Everything is Worth Killing: Isaac's Tale

by alexoakchest

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Sci-fi High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead

What if you woke up in a post-apocalyptic land filled with trolls, orcs, ogres, and everything else that once seemed impossible? Not only that, but you woke up as a prisoner of a clan of green-skinned mages who don’t even speak your language?

What if they expected you to know magic, but left you to figure out for yourself how to cast it? These are the problems Isaac must solve.

This is his journey through a land filled with creatures that want to kill him. A grim land, where life is tough and learning spells and skills takes real work and may not happen quickly.

Through battles against slaver ogres and wingless dragons and gnome dictators. Through experimentation and adaptation, where he learns that killing one enemy helps him against the next. It’s also his journey to find a decent glass of beer.

This is not a story of godlike powers raining down on him. It is not a story where he survives on luck. It is not a story where every hero earns a happy ending.  To get anything, Isaac will need to work for it. To stay alive, he will have to fight for it.

This is his story of adapting to a world where everything is worth killing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Tied Up ago
Chapter 2 - Self Discovery ago
Chapter 3 - No Place Like Home ago
Chapter 4 - A Friend? ago
Chapter 5 - Hellcat ago
Chapter 6 - Almost There ago
Chapter 7 - Guests ago
Chapter 8 – Ice and Flames ago
Chapter 9 - Warmth ago
Chapter 10 - Everything is Worth Killing ago
Chapter 11 - Experiments ago
Chapter 12 - A Time Before Isaac ago
Chapter 13 – Dark Waters ago
Chapter 14 - Home ago
Chapter 15 - The Ogres' Bond ago
Chapter 16 - Headbutt ago
Chapter 17 - The Runenmer ago
Chapter 18 - Boulderdash ago
Chapter 19 - Better the Devil ago
Chapter 20 - Remains ago
Chapter 21 - A Different Stance ago
Chapter 22 - The Land Beyond ago
Chapter 23 - Sticks and Stones ago
Chapter 24 - Helligre ago
Chapter 25 - Cool Off ago
Chapter 26 - Gains ago
Chapter 27 - Plans of Ogres and Men ago
Chapter 28 - Making Heirs ago
Chapter 29 - A Rock and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 30 - Great Minds ago
Chapter 31 - Splat ago
Chapter 32 - Gnomish Compassion ago
Chapter 33 - The Temple & the Pit ago
Chapter 34 - Turtle Chef ago
Chapter 35 - Arch Angel of Retribution ago
Chapter 36 - Night Shift ago
Chapter 37 - Cleft Lip (1) ago
Chapter 38 - Boom Boom Again ago
Chapter 39 - Many Faces ago
Chapter 40 - Dwellers ago
Chapter 41 – Runes ago
Chapter 42 - Cleft Lip (2) ago
Chapter 43 - The Lock & the Letter ago
Chapter 44 - Just Flesh & Blood ago

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MC transported to a harsh world, looking good so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Portal

(as of chapter 21)

'Everything is Worth Killing' is an isekai story set in a place very similar to a post-apocalyptic Earth. Isaac awakes not in his own body and quickly learns that he has to carry his own weight or perish in a merciless world. Sometimes a strange voice (without boxes) gives him barely-useful hints.

Style/Grammar: The story is told in first-person internal style from Isaac's POV. One chapter shows a different person's POV in third-person style. The descriptions are good and the dialogue is rich. LitRPG elements are there but only for items, there are no stat numbers (yet?). Grammar and spelling are very good.

Story: The readers don't know much about how everything started but it seems that people from other worlds have over time been transported to this world and have created tiny islands of civilization. In addition to humans there are various fantasy races (e.g. human-enslaving ogres and a green-skinned species of magic-users) which seem to each have their own niche of purpose, sticking to that even when broadening their portfolio might be useful. It seems that the author put some serious thoughts in the cultural aspect of worldbuilding. There are hints that something powerful has their hand/tentacle/whatever in how the world's development is playing out. However, this information is presented in a rather crude info-dumpy way. The pacing of the MC's progress is fine.

Characters: Isaac fluctuates between panic and smart resourcefulness in the beginning before finding his balance and a way to progress. He's not stupid, running from overwhelming odds instead of making idiotic last stands but showing a helpful side whenever possible. So far he only met one other group of people, those show personalities that seem to have had thoughts put into.

I found this story on "latest updates" and gave it a try. I don't regret it, as this story is turning out rather interesting even though I don't know yet which direction it will take.

The Spectator
  • Overall Score

So Earth went through some kind of apocolypse. The MC awakens in the far future and tries to survive. It doesn't follow any of the cliches of other stories and is uniquely original in almost all aspects. A negative would be how after a few hundred chapters, every person who speaks is still using broken english. It gets kinda annoying after a while.

  • Overall Score

Review as of Chapter 28

Enjoying the story so far.  World and characters are decently fleshed out.  MC reacts to the world relatively reasonably.  Minor typos like missed spaces here and there, but cleanly written for the most part.  Good mix of drama and humor.  Overall, enjoyable.  

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Everything is Worth Killing - Kill

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - The Land Beyond
First of all my English is not my native language = /, so grammatical errors are inevitable. This novel, I really loved it! simply a hidden relic ...
Grammatical errors: Just a few, but as I said above I can't be sure because of my English. These are silly mistakes, unlikely to be found if you are not very focused. Plot: Great without too many holes is if you have the author quickly fix <3. The MC: I really liked the thought of mc. quite realistic, unlike many novels I've ever seen ...
Finally, I found the reading quite fluid and with a feeling of wanting more, hehe.
Thank you for the constant chapters.
I love you, beautiful author! 
  • Overall Score

This is definitely worth a look. As of Ch 11 the MC is interesting, the grammar and spelling are great, and the setting is different enough to make the whole thing feel a bit more original.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

This is great so far! I love it because of how original it is. The grammar is great and the characters are realistic enough. This is a hidden gem. The story is good and I'm enjoying the style. It's a good funny novel with plenty of drama and a glut of fantasy races. Easy to read and plot seems interesting so far. Keep it up!

  • Overall Score

English is not my native language so i apologize in advance

I've read up to chapter 48 and i have to say this novel is different from any isekai novel i've ever read and i like it,

Grammar: So far, i've noticed very few mistakes but nothing that can stop you from enjoy the novel, but then again, English is not my native language so i might be wrong.

Characters:  Isaac, our mc is not some OP nor some genius guy. He is just a dude trying to survive in the cruel world he was thrown in by some entity known as the "All-knowing", and he is trying to make head and tail of what is going on.

The side characters as well as the mc are well fleshed out and believable

Story: One word, UNIQUE and with a lot of potential, and would like to ask the author to add a warning, I’m sure some would like to know (for example) if there is gore or not before reading. The way human are treated can be quite shocking (it was for me at least).

Now, I have 2 problems:

-The mc has a habit of not fulfilling his goals and seems to forget about them, or should i maybe blame the author for throwing to many problems at him?

Spoiler: Spoiler

what I’m trying to say is that it is frustrating that the mc get thrown from one problem to another without solving the previous one

- I know this is how the author might have designed the spell system, but I do not think it is realistic to have someone ‘dance’ before throwing a single spell. I hope that the mc finds a way around those silly movements


  • Overall Score

Sings of greater potential in the future

Reviewed at: Chapter 59 - Boom-Boom Again

Quite enjoyable so far (59 chapters), I especially like rationality of MC and way he approaches problems, but there are some things that are worrying. First, the plot moves slooowly, if things were shrinked it would be better for the pacing.

Another thing is that "system" in this game isn't really interesting, I was reluctant to this resource based casting since the beginning, but thought author will find ways to make it interesting. So far, dissapointment in that regard. 

I don't think it will be a spoiler to say that there were none physical skills, only casting. It seems inconsistent, as if magic was held in higher regard than melee combat. It's barely noticable that this is world covered by "all-knowing" system. Don't take me wrong, I am not against light-litrpg, but here it seems underdeveloped. Almost 500 pages and MC has barely made any progress skill-wise and he's still beginner. I don't know if author intends to do time-skip (almost never good idea), but if the story keeps its tempo I assume we will see hundredrs of chapters. I am not sure if there's any remedy for this, changing speed of learning would be jarring compared to previous chapters.

Don't be pessimistic about it tho, it surely has potential and is somewhat unique compared to other isekai I've read, definitely worth reading. 

One last thing, I like girm/dark stories, but in my opinion author does it here too often, not enough to be called edgy, but a bit too close to the border of it.