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A man from Earth, just an average Joe you passed by on the street.

He reincarnates into a fantasy world, but the guy has read and watched fantasy stories before... lots of them, and so he makes the stories his spirit guide.

This is his story in a western style cultivation-ish world. A world where dog eats dog. Where another, much larger dog, is always lurking around the corner to eat the survivor.

Warning: The protagonist has negative views about heroes and villains, good and evil. He isn't too smart, alien way of thinking, and questionable moral. Depending on your point of view, he's rather crazy. You have been warned.

Author note:
Hello everyone, this is my first novel and English is not my native language please forgive the grammar. I wish to improve my craft so if you are willing to add criticisms or comments, it would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my story.

The genre is intended for young-adult

The cover isn't mine and I will take it down if the owner wished it.

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Avery Light

Avery Light

The Days after Christmas
Word Count (15)
2nd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
108 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - In Deep ago
Chapter 2 - Freedom ago
Chapter 3 - Only Human ago
Chapter 4 - Wolves in the Woods ago
Chapter 5 - Luxore Town ago
Chapter 6 - P Game Prologue ago
Chapter 7 - The Path of Power ago
Chapter 8 - It Works Out ago
Chapter 9 - Invite Pain as a Friend? ago
Chapter 10 - Status Report ago
Author Acknowledgement ago
Chapter 11 - Buy Poisons to Drink Them ago
Chapter 12 - Adventurer's Tag ago
Chapter 13 - Herb Slaying Animal Slaughtering ago
Chapter 14 - Storm Battle ago
Chapter 15 - The Guidance of Fate ago
Chapter 16 - PDP ago
Chapter 17 - Aspiration to be King ago
Chapter 18 - Power Troubles ago
Chapter 19 - A Warm Fire ago
Chapter 20 - Intio and Victa ago
Chapter 21 - You Afraid of Failure? ago
Chapter 22 - What's in Your Mind? ago
Chapter 23 - Lights On Lights Off ago
Chapter 24 - Classmates ago
Chapter 25 - Monkey Love ago
Chapter 26 - Just an Itch ago
Chapter 27 - Side-Quest ago
Chapter 28 - Limit ago
Chapter 29 - Thinking Viers ago
Chapter 30 - Arte ago
Chapter 31 - Just Training ago
Chapter 32 - Tomalica Magic Carp ago
Chapter 33 - Tomalican Night ago
Chapter 34 - Tomalica the Explorer ago
Chapter 35 - They Are Dangerous ago
Chapter 36 - Exclusive Invitation ago
Chapter 37 - New Member Orientation ago
Chapter 38 - Contract Signed ago
Chapter 39 - Price of Power ago
Chapter 40 - Water Affinity Up ago
Chapter 41 - An Ordinary Day ago
Chapter 42 - Ghoul ago
Chapter 43 - Leon ago
Chapter 44 - His Most Powerful Arte ago
Chapter 45 - What Do You Expect? ago
Chapter 46 - The Night Is Still Young ago
Chapter 47 - Table For One ago
Chapter 48 - Viers Go Shopping ago
Chapter 49 - The Show Is Over ago
Chapter 50 - Three Lowly Cultists ago
Chapter 51 - Things About Cores ago
Chapter 52 - Talking and Daydreaming ago
Chapter 53 - Underground Base Strolling ago
Chapter 54 - Beauty and the Fat ago
Chapter 55 - Cup Cores ago
Chapter 56 - Corevolution ago
Chapter 57 - Life Is ago
Chapter 58 - The Tournament Begins ago
Chapter 59 - Other Things Happening ago
Chapter 60 - The Boost of Money ago
Chapter 61 - Level 1 ago
Chapter 62 - The Potential Inside You ago
Chapter 63 - Moneymaking Scheme ago
Chapter 64 - Sneaky Sneak ago
Chapter 65 - Cult VS Church ago
Chapter 66 - Fatality ago
Chapter 67 - Everybody Is Arte Fighting ago
Chapter 68 - Soris ago
Chapter 69 - My Way of Life ago
Chapter 70 - It Gets Worse ago
Chapter 71 - These Are My Enemies? ago
Chapter 72 - For Science ago
Chapter 73 - Cut the Crap ago
Chapter 74 - The Night's Conclusion ago
Chapter 75 - Reward Screen ago
Chapter 76 - The Next Cult Work ago
Chapter 77 - At the Orphanage ago
Chapter 78 - Viers and Rose ago
Chapter 79 - Fireworks Night ago
Chapter 80 - Life-Changing ago
Chapter 81 - Viers and Farley ago
Chapter 82 - Job Interview ago
Chapter 83 - Bold Ideas ago
Chapter 84 - Arte Again ago
Chapter 85 - Hellooo ago
Chapter 86 - Aspect ago
Chapter 87 - Viers Wants Lore ago
Chapter 88 - First Trial ago
Chapter 89 - Second Trial ago
Chapter 90 - Not Quite Third Trial ago
Chapter 91 - Just Give Me The Third Trial Damnit! ago
Chapter 92 - This Better Be The Third Trial, Crappy Author! ago
Chapter 93 - Verdict ago
Chapter 94 - Goodbye ago
Chapter 95 - So Many Decisions ago
Chapter 96 - Fort Boarkill ago
Chapter 97 - Blessing ago
Chapter 98 - The Time Has Come ago
Chapter 99 - Dark Sky ago
Chapter 100 - Winter and Death ago
Chapter 101 - This Is My Hour! ago
Chapter 102 - Pyre ago
Chapter 103 - Wish ago
Epilogue ago
Afterword ago
New Book Announcement ago
News of Sequel ago

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Interesting concept, but lacking in a few places

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - A Warm Fire

*** Reviewed at chapter 19 ***


So, this is a decently interesting story. It follows a fifteen year old named Viers, as he wakes up one day in a fantasy world with all the bells and whistles that would typically encompass. He finds his way to a town and begins a life of adventure. So far, it's the typical fantasy fanfare. Unlike many other protagonists in a setting such as this however, he's definitely not Goody Twoshoes, but rather a self-centered maniac out for power.

The characterization of the main character is far and away the best part of this story. Viers acts and feels just like  an edgy teenage geek would. If that was the author's intention, then good job: It's really well executed, and kept me engaged. The lone nitpick here is that the pop culture references were a bit meh, but that's just me.

Far and away the biggest weakness of this story is the grammar. It's downright poor - Many little problems that add up over time, and make it difficult to fully understand exactly what the author meant. Odd and weak word choices, and (especially in the beginning) repetitive sentence structures really hampered my enjoyment of the story. This is definitely something that needs work.

Furthermore, I do think that the main characters thoughts and reflections take up a bit too much of the spotlight. On top of that, the way he reacts to being in danger isn't very realistic, almost as if he's treating this like a video game. Having some moments where he realises his mortality would go a long way. What few secondary characters there are sadly aren't very fleshed out, which is disappointing. Another light problem is that the pacing is a bit slow as he arrives at the guild - little happens, beyond some slight worldbuilding. I think this story could use some sprucing up in this part in particular.

That's my review. In short, there's a lot of promise here, but the execution is rough and definitely needs more polish. I wish the author the best of luck in the future.


Its a Xianxia which makes fun of other Xianxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 102 - Pyre

An entertaining story with an MC whose action may often trip you up in both fun and shocking ways. The story is definately a Xianxia with the traditional week to strong progression but it is combined with more western story elements like adventures guild to create something fresh.  

I have really enjoyed this story but dont feel it is worth more then 3 stars for 2 reasons:

1. As other have alluded to, the grammar, it needs work. The author is definately aware of this and has been improving with his later chapters .Unfortunately he still has a way to go and his earlier chapters are definately going to new revision.  

2. The MC background does not explain his characther traits despite the authors best effort to do so. The MC is a pyschopath or close to it, he has robotic levels of discipline and is extremley calous, willing to kill children and trade with demons if it suits his purpose. Thats fine hes actually a really fun characther. It all goes to shit though when you say he was just a normal workingclass dude who reincarnated into the world and was motivated to change simply by a personal desire for freedom. If his thought proccess was all that needed to change to justify him killing and become a robot workacholic it should have happened on Earth. This is especially the case when everyone in the new world challenges his new behaviour suggesting his mentality is not even normal by their standard. Personally, I think his background on Earth needs to change, some kind of traumatic death or extreme brutality that motivates his desire to never feel powerless again. There are tons of ways it can be done but I dont feel teleporting to a new world is enough. I mean, in reality, how much of a real behaviour change does moving to a new country have on some one I would assume that teleporting to a new wolrd is just like an extreme version of that. 

All in all, its relatively fun. 


As Light as a Feather, as Dark as... Oh God!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Adventurer's Tag (V2)

Come armed with a strong stomach and an open mind, brothers and sisters, we've got an adventure on our hands!

This is a big, bold fiction that deals with some very left-field themes and will leave the reader at the edge of their seat.

The style is a little on the odd side. It reads and flows like a light, teen fiction, and even promotes itself as such. However, it tackles sinister motivations, cruel intentions and some honest to Hades gore. Seriously, it's graphic, and it's kind of awesome. Why do I have such praise for such a conflicting style? It's what the audience wants. Do I think it's right to pitch this at young adults? Maybe not. Do I think it delivers? It definitely does.

The story doesn't really deliver any surprises at a glance, it's a reincarnation isekai-esque fic. Where I think it stands out is in the unusual thought processes of the MC, and, by extension, the author. I like that the character explores the limits of their new situation, and I like that they try and blend whilst learning as much as they can. The story pace reflects that. We grow with the character, rather than launch on a quest to save a princess right off the bat.

The grammar is actually pretty good. The author does not speak English as their first language, and it does show. There are missing words and incorrect tenses throughout but, honestly, I can't write half as well in any language, and I barely can in my native English, so I have nothing but respect for Avery Light.

The MC is the unique selling point. He's entirely self-interest, and that colours everything he does. If he's acting politely, it's out of self-interest, if he's callous, you guessed it, self-interest. I found that incredibly refreshing. He wasn't an anime character with consistent actions, he was a human being with consistent motivations. If you like him or hate him, he's perfect for the job. 

In summary, this is a great story, from the mind of a talented author who is not afraid to test the boundaries and challenge the audience.

Vowron Prime

Character Progression Rollercoaster

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 - Aspiration to be King

TLDR: If you want well-executed character progression involving an original, if controversial and ruthless protagonist in a compelling fantasy universe, give this one a shot.

While Avery Light's Horizon may initially sound like a standard reincarnation fantasy story with a gaming-savvy MC, it hides an emotional rollercoaster centering around the reincarnated MC Viers.

Some character arcs map a steady progression from weak to strong, or weak-willed to confident, or even evil to good. While elements of those exist here, at its core it is the story of Viers revealing/embracing his inner, ruthless self. Without going into spoiler territory, I can say confidently - love him or hate him, you will be invested in the MC of this story.


The author has a distinct style involving the extensive use of inner monologue in the first-person to convey the MC's thought processes - which is crucial to the story as Viers' thought processes differ drastically from most peoples'. Worldbuilding and scene descriptions are well-executed and pull the reader into the author's universe.


The story progression so far has focused on laying the foundation for what could throw the story into a truly compelling direction. The events thus far have all held reader interest, and the fight scenes are well-executed. I feel like in this case, Viers' actions are so integral to the storyline that the Character score rubs off on the story score as well.


This is where Horizon shines. Viers' character will elicit an emotional response from you, whether you decide to root for him or see him fail. While he initially comes off as a slightly-game-crazy introverted weirdo, this changes pretty rapidly, and the effect is shocking(in a good way). The extensive use of inner monologue really puts the reader right into his mind, and though he may arrive at some pretty outlandish conclusions, his thought processes are usually extremely logical. It's just a very alien logic that readers may not expect.


The author is extremely receptive to feedback and has made multiple iterations of the story since it was first published, so I believe the version I read was much improved compared to older reviews. I found the grammar to be easily better than many stories on RR published by native speakers. Still, there are still some issues with run-on sentences and incorrect tense usage, but they were never bad enough to break my immersion and the issues steadily decrease in the later chapters.

Well done so far. I have to continue to see how Viers navigates his new world!



1st review  ---------------------------------------------------------

Firstly an apology to the author because I didn't even finish the first chapter, and the reason is, sadly, the grammar. 

English is not my native language and maybe because of that I really find it hard to read what you wrote, and even excluding that it's really a mess. To be unable to enjoy a story because of the grammar is one of the thing I hate the most, because for all I know it could have been an awesome one.  That said, from the few things I read, I noticed some things that may have been better. 

1. The MC reacts in a way that's not believable considering what appened. He should be panicked at first, or maybe confused, or a mix of the two, or even calmly trying to understand the situation. What a sane person wouldn't do, is jumping right away to the conclusion that he's been transported to another world and be super exited about it yelling, status, appraise etc.. 

2. It's okay to rewind a bit to explain the situation, but it's not even half a chapter and you passed from being in a shitty situation to explaining his life storyand to waking up in another world.. Give me a moment to reorient myself please.

3. It's true that it's been written many times, but one thing is reading and a whole other thing is living it. Finding myself in a stranger body whith his memories and not minding it one bit if not for a "Damn I'm fat again" is strange to say the least... And he should have lived a normal life.


This said, I've seen worse and I've not even read half a chapter so maybe things are explained or done better later.


2nd review-------------------------------

I reread the first chapter and part of the second.

My opinion on style and character doesn't change.

I am pleasantly surprised by the marked improvement on the grammar, though. There is still work to do but while I still noticed many errors they didn't break my immersion too much, which is worlds apart compared to before.

Due to time constraints i can't read more so I still can't say anything about the story.


3rd (and last) reviw-----------

I must say that I admire the author for the effort he put in improving his work.

The grammar has gotten better yet again. There is still work to do in punctuation and word repetition but compared to before he has come a long way.

That said, I really can't say I agree with his idea of how he persons behaves in certain situations, both physically and mentally, and how a fight works.

For example, pain, unless you are trained and can withstand it, causes certain involuntary physical reactions.

Another exaple are the arrows.. at home I got a compound that fires at more than 300 fps, let's say the bandit's was a really poorly made recurve so maybe it fires at 150 fps wich means around 45 m/s that means that at 30 m he had less than a second to dodge, which is not impossible, but look at the situation and the person dodging.

Or when he's lost in a forest, tired, with no shelter, food or water, with bandits and monsters and then he starts thinking about returning or not to his world, society problems and other things. I'd say he has some problems with his priorities.


I admire the effort made in this work but it's not to my liking, I hope others will appreciate it better than me.


I usually avoid reading stories that are tagged as Anti-hero, and the few I have read left a bad taste in my mouth. But this story, contrary to my expectations, was indeed very interesting. The usual darker theme, that I have seen in the previous stories, have not crossed the line where it makes one think if the MC is the bad guy. The MC does take some very "heart-less" decisions, but still, his actions are within a boundary, so to speak. The MC has a very interesting personality. Since he is a lone wolf, his inner monologues, exceeds external interactions. He is power-hungry as any self-respecting transmigrated MC and is a bit too self-centered. The author has a way of criticizing the usual stuffs we see in any fantasy novels, mangas, animes, etc. (like a tournament where the MC shows off his amazing abilities and become world-famous) through the MC, which I felt very fascinating. The author breaks many conventions and conceptions that a regular fantasy novel follows, which makes the story more thrilling and unpredictable. The grammar, in the first twenty or so chapters, is very poor, even after being stated as edited, but afterwords it improves a lot.


EDITED review after 100+ chapters


And that is it. No plan, no charisma, no consistency, no allure. 

Me want be strong so me take, screw you all. 

If you ever wanted a story where everyone is your generic "egoistic antagonist N. 34", this is for you.

Otherwise, steer clear. 

This guy is no Joker, no Handsome Jack, no evil sadistic criminal mastermind. 

He starts off Ok, but ends up being a boring self-serving little asshole. 


When Isekai gives you cliches, make clichenade

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Classmates

Wow, this was a fun read. Our MC is clearly an internet denizen. Anime, games, and movie references is artfully littered throughout the narrative. MC knows the cliches, runs with the cliches. It's great, it's fun, definitely made me laugh. 

Reviewed at 24 chapters. 


A nice mix of magic isekai and wuxia. Standard Path to Power stuff - MC spends all his time trying to get stronger. The self- experimentation aspect is interesting. 

Nothing particularly surprising in the narrative progression, but the execution is solid.


Pace is upbeat and engaging. There's always something new happening....but short arcs, for now. Avenues of interest that could be investigated in the future - dropped as subtle hints - will give readers something to look forward to. For example, a particular place to visit, a particular skill to learn, a particular person to meet, or a particular mystery to investigate. Adventuring or exploring the world are vague goals.  

There's a lot of internal monologue, but it's generally fun. Occasionally it gets a bit superfluous; some trimming would help. 


Definitely the weakest link of the story. Actually not that bad though; the foundation is good. Just 2 persistent problems:

1. Tenses. rose vs rise vs rises. could be vs could have been vs can be, etc. 

2. Sentence structure. There are only few cases where three statements put together, with commas in between, actually make a proper sentence. This does not work:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Some possible solutions:

Short term - chuck everything into a free editing software like Grammarly.  

Long term - read lots of stories with good grammar and absorb via osmosis.  

I wouldn't recommend learning grammar systematically - unless it's worked for you before. English in general is a nightmare and is full of inconsistencies. 


Good characterisation. I may have a personal bias against the MC though. 

MC has, ( justifiably) a severe case of chuunibyou. The change from middle-aged-cog-in-the-machine to walking-the-path-of-battle-and-sacrifice-crushing-my-enemies was...abrupt to say the least. A little illogical,  until you remember how much wuxia he's been reading. 

MC is basically rebelling against his previous life, pursuing freedom in the form of power while rejecting any form of bonding. In short, he's your run-of-the-mill self-interested asshat who does whatever the heck he wants. If that's your thing, then this story does it well. 

Putting aside MC's character traits, as a whole his feelings and intentions are well expressed. He's a character you can really get alongside. Side characters are also encapsulated nicely, each one distinctive and easy to remember.  Looking forward to how interactions with MC develop in the future. 


All in all, a fun story, especially if the reader is familiar with cliches. Don't mind the grammar, it slowly gets better.



Refreshing Characters in a light read...OR SINISTER!

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Adventurer's Tag

The title...yeah. Just ignore that, no idea what to put.

This review has been long overdue. Sorry if it isn't the best but I have a lot going on and barely had time to read this nice story, hence why it took so long. Anyways, I'll start with the easiest - grammar.

I think the version I read was improved quite a bit compared to older iterations, judging from the views and Avery's author notes. I found the grammar to be pretty good, not much wrong with it. Yeah, a few typos and wrong tense usages, but nothing that gives me a hard reading. Very good.

The story is a fun and interesting mix of isekai and wuxia. Overall, it's pretty basic, but that is far from a bad thing when handled well. The mc spends all of his time into getting stronger, and it's done quite nicely.

The main character, Viers, is probably the best thing about this fic, and the main reason the story is fun and interesting. It was very refreshing for me to read an MC that does everything, and I mean everything, out of self-interest. No random bullcrap explanations and I liked that. The inner monologue is also handled quite nicely plus his thought processes are usually extremely logical which is nice.

The author uses quite a bit of inner monologue, and luckily, it's mostly well-handled and fun to read. The story reads quite light which is a good or bad thing depending on your taste, I personally thought it was a nice change of pace. I guess you could say it's a bit strange when you look at the sinister topics but see it marketed for YA. Nonetheless, it is handled nicely.


Overall, I had a fun time reading and will probably continue in the future. Give it a shot!


This is for those of you who are sick of every hero in this site ignoring their goals for the first pretty skirt that walks their way.

This tells the story of a man with a low aptitude who wants to be stronger than anyone in his world. How does he do it? He buckles down, plans out his goals, sticks to them despite the costs, and does it one step at a time. Yet, the story never feels like it's dragging on. The journey to power is so intersting in this book.

Fair warning, the MC is not a hero. He's not even an anti-hero. Yet, he's not a villain. He has a dream and he will achieve it even if he has to make corpses of the righteous to get there. I call this a must read because you can't keep reading these stories of MC that are strong from day 1 and thus never have to make real choices about what they're willing to do for power. The MC has to make that choice and he does it well.

It also helps that his inner monologue makes light of some of the tropes you see in web and light novels. It doesn't come across as overbearing. It can be too long when he has these thoughts but you get used to it and it fleshes out the chracter. Try this book.