Adventurer - Sunrise Over Sunset

by TabletopLiterature

Original HIATUS Fantasy Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Mythos Non-Human lead Slice of Life Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Thrust into a world governed by tabletop RPG rules, Cire seeks out a place to belong, protect, and thrive. The allure of community is strong when you have nothing. He will strive to prove himself worthy of acceptance, while struggling to hide a dark secret.

He wasn’t chosen by the gods. He wasn’t granted unique or powerful skills. He definitely wasn’t gifted good fortune. With a motley band of friends, remote starting location, and questionable prospects Cire will endeavour to survive in Elysium. 


Dice rolls, quests, and intriguing characters are only the tip of the spear. The Adventurer series includes playable game mechanics, maps, and more!

Thrust into a world governed by tabletop RPG rules, Cire must survive an onslaught of wondrous and horrific challenges. His peculiar race, charismatic personality, and talent for turning negative situations sideways might just be the tools he needs to achieve his goals, or they may lead to his ruin.

*All Chapters have been edited and reposted as of 12/14/2019*

Previous chapters were posted over to maintain view count.

Author's Note: This is my debut novel. Up until this point, the only thing I have written of comparable length has been non-fiction and related to history. I am immensly grateful to all the folks who have given me feedback and helped me improve my writing.

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Repost Changelog - Edits and additions ago
Repost - Chapter 1: Emergence on Elysium ago
Repost - Chapter 2: Walk into Wilds ago
Repost - Chapter 3: Surprising Strangers ago
Repost - Chapter 4: Bored Boars ago
Repost - Chapter 5: Remarkable Revelation ago
Repost - Chapter 6: Quirky Companions ago
Repost - Chapter 7: Morning Memory ago
Repost - Chapter 8: Proper Plans... ago
Repost - Chapter 9: Dreadful Display ago
Repost - Chapter 10: Jokes and Jocularity ago
Repost - Chapter 11: Yielding to Yearning ago
Repost - Chapter 12: Openly Onward ago
Repost - Chapter 13: Alarming Assault ago
Repost - Chapter 14: Examination and Explanation ago
Repost - Chapter 15: Gifts Given ago
Repost - Chapter 16: Zigs and Zags ago
Repost - Chapter 17: Tenuous Termination ago
Repost - Chapter 18: Constrained Catharsis ago
Repost - Chapter 19: Friendship and Fellowship ago
Repost - Chapter 20: Inciting Incident ago
Repost - Chapter 21: Letting Loose ago
Repost - Chapter 22: Killing the Kitten ago
Repost - Chapter 23: Unexpected and Unbidden ago
Repost - Chapter 24: Virtual Victory ago
Repost - Chapter 25: House and Home ago
Repost - Epilogue: Naive Naga ago
Tables & Charts ago
Print & Playable Maps - Various Locations in the Valley of Sunset ago
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Supplemental Chapter - Elysium's Gods: Olympian Pantheon ago
Adventurer Series Short: The Lurking Lair - Introduction ago
The Lurking Lair - Chapter 1: One Last Game ago
Chapter 2: A Second Beginning ago
Chapter 3: Several Decisions ago

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Needs some editing but still a fine 'classic style' RPG story

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Inciting Incident

(as of "Lurking Lair 1", i.e. the 31th post; review done before an announced editing)

'Adventurer' tells the story of the former human Eric (now Ciresil, a divine-elf/vampire hybrid) who is isekai'd in a remote valley in a fantasy world that feels like the computer version of a pen-and-paper RPG, with status boxes, skills, quests and xp. He befriends the few inhabitants of a small hamlet and learns how the system works, protecting the hamlet from wolves and similar dangers to earn his keep. Aaaand he starts sucking monster blood because that gives the most experience points.

Style/Grammar: The story is told in third-person internal style by an omniscient narrator, mostly from Cire's point of view but short scenes are told from various other POVs. The descriptions are good with a rich vocabulary. There are still things to improve: often there are sentences that could flow better or smaller continuity errors (the latter probably from rearranging while writing/editing). Typos mostly consist of missing spaces and missing possessive apostrophes. The author is listening to the readers' feedback, correcting errors and modifying "bad" scenes quickly.

Story: What I really missed while reading were explanations of and reactions to some very basic things, like the fact that the MC spawns in a game-like fantasy world at all without being irritated by that; but later in the story there are hints that there is an explanation for this. The mood is often easy but there are some impactful scenes as well. Pacing is a bit on the quicker and sometimes clumsier side, e.g. befriending the people seems to be much easier than I would expect and there is lots of stuff happening in a short time even though they are in a very tiny very remote settlement.

Characters: Cire is a unique MC due to his special hybrid race that gives him unusual options but also requirements. He has both good and flawed aspects which make his personality believable. There are some discrepancies between him sometimes being smart and resourceful, and on the other hand often acting impulsively and stupid. The other characters all have their own personalities that make for a large variety, they feel plausible even though we haven't seen that many sides of them.

All in all this is looking to become a very fine LitRPG story. Currently the author is preparing a larger edit of the story, I think that will smooth out many of the tiny shortcomings.

  • Overall Score

This story has potential but is unfortunately let down by railroading and unnatural interactions. The plot starts well enough but everything starts going downhill once the MC reaches a town. There are many minor issues like an inconsistent system and unclear power structure. The most problatic thing is the MC is just unrelatable and not fun to read about. His decisions make little sense and the pacing is all over the place. I would guess the author wanted things to go a certain way but did not have the ability to make it happen in story. This unfortunately leads to the the MC looking like a hurt/comfort fanfiction trope. He starts crying at the drop of the hat for pity's sake.

The railroading culminates in the MC making a permanant oath to never leave that first small town, for an extended period, upon pain of permanant death. Whats that? Yes I know the story is titled adventurer. Whats your point?

Joking aside the author has potential and the story initially interested me which is why what happened is so aggrivating. I would recommend the author plan things more and let the story get to where needs to go more naturally instead of trying to force things.

I would not recommend this story.

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Rather nice adventure story, could use improving

Reviewed at: Introduction: Emergence in Elysium

Found this story quite recently, and decided to give it a read, mainly due to its premise of having a tabletop like system. And i  have enjoyed it, even if there are flaws.


I do quite like the MC, and how he interacts with the inhabitants of the valley, he is not exactly a perfect person, considering that some of his decisions arent  thought out at all, by no means he is a min-maxer or anything like that, he is someone with a normal personality trying to survive in the world of Elysium, and that fact is not helped at all by his race, to the point that he is being influenced by it.

Its really shown how he is like, when he for the benefit of the villagers of the valley, and to his own detriment, makes a rather major decision, one that does severly limit his travelling options, i really wonder just how the author is going to handle that, since it does limit the story, atleast to me.

The other characters that appear are well written for the story so far, having quite the dynamic between them, i especially do like the other members of the party.


Its rather refreshing to see a story of this type, one that uses a system with tabletop RPG like stats. And its quite well written here, the sytem is nicely constructed, of course it is not perfect, but its well done. Another thing is that while it may use tabletop rules, it does not go extreme in that by hiding things such as rolls, which would seriously slow down the story and make it more complex.

There is not much to say about the world the story takes place in, as it has not been developed much yet, due to the story not going beyond the valley the MC is in, and it does not appear it will happen anytime soon.  Which is quite sad, as i do want to see the MC go beyond the valley, but if he is limited like that, it wont happen easily, and that sadly is a problem, as it ruins one part of the premise.

Also there is the entire reveal thing, i do feel like the buildup to that could be impoved.


The grammar used in this story is good overall, though there are some problems, mostly with missing spaces throughout the story, which is not exactly a big problem and gets fixed rather quick when pointed out. Another issue is consistency with stats, not that i have noticed anything personally, but they have been pointed out before, also at times the sentences feel like they could be quite reworked to make them better.


This story is easy to read, with a good balance between story elements such action, comedy and adventure. Generally its easy to follow whats happening, aside from a couple chapters, such as the very first one, which is just such a abrupt introduction and ends equally abrupt. In the same manner pov switches are a problem, especially in two chapters, where the point of view switches so many times, i quite recommend the author to rework those chapters. For the rest maybe some minor improvements, but nothing as major as those.

This story has a lot of room for improvement, and i hope the author actually does it, as it would make it more enjoyable to read.

For those readers who like a story with a tabletop RPG like system, i do fully recommend you to start reading this story (as said it does not have visible dice rolls), to other readers i also do recommend it, but keep in mind that this story can still improve.

  • Overall Score

Why not to go ice caving in the buff

Reviewed at: Tables & Charts

This is a great start to a novel. The author does a good job of portraying a non-villanous vampiric character as they are trying to adapt to a new world.

The world seems well built and I have high expectations for where it will go. I am excited to see where he will take it with the plot. 

There are a few grammatical errors but they are far and few in between.

The boxes are an inconvenient color and can be difficult to read. 

All in all, I enjoyed the read and would happily recommend it. 

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Definitiely a Very interesting read. The story is Very Good, the characters have depth to them and are likeable for the most part. The grammar is good but could use some polish, the style definitely needs some work to many "smushed" words fer my liking but not terrible. The mechanics are different and works IMHO. Interested in reading Moar.


  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

TabletopLiterature has done a fabulous job in creating a living breathing world for the readers to explore.


Style Score: 

An enjoyable read which maintains decent pacing and interaction throughout the chapters thus far.


Grammar Score: 

Well above average for RR. Full marks here. Author is quick to rectify errors which are brought to their attention. Mostly there are words missing a space which has negligible impact on readability.


Story Score: 

The story is written from the point of view from our MC Ceri. The action begins straight away in chapter one with him fighting for his life against the elements that he has been abruptly thrown into. The world is slowly revealed to us other the next 10 chapters or so.


Character Score: 

Probably the biggest flaw in the story is the MC’s impulsive decision making. Tabletop (author) is happy to discuss these though and has often modified the story to better suit the consensus reached. This is a rarity on RR and I cannot stress how awesome it is the have meaningful author interaction!


Closing thoughts:

Adventure is a wonderful tale with a unique world filled with interesting believable characters, I highly recommend you give it a try!


  • Overall Score

Well thought out system with "old school" values. MC is a very interesting combination and character development is excellent. You can see the slow progression as he begins to accept that he's in a new reality and like any of us he makes mistakes and learns from them. Some small issues with grammer but very minor and easily overlooked. Still early days yet, looking forward to seeing where this tale will lead.

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Rewieving 16 hours after the prologue got released.


It is interesting and I like the style. Story just began so I cant say much, but I hope to see this one day at trending tab !


Also first !


EDIT : read through first 10 chapters and I gotta say...


10/10, this is a literal masterpiece and I HOPE you continue to write this novel. I really like the direction the novel takes in this world named Elysia( eminds me of a certain country in a EU4 mod...)


Characters are great, each of them original in their own way.


Certanly like where the Elf/DivElf ship is going... heh


Also your style of writing and use of your boxes is almost perfect. Only complaint is when you use perfectly white boxes please make the text also as perfectly black as possible, since i have a weak eyesight its slightly hard reading white bixes with gray text, but thats about it when it comes to complains... perfect way to explain this novel in few words is this quote :


"Perfection itself is imperfection"

(This quote is used in a good way, pls dont bombard me with replies like "that qyote is not used there blah blah")



Henry Joseph Thiel
  • Overall Score

 I gave it five stars because it seems well written and I don't want it to suffer for this tidbit but the MC is a vampire sun elf.


Not a spoiler because it's literally the first chapter early on.