Romeo, India’s: Where was his Juliet?

by TomMary

Original HIATUS Historical Mystery Romance Short Story Male Lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

"Drops of rain running from your hair to your eyes to your lips and to your breasts. I am jealous of those raindrops."
"I am giving you my word that you will be the princess of my heart, until my last breath. People may come and go in and out of heart, but only some leaves the footprints. Your footprints are spread all over my heart. The fragrance you left in my mind is something I will cherish forever. For now, you are the greatest thing I have achieved in this life. I love you, very much, more than you think. Now give me the promise that you won't forget me..."
Print out emails were written from the years 1999 to 2000 by one side. Romantic stories connected with an India software engineer and the woman were known by What happened in between and where is/was the woman? How to pursuit a girl through emails? Did the long-distance love keep their romantic, fresh forever? At 23 years old Indian young man sent those sincere emails to show his love to a woman he loves, even though he knows their love is not allowed.
Can we look for Juliet by email and find out where she is/was?

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Group Leader (II)
Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Message from a member ago
my first reply! ago
more! ago
more on love! ago
Re: My story ago
Here is part 2! ago
I am glad I found you! ago
I can only say... ago
Where are you? ago
Nothing can... ago
This is my resume! ago
Please don't tease me ago
Late again ago
I won't say Thanks ago
You have a postcard! ago
I won't let you cry ago
Our Valentine's Day ago
On Aug 17th ago
Now it is your turn ago
I will pray for you ago
You made me tense ago
Angles of the question ago
Astounding!!!!!! ago
You, I and our day ago
My words ago
This is not my old Sabrina ago
Re: I have done a dumb thing ago
I like all the bad things about you ago
Times are changing ago
I am happy ago
Do you think I don't love you? ago
Starting all over again ago
I will come as a ghost ago
My friends ago
I am lost ago
Congrats!!! ago
Don't we meet every day? ago
The course of true love ago
You make me my eyes wet ago
You'll get a fever from me! ago
Being ill ago
Wait for my call ago
November is going to be terrible! ago
Those who wait long, gets the best ago
Yesterday night ago
To the most beautiful ago
I am so happy and so sad ago
I am confused ago
Don't be scared and don't worry ago
I feel pain ago
No contracts, only bonds! ago
Proposals! ago
Today, too hectic ago
Don't be scared, stay calm ago
I am angry with myself ago
Talking from a dream ago
From under that dangerous light… ago
We met for 3 months back????? ago
no regrets, no sorries. ago
I won’t leave you alone! ago
I want your sorrows too ago
Where did my letter go? ago
Hate me…but I love you… ago
nothing to say except “I love you” ago
back home again! ago
about belief ago
You shattered everything! ago
I understand you, but… ago
Taking about everything ago
an uncomfortable feeling ago
to my caring second mom ago
cool down my girl! ago
Yes, I know you. ago
Oh, I was waiting… ago
new house ago
Too busy a day! ago
You aren’t any victim ago
the promises I make ago
my work ago
Don't misunderstand me! ago
my lonely hours ago
more than a hug for thanking you ago
first night!!!!! ago
the loss of Buddha ago
bye with loneliness ago
to take care of you ago
facing problems ago
take care always ago
your suggestion ago
I am worried ago
tell me frankly ago
for my dearest girl ago
Where was I? ago
real couples!!!! ago
I want anything you buy ago
Re: Flight! ago
planning… ago
inexperience ago
save your tears ago
everything seems to be right! ago
waiting for you ago
to find a travel agency ago
vanaprastham ago
come on!!! ago
Visa ago
FAST!!!!FAST!!!FAST!!! ago
Sure ago
Saturday and Sunday ago
Your work bothers me ago
the letter is ready ago
block the tickets ago
Urgent!!!! ago
the meeting comes closer! ago
FW: depressed (old mail) ago
after many days… ago
miss you very much ago
pray for me ago
Xmas eve ago
happy day ago
rain!!!! ago
Malaysian Airlines ago
no news still ago
News ago
Don’t say this to me. ago
Don’t give me your happiness ago
Re: happy again! ago
I understand what you want to say ago
no mocking ago
don’t worry about English ago
letters from friends ago
flight timings ago
“didn’t work…” ago
Your plans ago
You came early today!!!! ago
English ago
nothing to get tensed about ago
Welcome back!! ago
change ago
I am all the same ago
age? ago
a touching letter ago
Talkative ago
cleaning here also! ago
pictures! ago
no need to regret it! ago
I don’t understand ago
believe me ago
attend Akarsh’s marriage ago
I am back ago
???? ago
Re: forget about the change ago
Why? ago
so many misunderstandings!!!!!!!!! ago
Re: misunderstanding! ago
Jackie Chen’s signature ago
News! ago
wait before… ago
news again! ago
my love ago
V day ago
our Day! ago
asleep? ago
why I bought the gift? ago
too feel the need for hugging ago
we will, we will, try our best!!! Oh oh oh ago
I don’t hate ago
AW: Buddha practicer ago
lazy girl ago
student ago
why does it always rain on me? ago
My answers. ago
AW: the two-letter ago
AW: the type of answer my mail ago
late mail ago
at last! ago
Txxs ago
homework ago
AW: TV channels ago
apartment ago
carnival ago
I guessed that! ago
calling ago
one sentence ago
nothing to apologize ago
don’t worry ago
You are so unique ago
let me give it a try! ago
Re: cook! ago
like a flower blooming ago
melting butter ago
jewel ago
programming ago
Poor girls, isn’t it? ago
more cases ago
pressure ago
tell me ago
limited freedom ago
Re: limited freedom ago
money and fighting ago
any news? ago
Peri! ago
no probs! ago
what happened? ago
Great!!!!!!! ago
Re: die… ago
so quick again! ago
real or simple?? ago
unheard melodies ago
Ausgang! ago
miss you miss Sabrina ago
emptiness ago
living together ago
2 years ago
more thoughts ago
what is that? ago
foreigners ago
your support ago
I will ask ago
please don’t! ago
enjoying the first * ago
your gifts ago
expensive! ago
trip? ago
just for nothing ago
Re: Fine. ago
code ago
flying hot dogs ago
macaroni? ago
out of our reach ago
you are pretty! ago
more and more ago
expectations ago
blues ago
love and gratitude ago
my relatives and my village ago
Is it easy? ago
did you say that? ago
feeling ago
Re: my profile ago
SriLankan trouble ago
my opinion was… ago
back in Bangalore ago
back again. ago
not busy! ago
what? ago
footsteps ago
once more…you open the door… ago
friends and office ago
Miss Universe 2000 ago
she is mine ago
Cinderella ago
FW: Life… ago
strong words! ago
blind love ago
10 minutes ago
It’s time for sex!!! ago
"iloveyou virus" ago
virus warning! ago
OOOOOOPS!!!!!!!!! ago
another fact! ago
nothing official ago
testing ago
You are my ideal woman ago
Kelvin’s love ago
3 friends ago
fire and gunpowder ago
preference ago
cell phone ago
an issue ago
crocodile tears ago
work pressure ago
family-related… ago
US$500,000! ago
more… ago
2 things… ago
to start… ago
yahoo? ago
it is difficult… ago
the question ago
yes, I agree ago
came back ago
Where are you this time? ago
lost connection anniversary ago
greeting card ago
the “I loved you” day ago
live together and have a baby ago
another special day ago
the argument ago
Kelvin & Ojas ago
family has built a chain in his legs ago
where there is a will, there is a way ago
a planned way of living ago
a bit weak in front of your love ago
accept it and suffers ago
how can I live without you? ago
Is it a sin to date a foreigner in India? ago
arranged marriages ago
preparations ago
unclear still ago
when u come ago
saree and pants ago
good and bad memories ago
real sex is always different from doing itself ago
free time ago
cricket match again ago
FW: Attitude Is Everything!!!! ago
He was teasing you ago
as a thorn in the flesh ago
Jayesh & Ashok ago
4:00 PM War one ago
4:00 PM War II ago
baby again ago
lost connection ago
job searching ago
My day is full of you ago
I am doing it because you said so ago
useful for foreplay ago
Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition. ago
in my mind, you are the first ago
I am dying of hunger ago
the H1-B Visa ago
as long as I have breath in my lungs ago
when will you stop loving me? ago
a memory of love is as painful as love ago
69 and hickeys ago
your figure is perfect for your height ago
we will make each other happy and enjoy ago
you are the best in the world ago
Asians and Indians ago
millennium ago
whatever I have is for you my honey ago
blame me for this also! ago
decide on the consultant ago
not entirely under my control ago
how much excitement can we have ago
imagine that! ago
sex strengthens love ago
Race race ago
good things at reasonable prices ago
shorten the time to meet again ago
Money is a symbol of pride ago
there is no celebration for me without you ago
The entire world is a wonderful collection of memoranda that you exist!!! ago
you make me filled with love ago
without you, there would be no fun ago
we will live together soon ago
more than kisses ago
it won't happen again, I promise ago
the butter body and the charming face ago
swallow all babies ago
the most wonderful feeling of my life ago
fantasies can be weird ago
I beg to no one except you ago
the train never wait for people ago
I am so happy if you come there ago
did you think of your fantasies? ago
a change that we all want ago
nature of violence ago
Long-distance love is the hardest thing to succeed!!!!! ago
surprises are surprises ago
I never intend to defeat you ago
Killing me softly ago
all men want to think that their wives have loved no one else ago
This is not a good day for us ago
the energy from you flowing to my body ago
keep our excitement till we reach bed ago
a kind of pluck, pluck, pluck sound ago
my mouth is watering thinking of that! ago
when I have you, everything is ok ago
Preeti & Anshu, careful of future ago
I don't remember crying the way, I cried in Frankfurt the day you left ago
I can't wait to spend a wonderful everyday with you ago
I am taking precautions ago
with parents, it is duty more than love ago
it’s a secret between us! ago
Video conference vs a Webcam ago
everything changes when we meet ago
fight with me just for reading a book ago
one day I will take you to India ago
smell and taste of your liquid very sexy! ago
that's why you are such a darling ago
feels like an adult sexy woman ago
Can this change be done in one day? ago
closing the Research Department to save money ago
all things are as your wish ago
about the US assignment from the company ago
I know what is covered in your shirt ago
I never tried to kiss you in public ago
I was worried more than you know that time ago
if I abandon! ago
I never even told Tanya that I love her ago
which day did you feel the maximum excitement ago
I could see your enjoyment from your eyes and sound ago
honeymoon ago
too bad I couldn't give you good clothes ago
I can savor every inch of you ago
I found out how really great it can be ago
010, ('), (1) ago
under pressure from ex-colleague departure ago
you making snuggling sound, I felt close to you ago
belief in numbers and such things ago
I too want to be with you as much as you want to be with me ago
the feeling to meet after a long time is wonderful! ago
among the majority who don't get lucky ago
I have many doubts regarding God also ago
a shift from Telecom to consumer electronics software ago
thousands of engineers still on the bench in the US ago
the opportunity is just budding ago
we always end up in sad feelings ago
Destiny and opportunity ago
If I don't hate you, how can I stop loving you ago
fighting with parents...who will win if they lose? ago
when you keep me in dark, I become more worried ago
love could not do anything but get love ago
you are much wanted professional in this world ago
it is better to get hurt than be in dark ago
sex can bring attachment between two people ago
a hidden camera or spy camera for sexing pictures ago
maybe India is a hugely profitable market for me ago
now you told me "should not wait" ago
I want to fight for it but I can't do it now! ago
The house leaked with rain at night ago
He makes Hitler appear great!!! ago
men always feel that women are the wrong ago
If we keep silent, the harasser will be more courageous ago
it is great to feel the soft smooth warmness ago
I always think that you are suffering severe pain ago
I have given everything to you ago
it is the passion...driving us ago
Miss World was considered a virgin ago
Use your intuition to choose the best route for you ago
The past can only be remembered ago
Waiting is a waste of life ago
that's too sensational for our first meeting ago
that was a fraud company ago
Every part of you makes me feel interesting ago
McDonald’s & Hello Kitty ago
the lamp should be on the table... not under the table ago
you might care about at 25, but not so much at 30 ago
people say the prime of life starts at 35 ago
every woman's there is also a different size ago
you'll eventually get a well-deserved job ago
you never concede to me when I insist on something ago
you have a bad day today ago
the King of Nepal killed his family because of his arranged marriage ago
things must have changed somewhere in our minds or somehow in its way ago
if anything happens to you, I will follow you
The German government has started offering green cards ago
in the subway half dark ago
I know you do it because you love me ago
we will find a place that does not belong to us ago
Sex is a way to bring your heart closer and feel your thoughts differently ago
We'll always have Frankfurt!! ago
No one knows or guarantees that a good life comes entirely from marriage ago
women need men's kisses and caresses ago
honey, you set my body on fire!!!! ago
we need to unite our souls and have the ultimate fun ago
You are the one I want to take care of!! ago
I don't want to get in such a situation ago
I don't want to be hurt in our relationship because of money ago
don't say, I am prejudiced ago
this is an interesting part of the interview! ago
I'm so creative and never like mediocrity ago
have we ever reached an agreement if we fought ago
can this be a new agreement ago
considering the physical needs of a normal man ago
I hate being a burden on people or trouble for anyone ago
you know Kindergarten is a German word ago
You are really a talented woman! ago
I don't want to talk to you about money in such a situation ago
Platonic love is a kind of pure and holy love ago
"To my friends of yesteryears" ago
be with you anytime, anywhere ago
the perplexity of the sixties ago
The first impression is the best impression ago
it is the anniversary of our first contact ago
when the red line named Destiny hits each other ago
now I am silly and dominating!!! ago
the immense pleasure makes the occasional problems worth to bear ago
every relation has one who dominates! ago
”Ich liebe dich” (I love you) ago
you are all with a small figure and features ago
beautiful memories bloom in the golden morning light ago
I want to eat it as a lover! ago
I promised Tanya never to misuse her photo ago
I like to watch TV, but I prefer to watch you ago
I know everyone like the lines in my palm ago
next must be on the way ago
I think our love goes too fast ago

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  • Overall Score

I've skimmed through the story, and I can't make heads or tails of it. This resembles a creepy diary, and it isn't flattering. Is this some real exchange? Is this some strange format for a fiction romance? The grammar is poor, and gets nearly unintelligible in places.

Would not recommend.

  • Overall Score

 I have no idea how I stumbled upon this, but somehow I did. This isn't a novel whatsoever. I have no idea what this is at all...

Flying F-Salmon Extraordinaire
  • Overall Score

This fiction is all over the place.

I won't give it a long review. The only thing, that I have noticed, is that this is a story of some really creepy dude. The style is kind of cool. But that's it. 

The grammar is horrible. A lot of the time I just ask myself, what the last few sentences meant. I only picked this up, because the other review by Tempestbringer kind of told me, that this might be so bad, that it is enjoyable. Sadly. This isn't satire. That's why I won't punch anyone who is down already. If you enjoy this: Good for you. If you really just want to claw out your eyes after reading this, I won't judge you. It isn't good. It is bad. 
There are a lot of ways this could have gone. Take the weird indian facebook posts for example(bob and vegana). That can be enjoyable. 
But this was one of the few times, I've felt true cringe in my life. 
The concept is cool and unique, but the execution, if you can call it that, is hellishly bad. 

There are a lot of points the author could improve on. 
Grammar, worldbuilding, general understanding of the english language, etc.

And I know that I didn't read that far ahead. So I might be judging a product, that has evolved over time. And if that is so, and anyone who read ahead reads this, I beg you to make a review, that tells everyone, whether the author is willing to learn, or if they just want to publish stuff, in order to have something out there. 

Well... this became rather long... Welp.

If anyone following this fiction reads this, please let me know whether it has changed. 

But as it stands, this is more akin to an unintentional shitpost. 
So tread carefully. And have a nice day.

You too, author. I hope you like what you do.