From: Kamal E Y < [email protected] >

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 2 February, 2000 07:35 PM

Subject: Why?

My girl,

I didn't get your letter today. You didn't send, right? Why? Ok, might be that you were tired yesterday and it was too late to reply.

I am sure that you are disappointed with something. Is it because I am going to Germany? What is bothering you? You sounded very much different in those letters you sent yesterday. I want to know if there is something which troubles you. Why you are not telling? Are you trying to take revenge on me for not telling somethings openly when I was not there? When I wanted to clear my mind, you are backing away.

One thing is sure, be it in Germany or India, my love is always with you.

Today I got your card saying the change of address. Their things which I get from you were touched by your hand. So they are very precious to me.

You haven't told me about your TOELF classes. How is it going? Are you regularly attending them? Or have you decided that all those teachers are idiots? Are you still reading Virginia Wolf? You haven't told me anything about all these things!!!

This Friday I am going to my house. Just to see relatives and parents. I will come back on Monday morning. I know you don't like me going home. But please bear with me. You can understand this, right? I have given you my house phone number, right? Anyway, it is +91XXXX. You can call me anytime.

Before leaving for Germany I want to talk to you. I will call you before that. Once I reach Germany. I will give you all my phone numbers, in the office as well as in the hotel.

You know, after coming back, I am planning to buy a cellphone. To talk to you, whenever we want.

Write to me, as usual. I am still waiting...




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