Absolute Shopping Addict

by Way Fantasy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Jake Smithson was an ordinary man who lived an ordinary life and worked at an ordinary job... until he found himself on a fantasy world and tasked to fight off monsters.

While his old life revolved around one thing -- online shopping -- his way of life in this brave new world remained the same.

Despite his extraordinary circumstances... shopping, shopping never changes.

In a world so very different from his own, with his life turned upside down, he turns to the one thing he knows. Accompany Jake as he takes the first few steps on the journey of working and buying his way towards absolute power.



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  • Overall Score

Grammar and spelling is pretty good, but story leaves some things to be desired. Without spoiling it too much, a shopping addict gets transported to another world and 'awakens' as a 'shopping addict'. His class is weird because he doesn't gain EXP like every other class, but instead gets points/currency towards an online store that sells him everything from attribute points to skills to boats. Other reviews mention how the plot is essentially nonexistent, but I think that's wrong; the plot is almost entirely him chasing the next sale, so don't expect anything deeper than that. My primary gripe is the frequent time skips. I'd personally prefer it if the author spent more time actually writing out his hunting instead of just 'it happened'. It makes the progression feel way too fast.

Overall, it's an okay read if you're bored. I didn't find it as funny as other people apparently did, but it wasn't so bad that I've stopped reading the novel (as of Ch. 61).

  • Overall Score

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

Wow is this repetitive. You don't need to say that he's a shopping addict every other sentence! We all saw the title. That's called being repetitive. You should try to not be so repetitive with your story. Being repetitive is bad and annoying. You see how this review is repetitive? This repetitiveness is why it's annoying to be so repetitive.

  • Overall Score

Plot hole power fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 31

There are more plot holes than I can shake a stick at, but it's also a power fantasy so you really aren't reading it for character or plot. For people looking for a power fantasy I'd say it's a solid 4, for people looking for good characters writing and storytelling I'd say a 2, so middle ground on my rating.

How did he know the other characters powers etc? Just implied via questioning no real reason given its lazy storytelling, in fact theres nothing indicating he ever even spoke to any other characters really.

Author knowledge about the store tripping him up... why is that in a Jake chapter implying jake knows it? He doesnt but it's not clearly stated so reader can easily misinterpret.

Jake so far has spoken to 2 people with meaningful conversations, and implied spoken with 5 more, it amounts to maybe 2 pages of conversation but the main plot points are focused on his character interactions up to chapter 30 and his power level by buying stuff. If the author stripped down the power level, focused on the murder mystery the story would be a lot better.

If you counted on chapters dedicated to shopping, character growth, establishment, story, world building etc. If the 30 I've read 1 would be world, 3 would be character, 3 would be plot, 21 would be internal monologue and shopping. Unless the shop is the antagonist and struggle it's boring as hell after the novelty wears off. Theres not much conflict in the shop and he doesnt even purchase in a way that's clever, just on sale. The title is apt, hes an addict chasing the next high and worth about as much of your time as any other addict that thinks his addiction is a good thing.

  • Overall Score

Ridiculous, but entertaining (Ch 62). Maybe not for everyone.

Reviewed at: Chapter 62: Evergreen and Froad

This is an interesting story to review, in no small part because the entire driving force for every aspect of advancement is boiled down to a singular point. The main character is an extreme shopping addict. To the point where all worldly concerns rank in the order needed to acquire capital and purchase ever newer and more expensive shinies.

I will say from the outset, that if you're looking for deep world-building, tricky plots, and characters that all but breath within the pages, you won't find it here.

What this story does have though, is a ridiculous premise with absolute followthrough. Every obstacle that appears is only overcome insofar as it relates to exploring the store, with a humorous background from the perspective of the adventuring store's employees trying to deal with their first shopping addict. Especially once the story shifts from trying to deal with the issue of a compulsive shopper that has access to a store interface that wasn't supposed to be opened yet, to trying to keep the hook in their whale of a customer. The scenes and character moments are repetitive, which, considering that the MC has a singular purpose and need isn't all that surprising, but I found it entertaining enough to continue reading through 62 chapters.

The tone is somewhat reminiscent of watching an intelligent magpie frantically chasing after ever shinier gems, and for what it sets out to be, I think the author nailed it. What I will say though, is that while the absurdity of situations grows and the quality of writing improves throughout the story, if you don't like the way the story runs in the first 15 chapters, you probably won't enjoy it as it goes further. I personally enjoyed it, but this definitely falls into a very specific niche of writing. It's one of the few stories where there isn't so much an end goal, as a hamster wheel with obstacles.

The Vale
  • Overall Score

A of chapter 24: There is a lot of repeating and retreading the same thing agiain and again. The world-building is also inconsistent, treated as both a game world that was built and designed as a game (yet with only conscripted players, most of whom are supposed to die off in the second act of the tutorial) and as an armour for the world designed to soak monster invasion, with a conscripted army to do the fighting.

Throw logic, sense, and good story telling out the window. It's mindless, repetetive, and generic.

Mildly amusing, not actually funny (more annoying or aggravating in parts if I'm honest), a low form of entertainment for when you want something mindless. It's not terrible - definitely readable, but it isn't all that good. Thus far there are no narrative hooks to gain a readers interest, it just survives on gimmicks alone to drive it.

(the above part of teh review was rated 6/5 at time of following additions if that sort of thing is relevant to you)

Edit as of chapter 45: Still heavily relies on gimmicks, but the writing seems technically solid and is repeating itself less (or seems to be). Inconsistencies in the world building are still in play/unexplained. Story is getting slightly deeper with more world building taking place and seems to be gaining some direction beyond completely relying on gimmicks.

Upping score by 1 to reflect percieved increase in quality.


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Background chatter...

In the first 4 chapters I read, 90% of the text is background chatter from seemingly completely irrelevant characters. (I read more now, finally dropped at ch 27 so updated)

This author can't focus on writing his story, he can't focus on writing his character, he just zoomed the fuck out and wrote about all the NPCs in the immediate surroundings of the protagonist, it's like he's writing what the protagonist hears people say in the background while he's minding his own business.

It's to the point where I'm starting to wonder if he's even the protagonist or not. I completely disapprove of this style of writing, hence my low style score.

What's even worse is that these characters aren't even fleshed out in any way, they really, truly, exist as background chatter to the author as well it seems. So he spends like 70-80% total of the text on writing the opinions of meaningless, completely and utterly meaningless (to both the author and the mc) characters... I just don't get it

A little later on it is also made abundantly clear that this isn't an actual other world, but a game. So there are no real stakes here either like was implied at the start.

I do have to salute the author for being the fastest publishing author i have seen in a long time tho. Real kudos for that. Are the lame music references really neccessary tho? We get it you have shit tastes, no need to rub it in so much.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Starts good, but fails to entertain in the end.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

Its alright, if a bit one note overall. It went stale quickly for me. There are some amusing parts, and the concept is pretty clever.  I didn't notice any obvious editing errors, aside from some rare awkward grammar.

Decent enough to be worth a try if you can't find anything else, but difficult for me to actually reccommend.

  • Overall Score

This is a strange one. If this was an advanced review, it would be low in all the subcategories but high for the overall score. The grammar is not great, the style is a lot of telling over showing, repetition, odd phrases or orders of events, the plot is nothing new. The characters are a bit unusual, but they're pretty flat.

But in the end, I read far more of this story than most others I start, because it's entertaining and enjoyable to read somehow. The best comparison might be Saturday morning cartoons. You don't really need to think, you can just read and enjoy the same things you've enjoyed before playing out in a way that is just different enough to make it fun. 

  • Overall Score

Very entertaining story, gotten several good laughs off it. Worth the read!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A comedic romp on shopping as an isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

A very pleasing reading. The writing style and protagonist live made me thinking of the British author Robert Rankin. The main character, even if a little unpleasant in his fanatical shopping habit,  has some redeeming qualities. The MC isn’t overpowered because his addiction to shopping.  The reactions of the Awakening Store Kelderian are amusing by their cluelessness, and it’s also one of my reserves on him. If Kelderian know the Shopping Addict class, he should understand the characteristics of a shopping addict.

Finally the syntax and spelling are correc, except for classic errors like “to” for “too”.

I follow this tale with interest.