From: Kamal E Y <[email protected]>

To: Sabrina < [email protected] >

Sent: 20 August, 1999 04:21 PM

Subject: I like all the bad things about you

Dear Sabrina,

You don't have to feel bad. I like you as a whole, as an independent person. There is no need to hide anything. Even if it may hurt me. I can understand because I never asked you to be perfect and I will never do it either. You are you because you are not others.

You said about loving some other person at the same time. Yes, it will hurt me. But you presented it in such a way that I won't feel any anger. And I have to tell you this thing if you love someone just go and open up yourself. I have told you this before also. I won't complain because it is a natural thing to do. The only thing I want is you should be my girl. I know this is unfair, but I can't help saying this...

To be frank, I don't like you going with some other person. Even your Buddha. I do don't like you being kissed by someone else. I don't like you sleeping with any other man. But if such a situation arises, I will face it. But, one day, I will ask your permission to kiss your lips. Because many nights I have dreamed of it. I even have felt your warm tongue in my mouth.

What did you mean by "My mother would be always the number one, and you count backward the number one, too?" does it mean that you love only your mother?

You said that your passion in our relationship has come down. That is good. Love is what you have got when you take passion away from a relationship. Maybe I am too young to do it so fast. But I can understand.

There is no point in denying that our relationship came to a turn. What is going to happen depends on how we handle ourselves? I think we can work it out and return to the old nice times. It may take time to heal the wounds...but it will heal...




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