Demon King 101

Demon King 101

by forgiuse

Airumel. A world scarred by constant wars. With peace being nothing but a mere dream for weaklings with no standing in this harsh world. For thousands of years, conflicts arise between the forces of the Heaven Realm, which is an alliance of humans and their allied races, against the numerous demons of the Demon Realm. All in the name of superiority to decide who is the true owner of this world.

In the midst of the conflicts come our main character, a Japanese high school student who was summoned as a familiar for a powerful mage from the Demon Realm. An unextraordinary teenager, armed with his will and guts as the strongest weapon he has in disposal. Can he survive this unexpected ordeal and prove himself among the ranks of the demons ?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Official Feedback Topic. ago
Prologue: A farewell to the old world ago
Chapter 1: A welcome from the new world ago
Chapter 2: An introduction to a new life ago
Chapter 3: A ruckus at the crowded cafeteria ago
Chapter 4: A night in the fiery girl's room ago
Chapter 5: A day drowning in books ago
Chapter 6: A wander wandering in the fog ago
Chapter 7: A chat about meaningless things ago
Chapter 8: A fight where destinies clash ago
Chapter 9: A verdict arrived late in midnight ago
Chapter 10: A wish of the fallen ago
Chapter 11: A choice for a profession ago
Chapter 12: A conflict of will and choice ago
Chapter 13: A prologue of the ancient past ago
Chapter 14: A tale of the aged antiquity ago
Chapter 15: A girl and the unexpected dilemma ago
Chapter 16: A run for the sake of tomorrow ago
Chapter 17: A fall of body and will ago
Chapter 18: An intersession with the trusted confidants ago
Chapter 19: A test of knowledge and determination ago
Chapter 20: A showcase of ideal and power ago
Chapter 21: A vow to end his weakness ago
Chapter 22: A drop of snow at the season's start ago
Chapter 23: The war to end all war ago
Chapter 24: The day of ignorance ago
Chapter 25: The calm before the storm ago
Chapter 26: The hidden heart and the girl’s confession ago
Chapter 27 (1): A castle in peril ago
Chapter 27 (2): An army in slumber ago
Chapter 27 (Final): And the start of a war ago
Chapter 28: The Strongest fire mage ago
Chapter 29: The duel between Mages ago
Chapter 30: The dragon and the paladin ago
Chapter 31: The dance of angels ago
Chapter 32: The fateful meeting of light and dark ago
Chapter 33: The arrival of the Black Light ago
Chapter 34: The might of man ago
Chapter 35: The iron resolve ago
Chapter 36: The girl who’s awake ago
Chapter 37: The struggle of warriors ago
Chapter 38: The harsh acceptance ago
Chapter 39: The unknown desire ago
Chapter 40: The light before dawn ago
Chapter 41: The fire and what remain after ago
Chapter 42: The interlude before the finale ago
Chapter 43: The clash of youth ago
Chapter 44: The dawn of the end ago
Chapter 45: The counterattack of mankind ago
Chapter 46: The spark of destruction ago
Chapter 47: The dragon’s rage ago
Chapter 48: The rain of fire ago
Chapter 49: The answers for the future (1) ago
Chapter 49: The answers for the future (2) ago
Chapter 49: The answers for the future (Bonus chapter) ago
Chapter 50: The path of resolution ago
Chapter 51: The end of strife ago
Chapter 52: The connected heart ago
Chapter 53: The delayed farewell ago
Arc 2 Epilogue ago
Not a chapter, more like a survey ago
Chapter 54: The song of departure ago
Chapter 55: The Empyrean Mercenaries ago
Chapter 56: The Suntos continent ago
Chapter 57: The Great Steppe ago
Chapter 58: The Aherin tribe ago
Chapter 59: The Arahas desert ago
Chapter 60: The secret meeting ago
Chapter 61: The Hero’s arrival ago
Chapter 62: The Rudo Bandits ago
Chapter 63: The Slaughter Ground ago
(Not a chapter) To continue or not ago
Chapter 64: The New Life ago
Chapter 65: The New Instructor ago
Chapter 66: The reconciliation ago
Chapter 67: The new request ago
Chapter 68: The last assignment ago
Chapter 69: The first mission ago

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I stayed waiting for changes, and leaved without them (I read it till chap 54)

Keeping it short:" the author writes really well but you don't fell like there is story and characters development at all, its like you never leave chapter 1."

One of the important charcters just turn to be really hatefull and leaves with killing hundres of allies with a pat in the head. And the mc is useless, alive by sheer luck and stupidity(hight tendency to take suicide actions, alive because of plot magic) started as a human excuse and stayed the same, he is stuck to other character( the hatefull one) because of stockholm syndrome, normaly he is suppossed to hate her but in the end (chp 54) does not, even with the circumstances it does not have logic to this development.


You know what will come next, but at the same time you don't

I read this story the first time about 3 years ago. Back then I always thought how average this story was and its author could have done better with its concept. Because of that first impression I didn't give it another chance until a few weeks ago.

This time, without the unreasonable hatred toward the transport-into-another-world setting, I read it again and be completely blew away (need to note that I still generally don't like most of the light novels because of their silliness). 

The thing about stories of being transported to another world are that they are usually not good. Especially the one involves some japanese high school boy. We came to this story, we read its title, its opening, the characters, the setting and most of us believed it will be bad. We expected to not find any depth in this kind of story. But that's where I was wrong, and maybe you were too.

This story won't try to impress you in any kind of traditional ways. You will get into it slow and it will continue that way (seriously!). You will not be impressed and you will lose your patience in the midway. But the story somehow makes you care enough just by being interesting enough. And I think that is the charm of this story: you know what to expect next, but at the same time you don't. You won't notice the moment you actually like it.

Let me take a moment to tell you about the characters. It's been a while since the last time I actually felt emotionally involved with characters in a fictional story. This story somehow did it, it made me care about its characters. I will say these characters are not good people, they're not nice or really likeable. Sometimes you hate them for their selfish actions, sometimes you realize how much they resemble you. You might not ever like them, but you feel like they are people that you cannot help but care about.

This is not a story without flaws though. There're some chapters with too many info dumps that they will bore you. The main character usually fall deep in his thought that will sometimes...bore you as well. There're some moments characters be driven by plot convenience but it happens rarely. The inconsistent in this story's tenses and its grammartical errors are two big minuses. But eventually you will stop caring lol.

Give this story a try, be patient and you will understand what I mean.


I don't know, it's just good

the lore is kinda deep for a web novel 


Generic Mess of a 'Summoned' Story

The style isn't good or bad, it stands out as much as a pedestrian in New York. However on the occasions you notice it, it is a complete disaster.


For the story it is simply another "Summoned" story, nothing more or less. Contributes absolutely nothing to the genre, nor will you remember it after a quick nap. It feels as though the author read a random "Summoned" story then replaced some names and switched out a few ideas between a few terrible RRL fictions.


The grammar is just atrocious. The author isn't a native speaker, I get that, however it feels as though some little kid with a bad childhood wrote it. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Laziness is not an excuse, you should strive to improve not just continue posting badly formatted, scrambled messes of words.


Ignoring the generic demon princess who has a shitty attitude,the main character of the story is at least interesting. I say interesting in the lightest possible meaning as the side characters will drain any entertainment he brings in a few lines of dialogue, which if I haven't mentioned you can't make heads or tales of.


Rating of 2/5 Stars. A grade-school teacher would probably fail this story if it was turned in.


I think this story is underrated. Probably because of the slow pace and build up, and not an overpowered main character. However, I really encourage people to give it a fair chance. The second arc of the story is amazing and it’s where real stuff starting to go down. In a sense, first very slow part is exactly why second part is as good as it is. And i’m sure it’s only get better.



When I first started reading this I expected this to be a happy go lucky fantasy school novel with an idiot and crappy MC and a brainless harem.Boy,how wrong I was.I would have dropped this novel if not for your interesting style of narrating in both the 3rd person and 1st person and human-like characters(like literally lol xD).This started to become far more than that!Really interested where this will go.

I like the blunt and still detailed way you write and the choice of words.Clearly you put a lot of thought and effort to create this.I appreciate this!

I like the way the story comes loose and then gets interesected with everything getting in place.For a fantasy,you describe in a way it feels realistic.

On the other hand,the plot is advancing very slowly :I mean in almost 40 chapters only 3 months or so passed,even less  maybe.It doesn't really affect me as I like it anyway but it will take a long time to finish if it keeps going like this.Doesn't bother me if you keep this slow if you keep them chappies coming.:)

Another thing that bothers me is that the MC has too much monologues about becoming stronger but in actuality even if he tries...he still doesn't get that much results.He should still go with his motto of  ''Work smart,not hard'' more often and use his head not just to resolve problems but to avoid them and create proper conditions for his growth like taking advantage of this otherwordly knowledge and start a bussiness when he has time so he can stabilise his life and continue with his training.Maybe training his  body with his muscle-head friend more,experimenting with Kardia in Alchemy,chatting with Deborah and Armadia about magic,getting information from Iola as she looks to like to have a listener to her rants :).Maybe even descompose his gun and try to make another one weapon,more simple like a big hand cannon if he can.I think he would've if not for the shitty enemies and the FUCKING WAR that made him lose screen time !!!

Also,you tend to make grammar mistakes like ''worries is '' when it should be ''worries be/are'' or you forget to add some ''that'',''then'',''than''.Note that I am not any English teacher and this is just to help you in any way I can so you can offer the others less things to rant and complain about.Not that many grammar errors like some tend to say.

I would have more to say but can't find the words for it .Those are my main gripes with your story anyway.I read many LN(ones that give the author money for his work) and yours is certainly in the very top in quality,ironically as you probably don't earn that much or anything at all.Maybe try to publish yours with some hot pics of the girls?Surely that would get many interested :/.

Regardless,you didnt ask for money as much as you asked for opinions.I discovered this yesterday night and was at chapter 32 and wanted to post a comment then but I said better not do things half-assed and read everything before posting down this.You clearly deserve this at least from a leecher and slurker like me!

I observed you like to use this expression ''Shut your trap'' a lot.Found it in many of your chapters xD

Hope you continue !

Junior creep

Good story but still lacking

The story is written well and there is no problem with the plot. However, there are still a lot of things that I don't it so satisfying. The first few chapters are hooking enough. The title is interesting. It's enough for me to keep reading the story. But it's lacking the impact, or should I say the mind blowing factor. It's an interesting read, but not enough for me to marathon dozen of chapters at once. The plot is both predictable and unpredictable at the same time, sadly the predictable portion is more than the unpredictable. This makes the story less compelling for me to be curious what will happen next. The slow pace also attributes to this problem.

Now to the characters. The first few chapters gave me an impression of a shaddy cunning mc. However, the more I read the story, the more I find out that he is weak, and quite often, an idiot. He has no op power or intelligence. That is ok, no problem. I can still accept it as there is growth to him, though it is only a small and slow growth. The most annoying problem I have is the other characters. They just talk too much, and more often, I find them trying to defend themselves by explaining their actions. It's like everyone trying to prove themselves that they are good person, only doing these things because of circumstances.

 Hm, seems like I only talked too much of bad things. Let's add something positive.


Having read the latest chapter as of posting this review - I can say I enjoy the depth of thought put into this book.  The intricate relationship of an ancient and seemingly despotic headmaster, overpowered but experience deficient student, and underpowered but experienced student's familiar make for intricate maneuvering.  This is a very fine juggling act - as if the author has positioned himself as the boardmaster of a perfect In-Real-Life Real-Time-Strategy-Simulation.

This is not a clone - despite the intro mechanism.  It has made me say "Why isn't this better known and up the rankings?"

Grammar - 4.5 - there's always something that falls through the cracks for everyone.

Style - 4 - could use a little PR / edit, but good overall.

Story - 5 - Original, and well presented, even if there are somewhat obvious influences.  Hey, we're all influenced one way or another.

Characters - 5 - Very detailed development through action, and some thought exposure.

Overall - 4.75


I don't mind slow build stories , i like your side characters more than you MC... the MC is just kinda of a jerk for no good reason .. there is no back story to him .. his *jokes* don't have any reason are just because .. what i am trying to say is  he  is "boring"   , story wise i like it but your MC have no traits to make me keep reading this. 

I love tragic ,dark themes ,funny , romance ...but  this story doesn't have any of those , it doesn't know where is going . 


Thank you for the quick read


begin seem a l ref to a manga

hi, the story of a japanese summon by a  magical girl with red hair  seem a little plagia of  " zero no tsukaima" , and i say a little for  the begin  part,  but something  lack in the MC , like  he use a gun, if he have some physics  knowleage why not use that, to show he have some brain and not  the easy ways  like having a gun .

Aniways keep going  the work  and srry if i spoil