From: Kamal E Y < [email protected] >

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 19 October, 2000 06:22 PM

Subject: free time

My honey,

I don't have much work in the office, that is true, but how can I prepare my resume in office when all my bosses are present? I have to wait until Saturday. That was what I meant. This week itself, I will send you a copy, that's what I am looking for. And in the other case, you are right, I can write a big mail during my free time. I didn't do that just because there wasn't much to write. Every day is the same, boring, without work.

Today at 4:30, I have to go to practicing cricket. On Sunday there is a match between our company and another company. Today our captain came and requested me to attend practice sessions. I will go at 4:30 and the practice will go on till late in the night.

Today afternoon, we all went for the marriage of one of our colleagues.

Both are working in this company. They were in love for some time. Their parents had nothing to be against, so an easy marriage. The lunch was good.

He was the one with whom I had worked in my last project, but we didn't have a good relationship at that time. But after that, we had made up and now I am working with him for another project. These two were in Germany together for 2 months. They have visited many places together.

About Anna, it is sad news. I had told you this will happen, the first time I heard of her problem. I had warned that the relationship with the Sri Lankan will lead to sex and then divorce. Remember? Anyway too bad.

Do visit her and try to calm her down.

Today one strange thing happened. One of the new people in the company sent sex mail to all people in this company. He didn't do it intentionally. That was a mistake and he was in great panic. All the top people in our company got the mail. He sent an apology to all, but I don't know what will happen to him. He is a young person, who did this by mistake. Poor him.

I will keep you sending bigger mails from today onwards if you are interested in hearing news like these. There isn't much to tell. One of my roommates, Jayesh, is suspected to be infected with Typhoid. Not sure. He has taken the blood test today. If he has Typhoid, all of us have to be careful.

It is 4 o'clock now. I will go home, change my dress and go to the playground. If I come back here, I will send you a mail. But don't wait for it. It will be late. If it is too late, I might go home...

love and kisses



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