From: Kamal E Y < [email protected] >

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 26 December, 1999 12:39 AM

Subject: Don't say this to me.

My dear,

Don't talk like this! You can't talk like this to me. You don't know how bad I felt when I came to know about the Visa. Why do you think it is your problem only? It is my problem too. We did everything we could do. But we can't insist that everything should go our way. It is not your life. It is not our life. It is the nature of unpredictability. If everything goes the way we plan, then what is the need for hope? See, we would not have met, if you went with your high school boyfriend. We wouldn't have met if we went with Tanya. No all those happened for our good.

This whole day I was thinking of you and our lost Xmas. I knew you would be sad. I was ready to accept any angry words from you. But what you wrote was different. You blamed yourself and your life. I can't allow it. I have due respect for your thoughts and decisions. But this is a time when I am not going to obey or concede. I WILL call you. If you want to run away, you can. But I will call you.

You are not destroyed, why do you talk like this to me? I won't allow you to be destroyed. There will be setbacks, of course. You know once Shakespeare has written, "The course of true love never flows smooth." I love you so much. I can't leave you thinking like this.

What is the need to be depressed? I will be there on 21 Dec and we will have 7 days for us together. Isn't it good? I had booked tickets to Madras for today. I waited and waited until the last moment. I don't cancel the tickets. Still, I have those tickets with me. I will keep this as a reminder for our bad experience.

I am very much hurt about the words you wrote "I am a very independent woman. I will take more care of myself." You have been independent till now. But now, I cannot let you like that. Your life is not an outside thing for me. It is mine too.

You are not destroyed. You have to promise me, you will not say this again. You won't understand how I felt when I read your mail. I was sad already because of our spoiled Xmas. But this mail has shattered me. You are my woman. Your problems will affect me too.

You said even if you plan to the very detail, things won't go nice for you. I won't but Miss Yang's opinion. I will say that is because you always expect more because you are sincere to the most. When something goes wrong, your mind will not be able to accept it.

I am going to call you now. Let us see, what will happen. Are you going to run away? I will come after you.

Love you whatever you say



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