From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 20 November, 1999 06:08 PM

Subject: Re: Flight!

My designer girl,

Wearing a tie is not new to me. I had to wear a tie when I was in school. Around ten years I had worn a tie. So it is no problem for me. And finally, it is your liking. But a tie and shirt with jeans are uncommon! When there is a tie, you have to wear formal pants.

Today morning I went shopping. I bought a tracksuit and a T-shirt. I thought of buying a shirt for you. But I don't know whether you like to wear a man's shirt. And I don't know how to select a woman's dress. What you usually wear is still unclear to me. Selecting shirts is OK for me because I often buy shirts for me. Why didn't you say anything about your likings? I was thinking of sending one of my shirts for you. But I don't know if you like to wear those, so it will be better if I buy a new one, isn't it?

800US$ will be around 32,000 Rupees (our currency). Up and down the charge will be 64,000 Rupees, right? My monthly salary is 20,000. You know, the living costs in India is very less. A full-course dinner in the costliest restaurant will not cost more than 200/300 Rupees. So my salary is one of the highest in the industry (at my age). But even with this, I don't think I will be able to cough up 800US$ so soon. I had to plan before some 3 or 4 months.

Well, check other Airlines too. Do the Airline charges differ from country to country? Will the charges be cheaper in India? How about meeting the Third country? Can you please check out flight timings, duration, and charges? My dear, am I bothering you? I am asking for help. You once told me I never asked help from you. Now I am asking, pleeease help me to find out these things. Is it disturbing your job?

Your coming here is the other possibility. It seems a good idea, but it will cost allot for you, right? Will you be able to find the money you need? Your accommodation and other things here, I can take care of. Give me one week's time. Let me think and enquire a little. I think your idea is great, most probably, I will say OK. But money is becoming a problem. Before this, we never had so much of a problem with money. See, we car in real life now. Isn't it wonderful? Talking about our financial problems, and planning? We are like husband and wife now (I know you don't like marriages, I was just taking an example).

Oh, I have the possibility of taking 9 days' leave in December. Yesterday, I inquired about it. It is possible to take an advance leave form next year. But the procedure to get it is difficult. I will try my best. If I take 3 leaves from next year, and 2 leaves remaining in this year, I will get 5 days and then 4 days as of Saturday and Sunday. So a total of 9 days. I am trying my best for that. But first, we have to finalize our plans.

Ok, my sweetie, I want to be with you so badly. These days, I wake up with your thought and go to sleep with you in my arms. You have filled my whole day earlier also. But nowadays, I feel it more intensive...

Thinking of you



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