Romeo, India’s: Where was his Juliet?

by TomMary

Original ONGOING Historical Mystery Romance Short Story Male Lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

"Drops of rain running from your hair to your eyes to your lips and to your breasts. I am jealous of those raindrops."
"I am giving you my word that you will be the princess of my heart, until my last breath. People may come and go in and out of heart, but only some leaves the footprints. Your footprints are spread all over my heart. The fragrance you left in my mind is something I will cherish forever. For now, you are the greatest thing I have achieved in this life. I love you, very much, more than you think. Now give me the promise that you won't forget me..."
Print out emails were written from the years 1999 to 2000 by one side. Romantic stories connected with an India software engineer and the woman were known by What happened in between and where is/was the woman? How to pursuit a girl through emails? Did the long-distance love keep their romantic, fresh forever? At 23 years old Indian young man sent those sincere emails to show his love to a woman he loves, even though he knows their love is not allowed.
Can we look for Juliet by email and find out where she is/was?

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