From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 19 December, 1999 07:53 PM

Subject: the meeting comes closer!


Now all the tickets are ready for our meeting. The only thing remailing is Visa. I think I will get it. I have already paid for the ticket. And if everything goes as smooth as I imaged, within 12 days, we will be meeting each other!!! Isn't it exciting? I am all geared up for you.

You have exhausted yourself with all the work. I know you are too tired. Do sleep more, as long as you want. And be smart as usual when we meet.

For Visa, I need a letter from you saying that you will take care of all my expenses during my stay in S city. The letter you sent is fine, you have to add one more sentence saying this. Otherwise, I will have to take a lot of foreign exchange, around 500US$. So it will be better if you send me the letter saying this, ok? Tomorrow I will wait for the fax. Before you send it, please call me and inform. You can send the fax to the number I have given earlier.

If I leave here on 24th midnight, I will reach there at 7:30 in the evening. So we can have Christmas together. I have to wait at Kuala Lumpur for about 9 hours!

My return ticket is on the 2nd of January.

The flight takes a lot of time, isn't it? But it is ok. We have waited all these days for this moment. Please pray for my Visa too.

So that is it for now. I will wait for your call tomorrow. Call me after 10:30(our time) ok?

With love



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