Gray Mage: The Alchemist

by Seratar

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy

Ethan Dyre is many things. A lifelong university student, medical technician, aspiring doctor, and pathologically indecisive. When he dies and is transported to the world of Esturia, he is granted a great soul and a single talent, that of unlimited potential. Waist deep in a world where magic is commonplace, his dreams of being a great hero are dashed when he finds that he cannot use his power for anything but making things.

This is his story. Well, it is my story. My name is Ethan, and I am the Gray Mage.

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  • Overall Score

A mixed bag. The early chapters have a very detached feeling to them. They read more like a ship log, where important events, even very dramatic ones, are noted, but not described or expanded on. One comment noted that the MC was leaving the first village he was living in, and we still had no idea how some of the people looked like. Very little description or details involved.

The writing gets better, but as it does, the MC becomes very unlikable. Gifted with a "hidden OP" style power, he moans, complains and bitches ad nauseam about how useless he is. He never really puts in the time and effort to develop or make proper use of his particular skill set. 

Later on, what could have been a proper character development experience, a fight against superior forces, becomes a Mary Sue moment when the MC gets gifted with solution to his problems because he "has to protect someone".

The title itself refers to the MCs occupation, that of an alchemist. But if you go into this story expecting a crafting novel, you will be disappointed, as this is not one, at least in the first 10 chapters or so. The Alchemy part gets relegated to a very short intro and a year time skip, after which he becomes "The merciful alchemist". There is some option usage, but not a lot of crafting involved. 

All in all, if you manage to tolerate a frustrating MC, you will find some interesting ideas. The world building, while critically underdeveloped, has some interesting ideas. Same with the magic system, both underdeveloped and full of potential tial. 

  • Overall Score

Started off good but goes down hil.

Reviewed at: The First Step

I liked how the story started.  but it starts to go down hill after he saves the girls life. For some reason he must become there servant to prove his loyalty even though he saves both daughters lives.

  • Overall Score

Burning Wreck of a Story

Reviewed at: Holding Tight

Man...... I was really enjoying this fic until the forced plot came in. The MC wasn't really that likable but was improving which made me crave this story  more and more. Then insert typical highschool bully (except noble cus fantasy setting bro) who sparks the dumbest plot shift I've ever seen. 

Honestly one of the first fics I've seen where it went from a 3/5 -> 5/5 back down to a 2/5. 

  • Overall Score

I have had a lot of fun with this story so far. The only real complaint I have is the lack of availible chapters. As the story goes on the chapters get better and better. Hoping to see more soon.

  • Overall Score

Review as of chp 21 - The First Step

Reviewed at: The First Step

Technical excellent story, but a touch too grim for me. Addiction problems hit a bit too close to be entirely enjoyable, no matter how well the MC struggles.

Still going to read it because I want to know what happens to the characters but it won't ever be my favourite I fear.

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A nice story with an alchemist MC

Reviewed at: Black and White

Interesting story so far, was a nice read. Though it could be better in some ways, especially making the first chapters less rushed. I rather like the rather unusual MC occupiation.


Many readers know the classical premise of the MC being reincarated in a fantasy world, being granted some OP skills, and growing stronger and stronger through combat and training, until they eventually save the world or something like that, that does not happen with Ethan. Ethan was a university student back on earth, being a doctor in training, hoping to help out people with his occupation, but that is cut short, as he died and is promptly transmigrated to the world of Esturia after getting to choose one power. His dreams of becoming a hero are short-lived, as he is told that his magic can be only used for creating things. With having no other choice, he sets out on becoming a Alchemist, one of a kind that the world has never seen before.

Im liking Ethan, he is a fairly normal character, one that wants to have a normal life, to help others. He is by nature not a killer, even if he will not refrain from doing so when required. Him going on the path of a non-combat class, one that creates things, is rather novel, you simply dont see that often in a story, since most authors cannot write such well and still keep the story interesting. He shows a nice amount of character growth in the story so far, and i hope that keeps up.

The author has a well thought out setting for the story, with making a fairly original magic system, one such that there doenst seem to be a easy way to become overpowered. Of course the story just started with getting in the actual plot, so there is not much yet, mainly considering that the first chapters just skipped so many things, with only necessary details being explained.

I will be fair, this story has a fairly major problem with the first 10 or so chapters. They are meant as a prologue to the actual story, that on its own would be not that bad, but considering that those chapters are very fast paced, glossing over many events that happen during that timeperoid, so the author could get to the actual story faster. I can see why the author did do such and it woulnt be that bad, if it was done correctly, which here it is not. This can be fixed in a rewrite, but as should be clear, such things take time.

Grammar is not a problem in this story, maybe there are some minor typo's and other such errors, but they get fixed rather quickly when pointed out, so the average reader should not have a problem at all while reading the story.

Writing style is generally solid, with the story being interestsing enough to grab a reader and keep them reading. Of course there is the aforementioned pacing problem with the early chapters, which is not a that much of a problem in the recent chapters as the pacing there is good enough.

This story has a lot of potentional, and i hope the author can fullfill that, especially as it is not easy to make a interesting story with the MC having a crafting class. I look forward to what the story will bring.

Just come read, its a rather nice story, where the MC has a crafting class, one that is not sidelined by the more usual combat classes.


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Early Review: Has my interest so far.

Reviewed at: A Rising Tide

 Found this one through a lucky just updated browse. And so far I gotta say it ain't half bad.

 I still believe its too early for a full review, but here are my thoughts as of chap 14 (A rising tide).

The weakest part of the story is its start, as the author hadn't yet settled into a good Storytelling/Background Description ratio until chap 10, but this being Isekai and those aforementioned chapters being mostly Isekai Introduction stuff I wasn't terribly bothered by it.

So far I think of the first 10 chaps as an Abridged yet Extended prologue, if it makes any sense, as those chapters are mostly conprised of short scenes and time skips of MC getting exposed to the world and it's mechanics and aclimatising himself to them over the course of a year.

The Story itself is good, its Isekai, but well thought out. The world and its mechanics feel solid, although a little shallow because of how rushed the first 10 chaps are, but apparently it has now gotten to the point where the story actually has some plot in it, and the MC feels like he is growing.

The little actual plot and character growth has pleased me, and if the author can keep this up I believe this has real potential.

Its not without it's issues, but the author has acknowleged, and fixed the most glaring ones I had with it in the most recent chapters, so I feel this could be one story to keep an eye on.

Thats all.

  • Overall Score

Starting of good, lookng forward for more chapters.

  • Overall Score

Transmigrated into a world filled with magic, but not a litrpg, which is surprisingly refreshing. I love me some blue boxes, but the absence of them in this tale gives more room for characterization and story.

Fantastic world building, likable and realistic people, interesting plot, no grammar or spelling problems. Just all around solid. Author is prolific so far, too. 10 chapters and 100+ pages in less than 3 days.

The story itself is fast paced, with lots of time skips. I almost wish it would slow down a bit and flesh out things a little more, but I do appreciate the effort to keep things moving. Lots of other stories either get bogged down in too much detail or have their MC become instantly hyper-competent. Our MC gets good at alchemy by training for a couple years. We're given a taste of how the training goes, and then fast forwarded to the next relevant plot point. I appreciate the more realistic time scale of this story.

Overall, I definitely recommend. Enjoyable story with multiple chapters a day.

John Hebner
  • Overall Score

Well written, interesting premise, and a nice take on the outworlder premise. Even the chapters that are for some reason getting hated on are well done. Worth the read