From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 21 September, 1999 04:32 PM

Subject: Don't be scared, stay calm

Dearest Sabrina,

I missed your three calls now. When you called the first two times I wasn't in the office. Our German class institute is organizing a festival for us. I am our class representative and so had some work there. When I came here I was told that you had called. You can never guess my disappointment. Then again. I waited here and at last, I went for lunch, you called again. I felt like thrashing the whole telephone system. This is why I told you a job is not as important as the ones we love. And never try to convince me that a job is more important than you. I won't accept that statement. There is nothing like one is more important than the other. Both go hand in hand.

I am going to tent a house here with my friends. Well, you know what that means? There is going to be a place for us. When everything is finished, I will let you know. I am getting very much excited about this.

You said sorry for your two long letters? Now, you will have to be punished for saying that. OK? You know what the punishment is going to be? Hmmm...You have to write to me an even bigger letter, understood? Hmmm...

Did you have anything special to tell me when you called? Why didn't you send me a mail in my office id saying the time of your call? I would have waited here. You can call me anytime, I told. But if you don't get me 2 times, just send me an mail saying that you will call at this time, OK? I don't want to miss your voice. (I told you once, it is really sweet!)

This is another punishment for you, I am writing a big letter!

You were tired yesterday after work, right? Can't you avoid working at night? It is our bedtime. I don't want you to come tired after your work. But in another way, I am proud of you, because you are smart and capable of doing night shifts too, just like any man. Really, that makes me feel that you are my partner too, not any run of the mill girls. I wish I was there when you come home tired after your work, to hug you and caress you to take your tiredness out. Perhaps I will even both you! Yes, wait for our meeting I will bath you like bathing a little child! And then take you to bed to sleep together.

When will you become free after your current work?

Hey, I just now got our call!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for calling again. I wanted to say I love you but you know my colleagues were sitting here, that is why I didn't say it. To make up for that, I am saying it now, I LOVE YOU!

The other thing I told you that I will write in the mail is about the hose I am going to shift. I wrote about it earlier.

I saw the news about the earthquake on the internet. My dear, I was relieved because you had called in the morning. That means that you are OK. But anyway I was planning to call you today evening. Since you called me, now, I am happy. I know you are very easily shaken by these things, stay calm, OK? I am with you. Beside you. Even if you work as a man and behave like a stubborn person, I know you are too soft in your heart. You are hiding your soft heart away from all. I found it out and now I am in love with that hidden treasure.

Again and again, don't feel scared. I am far away, but my mind and my will power are always with you. Love you very much...very much...

Yours only



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