Confessions of the Magpie Wizard

by dbfassbinder

Original ONGOING Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead School Life Secret Identity Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

In a dark future, the demonic Grim Horde rules most of the Earth, and Britain has just fallen. The last survivor of the island is the young wizard Soren Marlowe, the newest student at the Nagoya Academy of Magic. To all appearances, he is a normal enough young man, if a little girl crazy.

Little do they know that he's an exiled devil, one of the very same demons who helped destroy the fallen island! Now thrust into the middle of someone else's romantic comedy, Soren will need to think fast to keep his secret and, just maybe, find a little romance.

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Harem Anime Comedy, With A Soul

Reviewed at: Book 1: Chapter 3

Where to begin here?

So I feel like transparency is needed. This story is not new to me. Infact, I can say that I know just about everything that happens in it, will happen in it, and is going to happen in it. Because DB has been my friend for a good decade plus at this point, and has used me as a sounding board for a lot of his ideas and concepts. 

One thing you need to know about me going into this, I am not a harem anime guy. I'm not. I typically roll my eyes or worse when they cross my path. So a lot of my initial suggestions for his idea were to take things in a very satirical, meanspirited direction. DB though, that's not how he is. 

He has a genuine love for the genre, even if he wishes it could be done better. And that's what this is. His attempt, often successful if I may say so, to make this genre the best it can be. This does not mean that this is a by the numbers retelling, either. 

Infact the whole premise of the tale hinges on this fact. The true 'harem anime' gets derailed in hilarious, and often dramatic, fashion by the lead character. Soren is an outsider in all respects, even in regards to his own nature. The people he meets may appear to be familiar at first glance, but have a depth and scope to them uncommon to the genre, I would say. Soren himself is a hedonist, not because he wants to be, but because it is what is expected of him. 

His journey, how he copes with having to deal with humans and human nature, is sure to be an enticing one. I can't say much more on the plot, having an insider's eye as I do. Know that there's hardly a lull in the adventure, even as it's more slice of life than heavy action. If you have an eye for Ara Ara big sisters, petite quiet chicks, energetic fun loving girls, and forceful, Student President ladies, you'll find someone for you. 

And that's just this first outing! Give it a read, and let him know what you think. I think you'll find it well worth it.

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Good Story with Great Writing and Fun Characters

Reviewed at: Book 1: Chapter 13

TL;DR: Impressive writing, Solid plot, Great characters, Succeeds at being funny in the right spots. You should give the story a shot if you like comedy and anime.

A small tip – If you’re confused as to why he has the impulse to steal all the time, then look up the meaning of the word magpie when used to describe people (hence, Magpie Wizard).


    Style: I’m actually really impressed with this author’s style of writing. It’s what I would consider to be ‘elaborate’ in terms of both sentence structure and words used. This makes it feel like the author is a professional writer who is well versed in high fantasy articulate. I will admit there were points when it was difficult for me to focus on the story in the beginning, due to the elaborateness, but it does really fit with the overall tone set and wasn’t as much of a problem later on.

At the very least, I’ve seen books in this category on Amazon that were significantly more poorly written and do amazing, so that’s saying something.


    Story: The story has an interesting setup with a unique Prologue. Right from the start we get a twist probably no one would have expected, which makes the story and main character a hundred times more interesting, because now we really want to know what’s going on. However, without giving away any spoilers, I will say there are some plot points that don’t fully make sense to me. That’s not to say they are a hindrance to the story, or completely illogical, but I personally didn’t feel like certain events would have resulted in the way they did. This is just an opinion though, and because the overall plot is solid, I can’t dock for it (since it's supposed to be comedy).

And really, that's the thing - Some minor aspects of the story just don’t make sense if taken seriously, but since this is meant to be more of a comedy, it works. Pacing is fine, with the story taking a long time for the main character to get to the magic school, but it’s kind of necessary to have some of the backstory. The one sex scene so far as of Chapter 13 is fade-to-black (FTB), which I personally appreciate. Honestly, I don’t feel like the “sexual content” tag is even needed at this point, especially if all sex scenes will be FTB like the first.


    Grammar: Overall, this seems well edited, rather than a rough draft. I haven’t had any issues with grammar, though I’m also primarily reading for enjoyment of the story, rather than trying to nitpick about every little homonym (didn’t find any, but also wasn’t really looking for them). In my opinion, parenthesis shouldn’t be used in a story, so I’m not a fan of their occasional appearance.

There is a lot of dialogue where the MC is interjecting his thoughts while someone is talking. This is an unusual method of doing it, in my opinion, but not necessarily incorrect – just different from what I’m used to.


    Character: Originally, I had a major problem with the main character especially, before the author did a rewrite of the first few chapters upon receiving some feedback. To put it bluntly, the MC was portrayed as a true idiot simply because his actions did not fully make sense given his situation. However, this has been remediated with the revision – the guy still doesn’t make the best decisions, but at least his choices are now logical. Previously, they at least “appeared” to be illogical, and I have a problem with illogical characters, as many others do.

I also initially thought the character development started off poor, given the introduction of a particular character early on, but as I progressed through the story, I discovered that the character development is spot on. For example, given how the story starts, I thought most of the women would automatically like the main character.

Boy was I wrong, and it’s great.

My only real complaint is that character descriptions come somewhat late, but it’s not necessarily wrong to handle it how the author does, so I won’t dock him for it.

My last issue is with the devil society. From what I’ve read up to chapter 13, devil behavior and what is valued doesn’t seem to be entirely logical at certain points, and at other points it’s so logical that it’s almost disturbing. The latter half of that statement is why I'm giving him the full 5 stars.



Something that could use some work – This story is actually set in the future, but because of the whole “magic school” vibe, along with references to “wizards” right from the start, it automatically gives me a more high fantasy, ancient medieval feel. This actually was a problem for me in the beginning, due to some of the lacking description of the environment, that had me constantly picturing the setting as medieval. However, since this was a personal issue I struggled with, and since it only affected like the first chapter, I didn’t really consider it as part of my rating. (Also, a lot of that was fixed in the revision)

The other consideration is that the Prologue in particular sets up the story to be this big epic tale, but it’s more of a comedy/harem kind of story, so in a way, the big setup falls in line with the comedic aspects (and the delusions of grandeur that the main character appears to have). From my understanding, that is the point – to turn tropes on their heads for the sake of humor.

And yes, this story does turn a lot of anime and harem tropes on their heads, and it's great!

Zombie Unicorne
  • Overall Score

Tired of the constant loser pandering protoganist that plauges anime or rrl even?

Try this story out!

Vuck L. Wolf
  • Overall Score

Hidden gem one of the best fictions on RR in my opinion hope this getts attentiin it deserves.

  • Overall Score

Bleeding the essence of anime into novel form is no easy feat. Even moreso in the exploration, deconstruction and subversion of the harem anime stereotype to evolve it into something that carries a heart and soul brimming with substance.

I am but fifteen chapters in and I'm confident that this will only continue to impress. This story takes every character and layers them with subtlety that attentive readers will be rewarded for noticing. 

I dislike harem anime, its not my thing and I honestly find it crude and cringy. Its unfortunate that the outer layer of the story can make some people few Magie Wizard this way, but oddly enough, this works perfectly to its advantage.

I went in skeptical, unsure of whether someone could make me like anything remotely resembling a harem anime story. Surely no one could make it good. Surely no one could ever convince me that I would read a story like this and enjoy it.

Again, this is an early review as the story is not fully posted yet, and there are criticisms I have, but they entirely hinge on where the rest of this novel goes. As such I will save those for when it is complete.

Magpie Wizard defies expectations.

And deserves your attention.

  • Overall Score

Opium given written form

Reviewed at: Book 1: Chapter 12

As of ch 13

A very good start that I hope against hope doesn't go the way of the average rrl novel.