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Ben could never afford to participate in the virtual version of his favorite role-playing game, so when the opportunity presents itself he takes it with (almost) no second thought. His life changes instantly: building a strong character in this virtual and amazing world becomes his one and only desire, and there is nothing he wouldn't do to achieve his goals. 

Little does he know, but his quest for power does not go unnoticed; powerful people are watching his every move, with plans of their own... plans that might change the fabric of reality between both worlds. Will Ben's lust for power destroy everything and everyone he loves? Or can he be strong enough to become the one thing he always dreamed about... a superhero.

* Cover image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay.

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Nir Librach

Nir Librach

Top List #2500
2nd Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
51 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Time To Get Dressed ago
Chapter 2: No Easy Beginnings ago
Chapter 3: The Importance Of Initiative ago
Chapter 4: Shiraz ago
Chapter 5: Don't Mess With Mr. Pink ago
Chapter 6: A Bonehead Move ago
Chapter 7: Level Up ago
Chapter 8: A Real-Life Villain ago
Chapter 9: Unexpected Rewards ago
Chapter 10: There Are Monsters Here ago
Chapter 11: The Perfect Plan ago
Chapter 12: Riddles In The Dark ago
Chapter 13: Knowledge Is Power ago
Chapter 14: Slice Of Life ago
Chapter 15: A Secret Meeting ago
Chapter 16: Treasure Hunters ago
Chapter 17: Not Enough Blood ago
Chapter 18: The Path Of Courage ago
Chapter 19: Just One More Trick ago
Chapter 20: Coming Together ago
Chapter 21: Mike's Tale ago
Chapter 22: Trust No One ago
Chapter 23: There Can Be Only One ago
Chapter 24: Milenna ago
Chapter 25: Into The Belly Of The Beast ago
Chapter 26: Sacrifice ago
Chapter 27: A Quest For Power ago
Chapter 28: Boundaries ago
Chapter 29: With Friends Like These ago
Chapter 30: NPCs ago
Chapter 31: Choices ago
Chapter 32: A Broken Promise ago
Chapter 33: A Hero's Welcome ago
Chapter 34: Day Of The Beacon ago
Chapter 35: A Matter Of Identity ago
Chapter 36: The Pact ago
Chapter 37: Nothing But A Mercenary ago
Chapter 38: Evil Is As Evil Does ago
Chapter 39: The Bane Of The Elves ago
Chapter 40: The Darkest Hour ago
Chapter 41: Godlike ago
Chapter 42: Second Echelon ago
Chapter 43: A Hero Reborn ago
Chapter 44: Same Same But Different ago
Chapter 45: Forest Encounters ago
Chapter 46: Setting Up The Stage ago
Chapter 47: The Right of Passage ago
Chapter 48: What Was, Will Be Again ago
Chapter 49: Torn ago
Chapter 50: The Fate of Two Worlds ago
Chapter 51: A New Quest ago

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Detrius Vimes

it took me a bit to get into it, but the whole vr dnd thing was actually pretty coo. Fun story man.


To be fair, I loved the vast majority of this story for the first 34~ chapters; it has all the best elements of a great adventure fantasy while pulling off the science fiction angle better than I ever would have thought.

But there are some irreconcilable issues between my presonal preferences and certain aspects of the story that seem to be getting worse (for me) as the story progresses. 

Like how the MC and female lead fall deeply and madly in love after spending less than 8 hours of game time together (didn't even get to 1st base), the first 4h of which are mostly her trying to get info from him via seduction and standing really close while he awkward-flirts with her and the other lady party member. Their post 8h courtship is a whole new level of cringe.

Most are just general inconsistencies, problems I have with the MC, obvious ways for the characters to profit that are simply ignored, etc. 

There's one scene after they defeat a necromancer (that they don't bother finding the loot from) where 5 treasure chests are blocked off by big rocks; warrior tries and fails to move boulder; MC finds hidden treasure chest; warrior gets literal boulder breaking knuckle dusters; warrior shatters boulder that isn't preventing access to 5 chests to show off; they leave. '_'


If you still like it after ch38 then confidently continue reading with the knowledge that it only gets better... if you have doubts, you can bail without missing out.


ps: there are a couple of points where characters say something like "me and no other" when a western english speaker would have said "the one and only"... other than that and a few random errors, the grammar and english are good.


This was a great read for the majority of the book.  My single point of complaint would be that the last few chapters seemed somewhat rushed, but it was obviously written with a sequel in mind.


I'm really hoping said sequel appears, as I would love to continue reading about this world.


Clever, demanding & very delightful.

Reviewed at: Chapter 49: Torn

A brilliant an bit complicated story with fascinating characters and few surprising twists that sweep you right from the start.
The hilarious and tragic plot mix in a well built world, that takes you throgh a rabbit hole that getting deeper and deeper, Ben is just someone I would love to see in great blockbuster movie one day..