The Elemental Arena



Nathan's Character Sheet - End of Book One


[Player D-1423 Statistics (Nathan)]

[Physical: 143]

[Mental: 125]

[Elemental Affinities: Wood 7 (Prime), Fire 5, Water 2, Earth 1, Metal -2]

[Nanite Points: 41.5]

[Energy Points: 30 / 50 (45 actual)]

[Current Skill List and Upgrade Requirements:]

*[Language I (no affinity): (Grants fluency in the five most common languages spoken on the player's home world.) (Upgrade: 40 NPs, Mental 120.)]

*[General Fitness II (no affinity): (Upgrade: 100 NPs, Physical 121.)]

*[Wilderness Survival II (Wood): (Learn intermediate knowledge of edible plants, makeshift tools, and other survival techniques.) (Upgrade: 250 NPs, Physical 128, Mental 128, Wood 6.)]

*[Attack Up II (Fire): (Activated Skill - next attack does 35% more physical damage - cost: 13 EPs.) (Upgrade: 150 NPs, Physical 132, Fire 6.)]

*[First Aid I (no affinity): (Activated Skill - heal minor injuries and illnesses instantly and improve natural recovery rates by 3x for six hours - cost: 20 EPs.) (Upgrade: 50 NPs, Mental 125.)]

*[Analyze Enemy I (Wood): (Activated Skill - adds basic knowledge of an enemy's statistics to the player's interface - cost: 8 EPs.) (Upgrade: 40 NPs, Mental 125, Wood 5.)]

*[Pole Weapons I (Wood): (Learn basic techniques and muscle memory for using staves, spears, poleaxes, halberds, and other pole weaponry.) (Upgrade: 40 NPs, Physical 125, Wood 4.)]

*[Rapid Recovery I (Water): (Boosts natural health recovery rates by 1.5x.) (Upgrade: 30 NPs, Physical 125, Water 4.)]

*[Equipment Fusion I (Wood): (Activated Skill - fuse together multiple items in a known recipe to craft an item greater than the sum of its parts – cost: 30 EPs.) (Upgrade: 100 NPs, Mental 130, Wood 6 Prime.)]

*[Group Leader I (no affinity): (Apply one group leader status effect to up to six players including self. Range: 100 meters.) (Upgrade: 50 NPs, Mental 132.)]

*[Ranged Weapons I (Water): (Learn basic techniques and muscle memory for using bows, crossbows, slings, thrown weapons, and other ranged weaponry.) (Upgrade: 40 NPs, Physical 125, Water 4.)]

*[(Unique) Entangling Blitz I (Wood, Fire): (Activated Skill – when striking, bind the struck target with intermediate rapid growing vines for twenty seconds. Vines may bind one additional nearby target for every increment of 15 of the Mental stat the player has above 100. Boosts player’s acceleration and movement speed by 25% for 20 seconds, the effect and duration stacking for each additional entangled target beyond the first. - cost: 22 EPs.) (Upgrade: 100 NPs, Physical 140, Wood 7, Fire 6.)]


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