US opportunity

romeobanglore: I will not accept the offer so fast

romeobanglore: because the situation in the US is still very bad

julietscity: why does the consultant call you for an interview? The interview should be an American company

romeobanglore: if they take me today and dismiss me after 3 months, then it is a problem

romeobanglore: yes, my 10:30

romeobanglore: it's not from the US, the consultant is in India

julietscity: but why is there another interview tomorrow?

romeobanglore: there should be some preliminary interview

romeobanglore: tonight 10:30 I have to talk with the consultant to get more details

julietscity: You have talked to different Indian consultants many times

romeobanglore: no...this is a different consultant

romeobanglore: Tomorrow may be a telephone interview from the US... Maybe tomorrow or Sunday ... that's what he told me

julietscity: OK...but still not that clear

julietscity: Tomorrow's interview should come from the company

romeobanglore: not clear to me also

romeobanglore: I'll see after talking to him today

romeobanglore: anyway, I am not much interested in this...if I get the Philips offer, I will take it

romeobanglore: I don't know

julietscity: but... If the interview comes from an American company and is sure to hire you ... why are you not interested in it?

romeobanglore: because who knows? they might fire me after 3 months

julietscity: You will sign a contract with the US if you go there and they will not fire you within 3 months

julietscity: so... when should I talk to you online after the interview this weekend?

romeobanglore: I will send a mail

julietscity: at we have some news from the US

romeobanglore: but don't expect much from this

julietscity: after a long wait ...

romeobanglore: nowadays, all companies are firing people...they cancel the contract

julietscity: Every contact gives us a chance ... no contact means no opportunity

romeobanglore: but the US opportunity still scares me

romeobanglore: what will happen if I accept it?

julietscity: Ok... It's not just this that the US scares me...

romeobanglore: maybe after a few weeks, I will also become jobless

julietscity: Hmmmmm...

romeobanglore: there are thousands of engineers still on the bench in the US

julietscity: why don't you find another consultant to find a job in Europe soon?

julietscity: Since you don't believe in the US ... then give it up ... don't waste time

romeobanglore: yes...let's see

romeobanglore: They told me it would again take 3-4 months

romeobanglore: no...if the offer is really good, then maybe we can accept it

romeobanglore: we have to keep all the doors open

julietscity: you said if the offer is really good...then, accept it...but, you said they will fire you after 3 months

julietscity: Then... If that's the case ... why do we have to open the door to the US?

romeobanglore: I didn't say they WILL, I said, they might

romeobanglore: I have to make sure of it before accepting

julietscity: Still possible...

romeobanglore: all doors...the decision is up to us

romeobanglore: hey, I need to leave now...I have to go with Jayesh to the airport, one of his friends is coming

romeobanglore: hmmm...I will ask about it

julietscity: but... If there are still so many Indian software engineers waiting for a vacancy in the US

julietscity: You have no chance or no new life there...

romeobanglore: I know...let us see

julietscity: ok...bye tonight

julietscity: c u tomorrow

romeobanglore: first, we need to have an offer in hand.

julietscity: no...

romeobanglore: then we can decide

julietscity: what I mean is...

romeobanglore: I know

romeobanglore: bye for now

julietscity: If the situation in the US is so bad ... why go there?

julietscity: ok...ok...bye

romeobanglore: I explained it earlier

romeobanglore:bye...c u tomorrow


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