From: Kamal E Y < [email protected] >

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 3 February, 2000 12:34 AM

Subject: so many misunderstandings!!!!!!!!!

My dear innocent girl,

I didn't say that I was not prepared to meet you when we discussed it in November. You completely misunderstood me!!! Maybe my fault. But now I understand the heartburn you felt. If you said the same thing, I would also have felt the same thing. I am so sorry, this time really feels the hurt myself.

What I said was this. Remember, in August or September, hardly after we met each other through the Internet, you put forward the idea for the meeting. At that time, I was not prepared for the meeting because we didn't know each other that well. At that time I told you it is better not to come to India, because of the different cultures here. That was one of the reasons, but under that, one more hidden reason was there. That was this.

But in November, the idea of the meeting was mutual. I wanted to meet you as much as you wanted to meet me. I was yearning to meet you.

Until tomorrow the time I get your reply, my heart will be crucifying me for making you feel insulted. How can you think like that, my dear? Do you think that all the affection and love which I showed when I was there, was mere because of politeness? NO!

The second thing about the sauce. That was just an example. I didn't say that your sauce was bad. In fact, I don't even know the taste of the sauce, because I didn't use it. I don't use much sauce. So there also, when you offered me sauce, I didn't use it much. Only a few drops. I didn't tell you that I don't like any sauce when you offered it to me. That is what I said.

See, you kept so many things in mind and started to change yourselves! Now you know all those things were wrong. You didn't show me your mind. If you had done it, you would not have felt the heartburn.

After reading your letter, I too felt bad for not being able to talk to you. Will you tell me the time of our call tomorrow? Today I had to for shopping for buying a sweater and thermal wear and such stuff for my German trip. It is -10 degrees in Germany. Tomorrow also I have to go shopping. So if you are calling tell me the time, so that I can wait. Try to make it after 9 o'clock (out time).

Again, I admit that I forgot the exact date of your TOEFL classes. I knew that it was in February. That is why I asked. It doesn't mean that I didn't pay enough attention to you! This is the second day of February and I asked you about this, right? That means that I really care about you, isn't it? You cried again? Jesus!!!! Che!!!!

I haven't read the book which you are reading now. Good. You are reading more and now you are becoming better acquainted with English literature than me. Great, my writer girl!!!!!

So we overcame one more misunderstanding!!! Good. At least we are making some progress!!! Bye for now...




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