There was no glorious tribute of fire and brimstone, or blood and flesh and violence to give rise to it. 

 The change that came was silent and quick. No one suddenly died and became a zombie or saw a status window to tell them what was new. 

 No, when the world awoke, it was just different. 

 All over the world, in that instant, something changed and everyone felt it. The animals, the people, and even the plants. Everything changed, and all was new. 

 A man in his dirty mattress in his ramshackle cot in the middle of a shabby little encampment made by some slum people found that the world suddenly seemed a lot...clearer.

 Another man in a business suit sitting in a meeting with many others realized that their thoughts were all too obvious to him.

 A woman behind a cash register found that the register seemed lower than before.

 And a coachman in the middle of lifting luggage onto the top of his coach found it falling towards him somehow...

 It was a peaceful change that came over the world. 

 Yet it was not one that could be ignored because at that instant the world was forever different. 

 And so it was that Avel Linos too, realized that he was different

 That from now on, he would not be the mere Avel, but rather, something...superior...right after he finished breakfast. 

 He was hungry and work was probably going to be a pain today. 

 Avel found himself as tired at work as he thought he would be. 

 Yawning and rubbing away the dark circles under his eyes he click clacked away at the computer and glanced around at his co-workers. 

 Much as he'd thought, not so many seemed...focused on their work. It was obvious though, because who in their right minds would be focused with something as distracting as powers? 

 Though that would mean the people who were focusing were crazy and that would be bad because as far as Avel knew, crazy people with powers were dangerous. 

 Nevermind that nobody had addressed the elephant in the room. 

 So far, nobody had said anything about the powers. Maybe because it made them feel crazy. He knew he'd felt like he was when he'd reached for his power and felt it. 

 It was there. Like a new limb, like suddenly growing a third arm and trying to balance with it, Avel couldn't figure out how to move it. And he wasn't sure if he wanted to. Something about having an extra arm didn't sit right with him. 

 The cream colored walls and black carpet usually went well with the cedar furniture, and the silence punctuated only by the continuous and ever present clicks and clacks was usually fine. 

 It was hypnotic in a way, putting him in a trance where all that mattered was typing. To match that sound with the rest and join it. 

 It was comforting to him, because Avel wasn't good with people. 

 Randomly striking up a conversation with people wasn't exactly his forte. 

 But today, Avel wished he had taken a day off today or could talk to other people like that, because today, the clicks and clacks grated on him. 

 He wasn't sure how to go and strike up a conversation about powers, to just walk up to someone and go 'Hey, I got powers today and think I might be a superhero now. What about you? What's your power?' 

 Not only would that be really awkward...but what if he was just delusional? After all, his imaginary 'power' hadn't caused any fires in his building or blown anything up. 

 It was barely even there, that sense. 

 He could be imagining things. But it could be real. 

 But he couldn't be sure of that without asking someone else, without checking if anybody else had powers.

 But then there was the problem. How could he go and just ask someone that? 

 So there he was. Unwilling to start the conversation and unable to confirm anything about his power, he was stuck. 

 When the break came, that was it. He'd had it. 

 When everyone went to the cafeteria, he finally worked up enough nerve to jog and catch up to Steve, his kind-of friend at work.


 "Hey, Avel."

 Steve was naturally taller than him, and had brown hair that extended to his shoulders. With his untrimmed goatee and glasses, and tanned skin, he almost seemed like the stereotypical nerd. 

 Except that his arms were musucular and probably double the thickness of Avel's - though he would admit that was partly from not eating enough. 

 "I was just wondering if you felt weird this morning. Y'know like something was different, y'know?"

 "Hah! I thought you never looked forward to work? Since when are you the type to say you felt different about the day? But well, I did kind of feel weird today...and then I went to the washroom and it was gone. Seriously Avel, different, hahahaha."

 Avel's footsteps faltered and then he steadied them and kept up with Steve. 

 "Yeah but I mean," Avel vaguely gestured with his hands, " don't you feel...weird?"

 Steve chuckled and glanced at him as they finally turned the corner in the hallway to the cafeteria. 

 "The only thing weird about today is that you're the one making conversation today! Now stop joking around and walk faster. I don't know about you but I don't fancy standing around in line any longer than I have to."

 And with that, Steve power walked away, leaving Avel to try and catch up...but he gave up. No, his mind was elsewhere.

 Was his 'power' or 'new limb' just a delsuon then? 

 Should he go see a psychiatrist? He knew real delusions were actually a mental illness. 

 But Avel didn't want to just give up. This was a chance to have real powers, and to accept that it was a delusion? That it was fake? Not without a fight he wouldn't.

 So he trawled the web and social media and even listened carefully for anything like his building suddenly blowing up or screams. 

 But there was nothing. 

 No one showing off their powers, no random spike in accidents or series of mysterious robberies or even much about 'feeling' anything. The most he found on that subject was plenty of people on social media all talking about having felt something weird when they woke up. 

 Maybe...Steve was right?

 And so, Avel tossed and turned for the rest of the night, unable to really fall asleep as the new limb was picked at mentally, like an itch he couldn't scratch.

Fortunately, tomorrow was the weekend.


About the author


Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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