From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 14 March, 2000 09:42 PM

Subject: like a flower blooming


Today I melted the butter in the right stove, but after I came from a bath, the butter was like liquid! I had to pour the butter on the bread! Tomorrow I will find a new way to melt butter.

Here in Frankfurt, our team consists of four members. One of them is deaf and dumb. His name is Matteo Müller. He cannot talk or hear. But he always tries to speak with the few sounds he can make. He always says "hi" and "bye" to us. Our boss and the other people here can understand his talking. Today my colleague asked him for some help. He was very happy and now he is doing the full work of the colleague. I also want to talk to him. Someday I will. In front of his room door, the hand language which such people use is pasted.

Next time when you make me angry, I will try to scold you! Hahaha, what a promise! But please don't try to make me angry.

Today I have to give the photos for developing. One roll is over and the second one is half over. I have to make them ready to show to you when you come.

Yesterday one of my colleagues staying with me asked me how we became so close. I didn't have an answer. He asked me who proposed. That also I don't remember. I think it was me. Or was it like a flower blooming? Nothing asked, nothing said?

Only 16 more days to go to meet you! Don't bring any big bag, ok? Only cabin baggage. Don't forget to take your jacket. You may need it throughout the journey. And is it a direct flight? Which airlines?

That is all from here. Morning it rained a little bit.

The TV channels, BBC and CNN are giving a lot of importance to your country's election. Today was the polls, right? Did you vote? To whom? I remember you said you won't like to vote.

Ok, see you soon...




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