Yahoo Messenger: 3rd December 2000 1:49 AM

Subject: imagine that!

julietscity: your dinner time

julietscity: no...

julietscity: lunchtime

romeobanglore: I can come today late in the night

romeobanglore: I don't feel hungry

julietscity: nono...

romeobanglore: I had my breakfast at 10:30

romeobanglore: I am hungry only for you now

julietscity: Tonight is the awards ceremony on TV for 4 hours

romeobanglore: you wish to watch it?

julietscity: Oh... Congratulations to the MISS WORLD winner who is Miss India again!!!!!

romeobanglore: yes, but I think there are some other things in this miss world contests

julietscity: T Watch the show or see if Kelvin is present?

romeobanglore: so you are busy tonight... so you won't do IT also

julietscity: why? bargaining during miss world contests?

julietscity: busy or sad tonight...I want to do it also

romeobanglore: India has a lot of population...a very big market for companies... so they want someone to promote their products... so they select a woman from India to be the winner

romeobanglore: there are better-looking women from other countries

julietscity: Every time I turn on the computer, it makes me feel as if I saw your face and touched the screen ... You are awesome, looking at me

romeobanglore: wait for some time, when these 2 people go for lunch, we can talk

romeobanglore: which photo you have put there?

romeobanglore: yesterday I again watched the photos you gave me when I came to S city...

julietscity: My favorite one is the same as the photo posted on your resume. You just cut your hair and look cool in a leather jacket

romeobanglore: you smiling happily and innocently in the ceremony dressed in a green long frock and a white shirt...

romeobanglore: hey, are you there?

julietscity: yes

julietscity: This is a very close-up one

julietscity: and it's great

romeobanglore: let me check... the photo you sent me when I asked you for a good photo?

julietscity: I love your hair

romeobanglore: thank you... that's all for you... you are the only woman to touch them

julietscity: I love your face...and I tooooo love to hug you...

julietscity: don't check it... I can send the photo as your computer background

julietscity: then we can see the same one and feel the same

romeobanglore: I told you yesterday I again saw your photo with the green skirt... you are so innocent in it

julietscity: yes...

romeobanglore: No... I don't want to put my photo in my computer background

julietscity: the same day I wore last year

julietscity: tonight

julietscity: yes...

romeobanglore: what happened then?

romeobanglore: you were so cute in it

romeobanglore: when I saw that photo yesterday again, I wanted to lift the green skirt

julietscity: two friends took pictures for me, one is Dora, the other is Amy.

romeobanglore: put my hands there while kissing your lips

julietscity:'s a very expensive skirt... Finally, I sent it back for sale

romeobanglore: that was a great dress for you... I want to see you like that

romeobanglore: I should buy such a dress for you

julietscity: ok... I always wear long dresses with you to parties everywhere

romeobanglore: yes... you will be so magnificent in it... I will be proud!

julietscity: no...don't buy the US... People say you don't need to buy a dress, you can rent it

julietscity: wear a different dress every time

romeobanglore: rent dress?????

romeobanglore: never heard of that!

julietscity: party dress

romeobanglore: but anyway I want you to have a skirt like that

julietscity: for man is a tuxedo?

romeobanglore: it looks sooooooooooo good on you

julietscity: Thanks... But keep the money on travel ... we need to go to Spain, Malaysia, and Los Angeles

romeobanglore: that's ok...after I finish one year we will be rich!

romeobanglore: before 1 year we can travel all around the US and maybe to Malaysia and Spain...

julietscity: hahah...after one year... My tuition will steal a lot of your salary

romeobanglore: I will get more salary after one-year

romeobanglore: so tuition is not a problem

romeobanglore: we can travel around the world (if I get leave!!!)

julietscity: hmmm...

julietscity: yes

julietscity: of course...

romeobanglore: we will F in different places in the world! Imagine that!

julietscity: and still...we will also fight with each other and argue many things...imagine that!

romeobanglore: but still, we will forget everything and hug together...imagine that!

julietscity: only the body knows body...yes...I can imagine that!

romeobanglore: GRRRREAT, isn't it?

julietscity: yes...

romeobanglore: you mean, our mind doesn't know each other?

romeobanglore: different kinds of F in different places

romeobanglore: French F in Paris

romeobanglore: Missionary position in Rome

julietscity: Sometimes the mind is obscured by many annoyances or hassles ... but the body does not ... they know what their favorite part is and how to communicate

romeobanglore: hahahahaha... but our mind also should be free for the body to communicate, right?

julietscity: Missionary? position?

romeobanglore: Missionary position is a kind of position to F... did you see the pictures I sent? it is there

julietscity: hmmm... Even fighting in the living room, but ... on the bed ... still having sex, hugging and kissing

julietscity: oh...I will check it out

romeobanglore: yes..... every fight should end in a hug

julietscity: have to do that

julietscity: and the Missionary position is exactly what I said, after insert, hug like that and talk to each other

romeobanglore: yes we will

romeobanglore: yes... that is the oldest position... and some people say it is boring

julietscity: some people? who are those "some people"?

julietscity: YOU discussed it with all your friends?! or your roommate?

romeobanglore: in novels, they say it as straight old missionary position

romeobanglore: NO...of course no discussion with friends about having sex with you!

julietscity: but, did your friends chat it with you in your house?

romeobanglore: but we have discussed in general

romeobanglore: not about having sex with you... in general when we discuss sex...

julietscity: in general

julietscity: I want to know what men are thinking, what are they discussing like women?

romeobanglore: means... I may ask Ashok "which position is your favorite?" that

julietscity: and...

julietscity: which one?

romeobanglore: majority love the doggie style

julietscity: oh...

julietscity: and what's the next?

romeobanglore: because you know the buttocks of a woman is very exciting to a man

julietscity: ?

julietscity: so...

romeobanglore: that is very exciting for men... men like to feel it

romeobanglore: sitting on a lap is another good position for men

julietscity: ok. We will try more than other position

romeobanglore: which one?

julietscity: your favorite

romeobanglore: doggie?

julietscity: yes. Hahahhah....

romeobanglore: ok


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