Avel had never really considered himself special.

He knew he wasn't.

He wouldn't go on to make the next technological marvel.

He wasn't about to go and make a cure for a currently incurable disease either.

Heck, he was sure that he would probably never even be well-known in his own little social circles, and he certainly wasn't going to be the next musical sensation (he had been told at best, he was tone deaf. At worst...well).

Which was also why Avel was sure that he was not in fact the Chosen One.

No, he wasn't panicking about having or not having powers anymore. After some...accidents with the plumbing, he was fairly certain that he did have powers - but that was the problem.

If Avel wasn't special, but he had powers, then surely, even if no one else at work had seemed like they had any, there were bound to be more people who had them.

Probably something unfair like Invulnerability or Time Manipulation. He was willing to bet his life on it - which was why he had no intentions of any 'super shenanigans.'

Nope, if there were others out doing super things, then he would let them test the waters.

Ambition was never his thing.

That, and well, his power seemed...not so powerful yet. He'd read enough light novels to not imediately write it off as useless, but he had no intention of being one of the first supers to volunteer for target practice with the police.

No, he was pretty sure he was not in fact, bullet proof. Or anything proof, really.

But then what was he supposed to do?

Stockpile food and water in his apartment and skip work to prepare for the apocalypse (complete with anti alien aluminum tinfoil headgear)? Not likely.

He liked his job, because his job got him decent money, which kept him from dying sad and alone on the streets (only the streets part, he was still sad and alone), so he couldn't just skip it. It wasn't his thing.

Neither, however, was going to work now that he had powers. It grated on him.

Here he was, now finally at least different than the regular people, and yet, still unable to laze around!?

This world was a scam! What kind of bull was it to have powers and nothing to do with them!?

Now of course, Avel was a normal, sane man.

If there was anything to use his powers on, then he was likely in a dangerous situation or fighting something, and increasing the threat to his life for his newly developed ego struck him as rather stupid.

"Oh, woe is I...."

Avel sighed on his porclein perch as he mused about how complicated his life had suddenly become; how indeed, every man was a philosopher.

Here he was, up early in the morning because he couldn't sleep, musing about what to do with his life now that he was special, such were the woes of an average person thrust into a decidedly above average situation.

"To be or - atchoo," he sneezed and then realized he should probably shower and then get to trawling all of his usual sites for updates instead of being a poser. For now.

It being the weekend, Avel had a simple and straightforward schedule.

Wake up and spend the day reading. Then pass out at night.

There were some minor details such as eating and all, but hardly important.

As it was though, he lazily switched on the TV while slowly chewing on his spring roll.

The grainy image of the weekend soap, As Squirrels Die, became visible to him along with that obnoxious sound of the TV turning on.

Why they couldn't come up with a different animal to use if they wanted a poetic sounding name, he didn't know, but that was hardly his problem, no he wanted to check the weather forecast.

Unfortunately, it seemed it was not to be as his TV went to the infamous rainbow channel and then static and he smacked it once before abandoning it to head to his laptop.

Calming down some, it wasn't the TV's fault.

It was his fault for being cheap. Who even used those old models anymore? Sure, they at least weren't the black and white of the past but it was a stark contrast to his chrome laptop with its almost complete silence as it booted up.

The webpages he wanted loaded almost instantly, and soon enough, he was immersed in reading the latest update of Edge Everson, The Edgiest Son of Ever, Ever, and snorting at the almost palpable edge, unaware of the gray rain slowly falling outside, content in his bubble.

Pitter patter

That was the sound that the rain made as it hit the ground.

No sizzling or ominous blood dying it (except for in some alleyways, but that was normal) or even any virus from the Martians!

The rain was still just rain.

Only the color had changed.

Avel blinked as his phone vibrated loudly in his pocket, hijacked by the City's PSA System, as a warning for severe rainfall was issued.

That was unusual. Why had they felt the need to warn them of rain? They got plenty of that here normally anyway...glancing out Avel was shocked to find that it was dark out. Checking the time, it told him it was still 11:00 AM, despite the darkness outside making it seem closer to 2:00 AM.

The color outside wasn't just was...grey. Drab.

A quick search on his laptop told him that everyone was seeing the grey rain, but there were also articles from other places disputing the claims, saying the rain was the same color as it should be.

Well, Avel wasn't entirely sure, but he was willing to bet this was some other person's doing.

Maybe testing out their powers.

A power strong enough to cause a visible phenomenon. An omen of the powers that would emerge.

An omen of greatness.

Yes that seemed appropriate. He was right.

He...really was...still average.

A note from Dragorule

Poor depressed MC. He just wanted to read his light novels in peace. Instead, he had his self-esteem unintentionally crushed. 

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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