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Subject: honeymoon

julietscity: no way!

romeobanglore: but after I ejected, when I tried to take my P out, you didn't want me to do that!

julietscity: how can you remember this

romeobanglore: I did!

julietscity: why?

julietscity: why? what did I say?

romeobanglore: I remember you hugging me...

romeobanglore: and trying to keep it inside

julietscity: because you looked tired and worked hard...

romeobanglore: you didn't say hugged my back and pressed my P

romeobanglore: into your P

julietscity: haahaha...

julietscity: maybe at the moment, I want more

romeobanglore: were not too much excited

julietscity: or because I felt guilty because I felt down and you ejected...

romeobanglore: you were excited till the middle, when I did it fast, you made sounds also...

julietscity: could remember those details

julietscity: missed your cricket match on TV

romeobanglore: that's ok...

julietscity: hmmm........MMMMMMAAAAA, for a long time sexual experience

romeobanglore: Mmmmma, for the warm P

julietscity: Now I know how a honeymoon keeps couples staying in a hotel for 3 days without going out

romeobanglore: how much I want to have sex with you now!

romeobanglore: hahahaha!!!

julietscity: they have sex in the hotel many times and become more familiar with each other's body, then spend more time to please themselves

romeobanglore: but we went out also

romeobanglore: yes...

julietscity: we didn't have a honeymoon

romeobanglore: che!...we had a good chance to do it in an open place...

romeobanglore: but we didn't do it

romeobanglore: our honeymoon was one year back

julietscity: open place? I remember it was cold ... it was cold every time we met

julietscity: one year back? when? We haven't had a honeymoon.

romeobanglore: nononono...when we went to the National park in K city...remember we went to an open place with no one there...we took many photos also there

julietscity: in Frankfurt?

romeobanglore: the honeymoon is when people make sex for the first time, right?

julietscity: yes... It's cold and I won't take off my clothes in the cold outdoors, even if no one was there

julietscity: NO!

romeobanglore: it was not that cold!

romeobanglore: and we didn't even touch each other's P there, too bad!!!

julietscity: Of course not! Honeymoon means that married couples will find a place to spend their holidays in honor of their married life without any interference from their families ... they can have sex all-day

romeobanglore: hmmmmm

julietscity: in the National park, the wind blew a lot ... remember? It's cold and not romantic at all

romeobanglore: yes

julietscity: That's why the company only offers honeymoon holidays for newlyweds

romeobanglore: I could have just put my hands inside your pants and touched her!

romeobanglore: hmmmm...K city was a kind of honeymoon, right?

romeobanglore: hellooo

julietscity: yes

julietscity: My sister-in-law is talking to me

romeobanglore: ok

julietscity: she is leaving

romeobanglore: ok

romeobanglore: I want to touch your P!

julietscity: No... Staying in K City is not something like a honeymoon ... you know one thing ... most honeymoons ... people will get pregnant at that time because couples will feel most relaxed and enjoy sex. Most people choose to go abroad for tourism and romantic hot spots.

julietscity: just like Hawaii, this is the most beautiful place for a honeymoon

julietscity: P is here...but my P can't go there

romeobanglore: but nowadays, people don't want babies that fast...all of them wait for at least 2 years...honeymoon should be without pregnancy

romeobanglore: Hawaii...Mauritius, Caribbean islands...

romeobanglore: I want to touch her badly now...

julietscity: here, people get married later than in the past, so it's normal to have a baby after a wedding

romeobanglore: now I feel bad I didn't give her enough attention when I was there

julietscity: HOW to?

romeobanglore: but in the US and Europe people don't want kids

julietscity: did give her enough attention than my lips

romeobanglore: I know it's difficult to touch...

romeobanglore: lips was with me all the time, even while watching TV

julietscity: You have been paying attention to her, not me

romeobanglore: because she is my spicy honey pot

julietscity: yes

julietscity: I'm a bit hungry now ...

romeobanglore: so while making love, I should give her more attention...because she wants to become wet and she wants my P

romeobanglore: I have to make her ready for my P

romeobanglore: can eat me!

julietscity: ahahah...yes

julietscity: and it reminds me of one thing

romeobanglore: what?

julietscity: when you licked my P for so long ... once I wanted to masturbate by myself... and you felt a little upset

julietscity: because I said, I can quickly prepare my P for your P

romeobanglore: I said jokingly that you don't need me anymore

julietscity: I forgot what you said ... I did it myself ... I just don't understand why I can prepare my P for you in 3 minutes, but you spent so long without success

romeobanglore: when I masturbate myself, it's the same

julietscity: when I rubbed your's not a good feeling or I didn't keep you feeling excited, right?

romeobanglore: it's the same as you said...I can do it fast

julietscity: hmm... Today is the lesson of sexual experience sharing.

romeobanglore: yes...

julietscity: I want to prepare something to eat

romeobanglore: you can take my P to eat!

julietscity: NO!

romeobanglore: don't like to eat it.

julietscity: honey... It's good to share all of these with you

romeobanglore: yes...because it helps us to know each other's feeling better

julietscity: hahahah... eat it under the blanket before waking up in the morning

julietscity: I will try to find opportunities when we are together

romeobanglore: mmmaa...

julietscity: hahaahha

romeobanglore: last time, you didn't

julietscity: After you get home, I also regret not paying much attention to your P

romeobanglore: really? hmmm...he got enough attention from your P

julietscity: hahaha...yes

julietscity: they have known each other more and more

romeobanglore: yes...they are a great match

julietscity: know another thing,

romeobanglore: what?

julietscity: Before getting married, some people test their marriage by cohabitation first ... Do you know why they need to test?

romeobanglore: why?

julietscity: Because they want to test or experience whether their P matches ... if they don't match ... then don't live together forever

romeobanglore: how did our P match?

julietscity: People say that sex is the most important reason for marriage. If there is no sex between the couple ... they will divorce soon, or the husband will have an affair outside

julietscity: hmmm...I think your P would say... It's nice to be with my P

romeobanglore: hahahaha...and when they got a chance...they combined very well

julietscity: yes

julietscity: very well

romeobanglore: yes...veeeeeery well

julietscity: ok... End of today's lesson

romeobanglore: her liquid and warmth make him hard

julietscity: really?

julietscity: I thought it was because of the sound made by Master

romeobanglore: yes, of course...she is too smooth for the P

romeobanglore: sound also...sound from her Master makes his Master excited

julietscity: honey...honey...I am hungry


julietscity: can I say bye-bye now?

romeobanglore: I am also a bit hungry

julietscity: hmmm...can I?

romeobanglore: YES!!

julietscity: thanks

julietscity: honey

romeobanglore: ok...

romeobanglore: yes, my sweet little girl

romeobanglore: eating you in my room

romeobanglore: love you

julietscity: and don't eat bad Ojas toady!

romeobanglore: chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julietscity: hahaha...bye now...

romeobanglore: I eat only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julietscity: mmmmmma...

julietscity: bye

romeobanglore: bye


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