From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 19 November, 1999 09:09 PM

Subject: I want anything you buy

My darling,

You don't have to stand on the bed to knit my tie! I am not any flagpole! I think my height is around 5'12 inches. That is around 180cm. If you stand on the bed, my face will be at your belly. And you know what may happen! I may not go to the office!

I too love you knitting my tie, or helping me with dressing. So far in my life, after my childhood, I have done everything by myself. I like you looking into all my minute details. I will do the same for you. I will comb your hair, help you with your makeup, select dress for you...I don't have any suit now. You know I passed out of college last year. So I dress and behave like students. Going to work also, I dress in jeans and a t-shirt/shirt. That is ok here in software companies. We don't need to dress formal dresses. I don't know how it is there. In Europe and America, formal dresses are not so important to young employees who are in the technical field. It is important for managers. So I have never thought of buying suits. So I don't know how to specify the size for suits. My pants are of the size 32-34. Means 32 inches waist and 34 inches long. My shirt is of size 42. Anyway, I want it, I want anything you buy for me.

I don't know what you like to wear. What do you usually wear? What size? Maybe I can check here for something. You like to wear men's shirts, right? Hmmm...maybe I can send you one of my shirts! Oh, it is just a suggestion. I don't know whether you like to wear my shirt. I can buy a new shirt for you if you like that.

As you said, I too miss your kisses. When you were in my lap that day, I felt really close to you. The kisses I gave were really hot and real. I really felt that you were in my lap. When your kisses came over the phone, I felt it on my skin. Even after two days, my excitement hasn't died. Your menses is on 24th, right? You will be in my arms all day. Tell me the exact date, ok?

My German boss has gone back today. So I can reply to your letter earlier from tomorrow onwards. He is a very nice person and behaves just like one of them we gave him a gift today and a card. Aaah! I have found a card for you. I will send it soon.

Today I finished the 4th level of German. I was second. This time I didn't study very well. There is a studious girl in our class. She was the first. Last time, she came second after me. Out teacher, she is also a nice person, gave me a special gift. A pen! I was her favourite student in the class. This gift from her is again for you.

I am sending this now so that you can read it before going to bed. Bye, sweet dreams, my cute girl.

Yours always



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