Yahoo Messenger: 18 November 2000 10:26 PM

Subject: your figure is perfect for your height

julietscity: How about meeting the consultant last night?

romeobanglore: He said I have to wait for one more week, I told him it is difficult.

romeobanglore: I also need to have sex with you

julietscity: because you have to sign the contract next Monday

romeobanglore: to explore your whole body

romeobanglore: that is with another consultant...

romeobanglore: the day after tomorrow I have to sign

julietscity: You remember my body, even I was wearing clothes. In your head ... I'm always naked

julietscity: to San Francisco?

romeobanglore: I remember your body verrrrry well

romeobanglore: he has not old the place

romeobanglore: each corner of your body I know

julietscity: great...

romeobanglore: your body is sooooo smooth

romeobanglore: just like butter

julietscity: So ... starting on Monday, you will start preparing some documents for the consultant.

julietscity: yes...That is my only pride...

romeobanglore: no documents...I just have to sign if I get another interview call, I will attend that...

julietscity: but my body is still fatter than some models

romeobanglore: no... your figure is perfect for your height

julietscity: perfect? NO...I am still fat

romeobanglore: there is a small thing near your pussy

romeobanglore: little fat is best

julietscity: a mole?

romeobanglore: otherwise when I hug you, I will not feel your body

romeobanglore: not a mole...a small thing

julietscity: what's that?

romeobanglore: since you are fat, I feel the butter of your body touching me

romeobanglore: I don't know how to say it, the is not black...

romeobanglore: hahah...I know your pussy more than you

julietscity: where? but there is a small mole there

romeobanglore: is it black?

julietscity: should be

romeobanglore: no it is different, it is not black

julietscity: red?

julietscity: brown?

romeobanglore: I know it more because I spent a lot of time there

romeobanglore: yes, a kind of red

julietscity: ok, I will check it out later

romeobanglore: hahaha...I will touch and show you

julietscity: ok, come and have fun with the red mole

romeobanglore: are you a bit wet now?

julietscity: yes...

romeobanglore: hahaha thanks for the invitation...there are so many interesting things there

julietscity: When you describe how you hug me in bed... and those things... completely wet

romeobanglore: because I love the smell of your liquid

romeobanglore: and the sweet-salty taste

julietscity: hmmm... But I don't like that ... After licking, I love those on your lips

julietscity: After you lick my P, I want to kiss you back

romeobanglore: I love to put my face there and cover it with your liquid

romeobanglore: yes

julietscity: yeah...I felt like to touch your hair and said stop...I can't stand it...

romeobanglore: you never touch my hair while licking...

romeobanglore: only once

julietscity: And you said that my vagina hole is tooooo big

romeobanglore: NO!

romeobanglore: I said it as a joke!

julietscity: you said maybe it tooooooo big

romeobanglore: that was a joke

julietscity: but I didn't laugh

romeobanglore: you have to keep your legs a bit close to feel the full P

romeobanglore: you were tired to laugh!

julietscity: You might wonder for a while... if my hole is too big for you ... then you will never get excited

romeobanglore: you have a small body, it will not become too big

romeobanglore: just right for my P

julietscity: But the moment you say that ... I feel sad ... because it means I was inserted by someone and became bigger

romeobanglore: day when I put my finger in your asshole, you told me..."slowly, we should not do it so fast!"

romeobanglore: no, my honey.......

romeobanglore: sorry if I made you feel so...

julietscity: you know... Only after giving birth will the hole be larger or looser than before...

romeobanglore: mmmmaaaaa

romeobanglore: yes, I knew honey...I didn't mean it darling

julietscity: asshole?

romeobanglore: (((((((((((((S))))))))))))))

romeobanglore: yes

julietscity: did you do that? I don't think so...asshole is a dirty place with many germs!!

romeobanglore: your body is my body...there is no dirty place for me in your body

julietscity: no...

julietscity: it's the same for your asshole...

romeobanglore: yes, I did that, you were sitting in my lap...both of us were naked...

romeobanglore: don't touch mine...but I might touch yours!!!!

julietscity: Have you ever been touched by a man?

romeobanglore: we were exploring and caressing each other

julietscity: hmmm... Some people may like you because of your figure...

romeobanglore: and I put my hands through your back and was going down!

romeobanglore: CHE!

romeobanglore: you like my figure?

romeobanglore: I am too skinny

julietscity: YES! I like tall men very much.

romeobanglore: while going down my fingers found that little hole sitting quietly there!

julietscity: I like a skinny man but you were tooooooo skinny.

romeobanglore: so you don't like it too much!

julietscity: no...that little hole should be there quietly!

julietscity: But it's fine in Frankfurt...

romeobanglore: yes, it was sitting quietly...

romeobanglore: so my fingers went around it...played with it for a while...and

romeobanglore: touched the hole...

julietscity: You looked great in Frankfurt, remember? "Big giant no paid"...

romeobanglore: I then licked my fingers to make it smooth...

romeobanglore: hahaha!

julietscity: I love you

romeobanglore: I also love you my sweeeeeet honey

romeobanglore: and I looked into your face and slowly put it a little inside the hole

romeobanglore: you jumped a bit

romeobanglore: and carefully sat there feeling the slow movement

julietscity: each time when we are talking...of course, it's all my imaginations...I feel like to kiss you in the morning and sitting on your lap for playing and talking...

romeobanglore: yes, we sometimes play like kids...

julietscity: you know my vagina is actually not a hole there, right?

romeobanglore: your vagina is not a hole

julietscity: hmmm...I have ever inserted a little bit...but it's different from my imagination so...

romeobanglore: what you inserted?

julietscity: my short one finger

romeobanglore: mmmmmaaa to your short finger

julietscity: but it feels different... why don't you feel terrible... because it's like a pile of twisted meat?

romeobanglore: it is great! Why should I feel terrible? It makes me excited...and it is for my P also

romeobanglore: it is smooth and with liquid

julietscity: and it's not a straight's down

romeobanglore: it is a hole going a little up

julietscity: really?

romeobanglore: no hole is straight

julietscity: hmmm...

romeobanglore: yes...I love the intricate design of it

romeobanglore: I have to test your asshole also whether it is straight

julietscity: NO!! Let others do that don't have to

romeobanglore: WHO else will check your asshole?

romeobanglore: I am the proud owner of it

julietscity: I mean let other people do themselves!

romeobanglore: but yours is not others

julietscity: how about my little short finger

romeobanglore: it is a part of me

romeobanglore: no...your short finger will not tell me the correct short finger might tell

julietscity: yes... What will make you excited?

romeobanglore: hahaha...I love all the holes in your body!!!!!!!!!!!

julietscity: I mean your sensitive places...

romeobanglore: I don't know....let us see...

romeobanglore: you want to know my sensitive places?

julietscity: When masturbating, you should know the differences between parts of the body

romeobanglore: while masturbating, I concentrate only on P!

julietscity: your tongue, nipple, balls?

julietscity: eyes?

romeobanglore: I think my belly, my P, my balls, sorry your balls...

romeobanglore: yes, tongue...chest...

julietscity: haha... my balls

romeobanglore: neck...

romeobanglore: I like your hands going around my body

julietscity: This is so common that everyone thinks so

romeobanglore: we have to find out together...

julietscity: I like my hands to touch your forehead, nose, lips...neck...hands...and P and balls

romeobanglore: you know...a woman has a lot of sensitive doesn't have that much

romeobanglore: your little hand is sooo cute

romeobanglore: when it touches my body, I can feel the shudder

julietscity: your skin also smooth...without any bad

romeobanglore: yours is the best in the one can have better

romeobanglore: your hands are exciting for me

romeobanglore: you remember the night we actually "did" it...

romeobanglore: no, the next evening, I think...

julietscity: Next time you should make a sound to let me know that you are excited. Now I remember when you were excited, your forehead looked a bit painful

romeobanglore: I came back from office...

romeobanglore: you like me to make a sound?

julietscity: least I know what you feel...because I even didn't know that you ejaculated!!

julietscity: or each time I would ask...did you ejaculate?

romeobanglore: ok.....I will try to make sound

romeobanglore: I will not hold myself back

romeobanglore: I made some sounds while Frankfurt

julietscity: Because I told you, Josephine said that the two of us should be excited together and released at the same time ... but my excitement only happens when you lick it ... I don't remember the excitement insertion

romeobanglore: yeah...we have to do it more peacefully and slowly...

romeobanglore: we always did it very fast and you were not comfortable because of the pills

julietscity: Tell me... Is your P inserted into a female P for the first time? Tell me the truth!

romeobanglore: some women love clitoral stimulation than vaginal

romeobanglore: IT IS THE FIRST TIME

romeobanglore: I am lucky, I got the best pussy in world

julietscity: You made a sound because you did it from behind me, right?

julietscity: Because I can't see you excited

romeobanglore: yes...once...but more than that...once when I was inserting you from outside the bed

romeobanglore: you were lying in the bed and I was standing on my knees

julietscity: that's the best position?

romeobanglore: you make me feel have such a great body

romeobanglore: but my knees pained because it was standing on the floor...

julietscity: Thank you... thank you for your information

romeobanglore: if I could do it with a pillow or bed, then it's good...

romeobanglore: mmmmmmmmaaaaa

romeobanglore: mmmmmmmaaammmmmmmmmmaaammmmmmmmmmaaa

julietscity: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaamamamama

romeobanglore: love you, honey


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